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Bale Kambang, Bali Overview

About 70 kms south of Malang city in Bantur district, Balekambang beach awaits with its ocean waves and little stores full of curiosities and snacks. A bridge connects the beach to Ismoyo island, just 200m away, where you can visit the island temple and play in the relatively smoother sand. Due to the granular sand, a mat while relaxing there is a must.

Bale Kambang is located on the outskirts of the city of Malang in East Java Province of Indonesia. It is a little beach on the Indonesian island perfect for travellers who want to escape the crowd. Therefore, recommended to honeymooners too. Although it is the picturesque beauty of the attraction that draws visitors to Bale Kambang, one can also explore other attractions on the coastline before spending a relaxing evening watching the sunset. This beach is located about 2 hours away from the city; therefore, if one is in and around Malang and wondering what to do, they can spend a day out on the beach.

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Things to do at Bale Kambang, Indonesia

1. Relax and take a stroll: At Bale Kambang, one can take a long stroll across the golden sands. The seashore is wide enough to allow people to relax watching the turquoise waters or sunbathe.

2. Visit the Temple: There is a tiny little islet in the waters which has a traditional Balinese Temple dedicated to a Javanese Goddess. Interested ones may visit the temple. The walk over a bridge that leads to the temple entrance from the shore is quite exhilarating and so is the view of the waters from the islet. Spending a few minutes admiring the traditional architecture of the temple is recommended.

3. Enjoy delicious food and the explore the jungle: Bale Kambang is not as commercialised as many other beaches in Indonesia but, there are a small market and some food kiosks on the beach. Nonetheless, one can expect some tranquil time amidst the sand, the sea and a jungle that runs parallel to the shore. Also, if they are up for it, they may head to the jungle to explore some natural water pools and a wide range of plant species. Several routes through the jungle also lead to other beaches.

4. Go Hiking: One may also choose to hike to higher altitudes to enjoy a stunning view of the surroundings.


·         If one is planning on exploring the jungle and climbing the cliffs, wearing covered shoes with a good grip is recommended.

·         There are no arrangements for water sports at Bale Kambang.

·         The waters are often turbulent. Therefore, swimming in the deep is not recommended.

·         Carry water and snacks.

·         Wear sunscreen/ sunblock, caps, scarves, etc.

Food and Restaurants at Bale Kambang

Bale Kambang does not have a lot of options when it comes to restaurants and food. One can find some food kiosks selling local snacks and beverages on the beach, but for a great dining experience, they need to head back to Malang City.

Some restaurants located at close distances from the seashore are Warung Yu Lis, Warung Nuansa Bonsay, @Depot Kanton, Warung Makan Bu Nur, Bakso Anto, Pecel Bledhek, Warung Kenanga, Warung Rujak n Bakso Bu Liek, and Soto Bu Reho. It is always recommended to pack a snack and enough water for the outing.  

Here, travellers can enjoy a variety of Indonesian cuisine cooked in various traditional methods. Some are boiled, some deep-fried, some are steamed while some pan-fried with a spice mix.

The local food is born out of their indigenous culture and has some foreign influence (Chinese, Indian, European and Arabic). There are fine dining restaurants, eateries, street food, cafes, etc. where foodies can head to relish dishes like Gado-Gado, Satay, Tumpeng, Nasi Goreng, Soto, Pecel, Rawon, Beef Rendang, curries, etc. 

How To Reach Bale Kambang

Bale Kambang Beach is located 58 kilometres away from Malang City, Indonesia. The best way to access the beach is to hire a taxi or rent a self-drive vehicle. The closest airport and the closest railway station are also located in Malang. Travellers need to then arrange for transportation from the drop points and take the roadway to reach Bale Kambang.

The route leading to the beach goes through Nasional 23 - Jalan Kawi – Jalan Merdeka Timur – Jalan Muharto – Jalan Mayjend Sungkono – Jalan Raya Bululawang – Jalan Hayam Wuruk – Nasional 3 – Bantur – Jalan Raya Wonokerto – Jalan Raya Rejosari – Jalan Raya Bantur. The beach is approximately 18.2 kilometres ahead.  

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