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Kerobokan Jail, Bali Overview

Located in Kerobokan, a part of Badung Regency in Bali, the renowned Kerobokan Jail is an eccentric place to visit. Also referred to as the Hotel K, the famous prison was first built in the year 1979 and was designed with an occupant capacity of three hundred inmates. After various renovations, Kerobokan Prison, at present, has an occupant capacity of over a thousand and four hundred inmates, brought in from several places of the world.

As per a survey, about ninety per cent of the inmates belong to the island country of Indonesia itself, and about eighty per cent of them have been charged with crimes related to narcotics. The notorious Kerobokan Prison is open to tourists who line up to meet the inmates and most of the times, even interact with them.

A short visit to this place contributes a great deal in giving a much-needed sombre break to the inmates while at the same time making the visitors realize how fortunate they are to be on the other side of the four walls.

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The tour begins with a long queue in a foyer, where the visitors are supposed to get their bags scanned and then walk through a metal detector. 

ii. The visitors are not allowed to bring their mobile phones with them.

iii. Other items which are strictly prohibited within the premises are laptops, money, alcoholic drinks, as well as drugs.

iv. As per the dress code, wearing shorts is not allowed.

v. The visitors need to fill out an entry form, which is available at the front desk. 

vi. Each tourist may nominate a particular inmate to have an interactive session with.

vii. Those who are not residents of Indonesia need to bring their passport.

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