Food of Bai Tu Long Bay

The Bay area is a treasure house of seafood. Fish, Crabs, Lobster, Oyster, Octopus, Clam - you name it you have it! The Bai Tu Long Bay area has its share of authentic dishes cooked Vietnamese style. Some prominent dishes that you definitely should not miss include - Cha Muc (Bay Squid Sausage served with rice cakes or sticky rice), Sam dishes (Sam or Horseshoe crab is served with cakes, soup, noodles or rice), Oysters or Lobsters boiled in beer or lemongrass, Ngan (a special kind of hard clam) and Banh Gat Gu (steaming rice cake served with caramelized pork sauce).

Bai Tu Long Bay Photos

Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
Bai Tu Long Bay - Located in Northeastern Vietnam
Bai Tu Long National Park - Protected Area
Co To Islands - Located in Quang Ninh Province

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