How To Reach Amsterdam

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How to Reach Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very well connected with the world and the rest of Europe. Two large airlines have their base in Amsterdam - KLM and Jet Airways. Schiphol Airport is located around 10kms south-west of the city, and is very conveniently connected to the city - and also to other major cities in Netherlands - by a wide metro network.

Trains from across Europe, specially nearby Belgium, France and Germany are very frequent. There are a lot of bus services as well from nearby cities such as The Hague and Eindhoven, etc.

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How to Reach Amsterdam from India

International flights can be taken from Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. There are 2-3 daily direct flights by Jet Airways and KLM to Amsterdam from all these Indian metros, each. While this is typically the most convenient connection, even at if a slightly higher cost, you can also take a flight by Etihad/Qatar/Emirates etc, since Amsterdam is well connected to all the major airports of the world.

How to reach Amsterdam by flight

All major European airlines and several smaller ones offer flights to and from Amsterdam. Being the capital of Netherlands and an extremely popular European destination, Amsterdam has flight connectivity from the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and several African countries as well.

How to reach Amsterdam by road

Renting cars in Europe is another popular way of getting around, especially if you plan to cover multiple cities. The roads all across Europe are a joy to behold. Routes and connectivity between Amsterdam and other cities is very well established, just like routes taken by buses.

How to reach Amsterdam by train

Rail services are very popular all across Europe. They are considered to be the most convenient modes of transport, not taking too much time and also providing a cheaper alternative to air travels. Direct trains from cities like Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, Manchester, and almost all other European cities are available.

How to reach Amsterdam by bus

Bus systems are well connected in Europe. They run between Amsterdam and other nearby Dutch cities such as Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utricht and internationally from many cities in Germany such as Cologne and Frankfurt, Paris in France, Brussels in Belgium, and even from London in the UK.

Local transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an elaborate and well-connected public transportation system. Various parts of the city are connected via buses, trams, ferries and also the metro, all of which use the OV Chipkaart smart card system. You can use the IJ ferries or use the canal system to cruise around the city. The centre of Amsterdam is best covered on foot, or even better on bicycles. Cars are not recommended due to narrow roads and expensive parking.

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