What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

September to November, during the fall season, is the best time to visit Amsterdam. The relatively mild weather conditions combined with fewer crowds make it an ideal time to visit the Tulip capital. The weather conditions can be erratic on some days, but they’re never bad enough to affect your trip. The most crucial factor is that the excessive crowds from the summertime have receded and you get to explore the city, without having to wait in long lines and without hustling for space. The next best time to visit Amsterdam would be during Spring in April and May. This beautiful season, however, experiences a surge in tourists owing to the blooming tulips. Summer is the peak tourist season and the city is filled with domestic as well as international tourists, making it slightly challenging to go about with your sightseeing activities. The days are bright and sunny, and the nightlife is also at its peak during this season. Winter is the low season for tourism in Amsterdam. The days are dull and gloomy, and the frequent winds may make it seem colder than it is.

Weather in Amsterdam


Upcoming Amsterdam Weather

Monthly Weather in Amsterdam

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 9°/ 4° 6 days
February 9°/ 4° 17 days
March 10°/ 3° 6 days
April 17°/ 6° 2 days
May 16°/ 8° 4 days
June 22°/ 13° 10 days
July 23°/ 14° 6 days
August 23°/ 15° 7 days
September 19°/ 11° 13 days
October 15°/ 9° 12 days
November 9°/ 4° 11 days
December 8°/ 4° 10 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Peak Season

Amsterdam experiences a peak in its tourism during the summer months from April through August and then again during Christmas and New Year’s. April and May are relatively less crowded when compared to June, July and August. These months are a popular time to experience the colourful, blooming tulips. June onwards, expect huge crowds at all tourist attractions. The flight prices, as well as accommodation, reach their peak during these months. The same pattern is also observed towards the end of the year, during Christmas and New Year’s.

Amsterdam in Shoulder Season

March, September and October constitute the shoulder season for tourism in Amsterdam. Due to occasional erratic weather conditions in these months, there are much lesser crowds. Travellers can expect to find good deals on their flights and accommodation during the shoulder season.

Amsterdam in Low Season

The winter season, except for Christmas and New Year’s, is the low season for tourism in Amsterdam. The period starts in November - mid-December and then again from mid-January until the end of February. The weather conditions are cold and grey, with some days having chances of snowfall. The flight prices, as well as accommodation, is at the lowest during these winter months. Despite the dismal weather conditions, travellers can expect to find lots of indoor activities.

Amsterdam in Spring (March to early May)

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Amsterdam. The famous tulips of the Netherlands are all budding, the weather is ideal, and tourist traffic during this time is not very high since it is just the beginning of the tourist season. You can also expect to get affordable rates on accommodation when compared to the summers. March marks the transition from winter to spring in Amsterdam. The weather conditions tend to get warmer over the course of this month.

The average maximum temperature of March is 9 degrees Celsius and the average daily temperatures come up to 6 degrees Celsius. Spring fully arrives in April when the days are warm and pleasant. The weather conditions get warmer in May. Amsterdam sees an average maximum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius this month. May is also one of the sunniest months of the year. The weather conditions are warm and pleasant while in the evenings it tends to get slightly cooler.

Key Events in Spring
  • Pink Film Days takes place over a period of 11 days in mid-March. It is the largest LGBTQ film festival in the Netherlands.
  • The 5 Days Off festival is an annual event that takes place in early March. It is considered to be Amsterdam’s best electronic music festival.
  • 24H West is an event that takes place during the second weekend of March. The clubs, theatres, museums and shops host a variety of unusual and unique events.
  • The St. Patrick's Festival is celebrated around 17th March every year. Irish culture is celebrated in this one-day festival, with the spotlight on Irish traditional music.
  • The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is a popular event that showcases hundreds of boats and boating accessories.
  • The Tulip Festival is celebrated throughout the month of April. The gardens of museums and other city institutions showcase colourful, and sometimes rare tulips.
  • The Cherry Blossoms Festival is celebrated in early April. A variety of locals, as well as foreign visitors, come to experience the blossoms and the traditional Japanese food and drinks.
  • The International Pop Arts Festival is held over a period of ten days in mid-April. There are a variety of venues, both indoor and outdoor, those host performances from various artists from across the world.
  • King’s Day is an important national holiday that takes place on April 27 every year. Celebrations ensue all over the country in honour of the King’s official birthday. 
  • The Rolling Kitchens is an annual celebration of street food in Amsterdam. Food trucks and mobile kitchens take part in this culinary festival to present a variety of cuisines to the public.
  • The Remembrance and Liberation Day is celebrated on May 4 each year. This day honours all those soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives in World War 2.
  • The National WIndmill Day takes place over the second weekend of May. Working windmills across the country are open to the public. Guided tours are offered through the beautifully decorated windmills.
  • 909 Festival is a popular music event that showcases the world’s best techno sounds. This event often sees big names such as Radio Slave and Speedy J.

Amsterdam in Summer (May to mid-August)

The weather conditions in summer are bright and sunny. The nightlife is at its peak during this season. June marks the beginning of Summer in Amsterdam. The average maximum temperature reaches 19 degrees Celsius. There is also an increased chance of precipitation, albeit with plenty of sunshine in between. July and August are the hottest months in Amsterdam. The average maximum temperature climbs up to 21 degrees Celsius while the average minimum temperature is at 13 degrees Celsius. However, the increased humidity may make it seem hotter than it is. Locals tend to head to the beach during these months as the conditions are ideal for water sports. There are chances of rainfall, but the showers are usually light and brief and will not interfere with your plans. 

Key Events in Summer
  • Taste of Amsterdam is a four-day annual event hosted in Amstelpark. Top chefs from the city’s best restaurants come together to prepare their popular, signature dishes for the visitors. 
  • The Holland Festival is undoubtedly the oldest and largest performing arts festival in the country. It is hosted across various venues in Amsterdam throughout June. 
  • The Open Garden Day takes place over a weekend in mid-June. Visitors are allowed to take a look at the hidden, “secret” gardens of some of the spectacular, canal-side houses.
  • Amsterdam Roots Festival is an internationally renowned festival that features dance and music performances from all across the world. Other events include exhibitions, films and workshops.
  • The Comedytrain International Festival starts on 1st July and runs for six weeks. This popular event brings together comedic acts from several countries onto one typical stage.
  • The Over Het IJ Festival is a ten-day elaborate event that includes music, theatre and dance, along with an abundance of good food.
  • The Amsterdam Gay Pride is an annual two-week-long celebration that starts in the latter half of June. It focuses on the queer community of Amsterdam, and the events include film screenings, exhibitions and sports activities. 
  • The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is an annual international event that takes place over two weeks in late June. 
  • The Appelsap Festival is a splendid occasion to indulge in refreshing drinks and international music artists.
  • The Canal Festival or Grachtenfestival is a ten-day event that takes place around mid-August. The celebrations include classical music events at elegant venues adjacent to the canals.
  • World Cinema Amsterdam is a popular ten-day event that takes place in the latter half of August. Film enthusiasts come together to indulge in screenings of various films.

Amsterdam in Autumn (mid-August to October)

Autumn is truly the best time to visit Amsterdam. The excessive crowds from summer have receded, and it is a peaceful time to visit the city. September experiences a fair share of rainfall with rare thunderstorms. The skies are usually cloudy with little sunlight and diminished daylight hours. The average maximum temperature in September falls to 18 degrees Celsius.

On the whole, the weather conditions are relatively pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit Amsterdam. October experiences somewhat erratic weather. The conditions can go from being warm and sunny at one moment to rainy in the next. There are warm phases that are optimal for outdoor activities, and then there are times when it feels like winter. The average daily temperatures are around 11 degrees Celsius. Despite the seemingly erratic weather conditions, you needn’t worry about your trip getting disturbed.

Key Events in Autumn
  • The Amsterdam Fringe Festival takes place over the first half of September every year. This event showcases a varied collection of productions by local as well as international artists.
  • The Jordaan Festival is a three-day event that is held in the first half of September. It is hosted in Amsterdam’s colourful folk district, Jordaan. The celebrations include traditional folk music and theatre performances.
  • Amsterdam Heritage Days take place over the second weekend of September every year. It is a celebration of the city’s rich history, and famous buildings and monuments are open to the public, free of any charges.
  • The Unseen Photo Fair is an international photography fair held over the last weekend of September. Photographers from all over the world display their best works.
  • The CineKid Festival is held in mid-October. It is the most significant international film, television and media festival targeted solely at kids in the age range of 4 to 14 years.
  • The Amsterdam Dance Event is a five-day event held in mid-October. It is a conference of electronic music that showcases close to 2000 acts from world-renowned artists.
  • The Amsterdam Halloween Festival is a week-long spooky festival held in the week leading up to Halloween. The events include all-night horror movie marathons, themed dinners, costume parties with prizes.
  • The TCS Amsterdam Marathon takes place in mid-October each year. This running event sees participation from more than 40000 runners. The course of the race covers most of the famous landmarks of the city.

Amsterdam in Winter (November to early March)

Winters in Amsterdam are going to be extremely cold, irrespective of the time of the day. The days are usually short and dark with diminished daylight hours. November is the wettest month of the year in Amsterdam. The temperatures also begin to drop as the month progresses. The average maximum temperature during November and December is 9 degrees Celsius while the average minimum temperature is around 4 degrees Celsius.

Amsterdam experiences its coldest weather in January. The average daily temperatures are about 3 degrees Celsius. However, the winds blowing through the several canals may make it seem colder than it is. The days are usually grey and gloomy with a possibility of snow.

Most public attractions and restaurants will be cosy and warm. February sees an increase in daily temperatures. The average maximum temperature is at 8 degrees Celsius while the average minimum temperature is around -1 degrees Celsius. Some days may experience fog and winds, making it seem colder. February is a relatively dry month. Despite being a wet and cold month, you can explore the city comfortably if you pack accordingly. Sometimes the canals freeze, and you can get to see the locals glide all over them.

Key Events in Winter
  • The Amsterdam Light Festival is a popular event that takes place on the last Saturday of November. The main highlight of this festival is the boat parade in the beautifully illuminated city canals.
  • The Arrival of Sinterklaas usually takes place around mid-November. The concept is similar to that of Santa Claus, who brings treats and gifts for children.
  • The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam takes place over two weeks in the second half of November. It is a world-renowned international film festival that showcases excellent films and filmmakers. 
  • Christmas is an occasion for exchanging gifts and celebrating with family. Several Victorian-style Christmas markets set up shop throughout Amsterdam. Restaurants and other public instalments usually remain open and cater to the needs of the tourists.
  • New Year’s Eve is celebrated throughout Amsterdam with parties and elaborate displays of fireworks. New Year’s Day is a public holiday in Amsterdam. However, most of the tourist attractions and museums remain open.
  • Whisky Weekend Amsterdam is celebrated over three days in mid-January. Whiskey enthusiasts come together for tastings and other festivities.
  • The National Tulip Day is held on the third Saturday of January each year. An enormous temporary garden is created that is open to the public for free flower picking.
  • The Food Soul Festival takes place on the last weekend of January every year. It is an excellent opportunity to indulge in various dishes from the best food trucks in the city.
  • The Amsterdam Salsa Festival is an annual event that takes place over a weekend in mid-February. Salsa lovers come together to take part in a variety of workshops and to witness spectacular performances by some of the best salsa dancers in the world.
  • The Chinese New Year is celebrated over the weekend that is closest to the actual date of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. The festivities include an elaborate display of fireworks, tea ceremonies and dragon races.

Events in Amsterdam

King's Day

27th April

The birthday of the monarch is traditionally celebrated with a lot of excitement in Amsterdam - as in all of The Netherlands. The whole country becomes a delightful shade of orange as everyone brings (Read More)out their orange clothes today. Everyone comes out on the streets to shop, eat and party, with some of the largest flea markets in the world appearing in Amsterdam. People start partying from the eve of the King's day, and the carnival continues till the entire of the day till late night. There are public performances in a lot of parks, for the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

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