What is the best time to visit Amboli?

Monsoons falling from June to August are the best months to visit Amboli as the serene hills come to life with lush vegetation. Amboli is blessed with hills, forests and waterfalls with a pleasant weather throughout the year. Although monsoons aren't a great time for sightseeing, this is the time when most tourists crowd to Amboli to experience the beauty of the variegated hills. However, if you wish to go sightseeing and hate the rain or crowd then it is advisable to visit Amboli during the rest of the year when the hill town is least crowded.

Weather in Amboli


Upcoming Amboli Weather

Monthly Weather in Amboli

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 15 31
February 17 33
March 19 35
April 21 37
May 23 35
June 22 29
July 22 27
August 21 27
September 21 28
October 19 30
November 17 31
December 17 31

Amboli in Monsoon (July - September)

Amboli recieves the second highest rainfall in Maharashtra; hence, monsoon from July to August are a great time to visit Amboli. The dense forest and lush vegetation along the steep hills of Amboli come to life during these months. The hills are covered with mist in the mornings making it a perfect time for a leisurely stroll. This is the peak season in Amboli as most tourists explore the waterfalls and go for picnics to popular view points to get a panoramic view of the valley during monsoons.
Amboli in the monsoon

Amboli in Winter (November - February)

The rush of tourists begins after Diwali and continues up to February. October to February is an excellent time to visit Amboli because the climate is pleasant and the temperature doesn't fall below 10 degrees. Winter is the best time for a short weekend getaway or a romantic trip. If you want to avoid crowds, this is the best time to go sightseeing in Amboli. Taking small treks to the several viewpoints, planning a picnic or just visiting the waterfalls are ideal during the winters.
Amboli, sunny winter afternoon

Amboli in Summer (March - June)

Early summers are pleasant in Amboli and mostly engulfed in peace, because the crowd is minimum. Although one can visit the hills and valleys, it is not a great time to see the waterfalls as they are best only during monsoons. However, Amboli has other places worth for sightseeing like temples and beaches. Since temperatures might rise up to 40 degrees in May, this is not a great time to travel as the heat might be unbearable.
Amboli, sunset on a summer evening

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