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Situated in Buleleng regency of Bali, Makam Jayaprana is the famous grave of Jayaprana, the lover of Layonsari in a famous Balinese legend of romance. The place is regarded as sacred by the locals, especially couples. It's a 300-step climb up to the grave but ultimately leads to a gorgeous view of the surrounding ocean and West Bali National Park, and a deeper understanding of Balinese beliefs.

The legend of Jayaprana, the adopted son of the king, was to marry Layonsari. However, the king turned out to be smitten by Layonsari himself and wanted to marry her. To see this ambition through, he had Jayaprana killed. Layonsari saw this in a vision and killed herself to avoid marrying the king instead of the love of her life. This tragic tale of love lost is the reason why this temple is especially significant to Balinese couples that pray for a happy life together. 

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