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Located in Ungasan, near Green Bowl Beach, Pura Mas Suka is one of the least known seaside temples of Bali. One of the seven temples devoted to the Sea Gods, the temple is perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean that provides a spectacular view. Do keep in mind that getting to the temple is a bit of a struggle due to the narrow roads and lack of signage.

Pura Mas Suka is one of Bali’s spectacular sea temples which are isolated on a high cliff, overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean. This location of encirclement of the Indian Ocean coupled with Black Rocks adds as a natural protection to the temple. There is no other temple which is at such a beautiful location in Bali than Pura Mas Suka temple. The temple is considered to be founded in the 16th Century by a Majapahit monk named Nirartha to honour the Hindu sea gods.

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  • Public transport to the temple is not easily available so it is advisable to hire your own private vehicle.
  • The signs to reach the temple are not clear, so one may have to interact with the locals when it comes to locating the temple.
  • The temple is often closed, so it is better to check out the same before venturing out to the temple.
  • Since it is a temple, visitors are advised to dress appropriately wearing comfortable clothing which covers the shoulders and legs.

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