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Vung Vien, Bai Tu Long Bay Overview

Vung Vieng Fishing Village is a quintessentially Vietnamese village near Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay. Vung Vieng is a small, tranquil floating Vietnamese fishing village situated around 25 km from the mainland in the Quang Ninh Province. Located amidst karst boulders, this village is accessible only by boat. Vung Vieng can be reached by taking a motorboat from Tuan Chau Harbour. But upon reaching the village, you will have to transfer to smaller bamboo boats to go around, oared by natives of the area.

Although Vietnam is quite renowned for the likes of such villages, Vung Vieng is actually one of the four remaining of its kind in the Ha Long Bay region. And among the four, it is easily the most harmonious, community-centred and ecologically sustainable one, which still fosters its traditional ways and takes care of its roots in authenticity. 

A visit to Vung Vieng is rewarding in terms of stunning landscapes of Bai Tu Long Bay and a heavenly boat ride through its nooks and crannies. You will also be left spellbound by the cultural enrichment and simplicity of livelihood going hand in hand in the fishing community of the tiny village.

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Experiences in Vung Vieng

Enjoy a calming boat ride experience through the village. During the daytime you can also attend workshops held in the floating huts and learn to weave your own fishing nets, catch fish with it and process and cook the catch. The workshops are also great opportunities to learn about the history and different cultural quirks of the fishing community there. You can also opt for night-time squid fishing.

As part of “For a Green Ha Long” campaign, tourists are encouraged to take out nets and pick up and throw away any litter they can see in the open or in the water into the specific trash cans. Ever since the launch of the campaign, tonnes of waste have been removed from the Bay in this manner, without much mechanical intervention.


Established in the early 19th century, Vung Vieng was used as a mooring point for local fishermen and also a passageway to set off for trade with China. Over the years, the floating huts became a place of residence for a few of the fishing families. Up until recently, over 50 families were still living in the village, earning their livelihood from fishing and the growing tourism industry, when the Ha Long Bay management authorities started the process of relocating the residents to the mainland. 

It did receive backlash since the families were living there for generations over centuries and were keeping to themselves far away from the bustle of modern society. However, the Board was adamant and claimed it to be a beneficial move for the future generations, as they will have better access to education and a higher standard of living. 

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