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Places To Visit in Netherlands

Continent: Europe

Here are the top 6 tourist places in Netherlands

1. Amsterdam

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 27
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The capital city of Netherlands probably has one of the most chilled out vibes across all cities of Europe. If you're travelling to Amsterdam, rest assured, it's going to be one of your most wonderful experiences. The city has everything, from a bustling night life, to picnic parks, to some spectacu...

Best Time: March to October

2. Rotterdam

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 10
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The second largest city of Netherlands and the largest port in all of Europe, Rotterdam is one of the most progressed cities of recent times. Complete with it's brilliant attractions and iconic modern buildings, Rotterdam is a must have on your Dutch itinerary.

Best Time: June to August

3. The Hague

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 6
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Internationally known majorly as the headquarters of the International Court of Justice, The Hague is fast coming up as a travel destination in itself. People are waking up to the fact that there is more to the city than just courts and black robes. The world is waking up. Where are you!

Best Time: Throughout the year

4. Eindhoven

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 7
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A great symbol of progress and modernity of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a beautiful city full of museums and great cultural diversity.

Best Time: June to August

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5. Utrecht

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 5
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Utrecht is the religious centre of the Netherlands. It is home to the Utrecht University and also many art museums giving it a very cool hipster vibe alongside its ancient religious background. One of the most diverse places in the Netherlands, Utrecht is fast becoming a top list in every traveller'...

Best Time: March to May

6. Delft

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Places To Visit in Netherlands 7
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Delft is a cosy little town in South Holland, known best for its technological university and lively student culture. You'll be acquainted with the rich history of this side of Holland, and also the works from the Dutch Golden Age. Delft is an amazing place for a few days of recreation.

Best Time: May to July

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