Peguyangan Waterfall

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Peguyangan Waterfall, Bali Overview

Rightly called the ‘Blue Stairway to Heaven’, the Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Island in Bali is Nusa Penida’s best waterfall and is also one of the most beautiful places to visit here. Also known as the Guyangan Falls, these waterfalls are not as famous as the other places on the island; but once you visit this attraction, you are sure to be awestruck by the exquisite beauty and magnificence which is on display here.

The best part of the Peguyangan Waterfall is the blue ocean staircase which is carved between a cliff and takes visitors towards the sacred temple located below. Tourists visit the place not just to enjoy the sights of the waterfall, but also to seek blessings since the waterfall is considered to be holy and is a pilgrimage site for many.

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Exploring the Peguyangan Waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall
Hiking is an integral part of a visit to the Peguyangan Waterfall. The hike begins under a little arch, and the staircase has 700 steps in each way. It will take you around 20 minutes to hike down, and this is when you will reach the pilgrim site after walking on the stairs that wind down the side of the cliff, cutting back and forth it.
Some people have even called this hike to be one of the most challenging hikes that tourists can take, but the stairs are quite steady, and the beautiful views of the waves and the cliff make the trek completely worth it.

The sacred temple is located on the base, and pilgrims go through their rituals here to cleanse themselves and receive Almighty blessings.

Spout Visits
There are three spouts here, and each pilgrim must shower underneath each of the spouts, and then use the fourth central spout to finish. 

Things to Do At the Peguyangan Waterfall

There is not a lot to do while at the Peguyangan Waterfall, except to admire the beautiful views. 
Peguyangan Waterfall
  • You can enjoy a bath in the waterfall, and the water falling at your back from a height makes for a great natural back massage.
  • You can even see small groups of wild Manta swimming at the bottom while at the waterfall. 
  • Be sure to trek down to visit the holy pilgrim site, and to cleanse yourself with the water of the spouts. 
  • Also, remember to carry your camera along to click some amazing photos of the scenery around. The place looks magical in the evening, and the faint glimmer of sunlight makes for some marvellous photographs. 
  • There is also a Warung which is located at the top of the stairs, in the parking lot. You can buy snacks, beverages, and other drinks from this small café, either before or after your hike.

Best Time to Visit

July and August is the Balinese peak season; therefore it is advisable to visit the waterfall either in April, May or June, just before the high season. One could also visit during September when the rush has ended, this ensures that you do not encounter a lot of rush, and have the waterfall mostly to yourself.

Interesting Facts About the Peguyangan Waterfall

  • The Peguyangan Waterfalls are also unique in their way. Here, you will also find the combination of salt and freshwater at the same place
  • The site gives you the feeling of enjoying yourself in a natural infinity pool.
  • The trek to the holy temple only serves to add to the joy and pleasure of being at the Peguyangan Waterfall


  • Remember to carry your sarong along, or else you will compulsorily have to pay to rent another one. 
  • If you choose to drive yourself to reach the Peguyangan Waterfall, make sure that you have a guide along, since there are high chances that you might get lost without any local help.

How To Reach Peguyangan Waterfall

You can rent a motorbike to reach the Peguyangan Waterfall. Motorbikes can be rented from multiple places on the Bali mainland, and it will cost you around IDR 70,000 to rent a bike per day, along with a full tank of gas. The drive to the Peguyangan Waterfall is smooth for most of the way, irrespective of where you are coming from. However, the last 10-15 minutes ride is kind of bumpy, with roads filled with potholes. However, road conditions are improving at a good pace. 

If you are staying in Bali, you can even take a fast boat to Nusa Penida from the Sanur Beach. This boat ride will cost you around IDR 250,000, and the ride takes around 45 minutes. Tickets for the same can be bought from the pier.

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