What is the best time to visit Agra?

October to March is a good time to visit Agra because of its pleasant weather. In summers, temperature can go up to 45C and winters can be as cold as 1C.

Weather in Agra


Upcoming Agra Weather

Monthly Weather in Agra

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 7 22
February 10 26
March 15 32
April 23 40
May 26 40
June 27 39
July 27 35
August 27 34
September 25 35
October 20 36
November 13 28
December 10 24

Agra in Winter (Oct - Mar)

These are the best months to visit Agra - the weather is nice and pleasant throughout the day, and you can easily visit all the tourist attractions without any discomfort. However, most of the tourists make a visit during these months, so it can get a little crowded, and you'll need to book hotels in advance.

Agra in Monsoon (Jul - Sep)

The monsoons are not a bad time to visit Agra - temperature is not as high as the summer, and there is not so much rainfall as to spoil your plans. It might be quite humid (and still uncomfotably hot) during the monsoon, but you can still visit the monuments - make sure you carry water around with you as you will sweat a lot.

Agra in Summer (Apr - Jul)

The summer months are extremely hot in Agra - the day temperature can be as high as 45 degrees, making it virtually impossible for you to venture out during the days. Most of the sightseeing in Agra are the monuments, which get really hot in the sun and are uncomfortable to visit. We would recommend you avoid visiting Agra during these months, although if that is the only option, make sure you visit the Taj as early in the morning as possible.

Events in Agra

Taj Mahotsav

18th - 27th February 2019

Taj Mahotsav is an annual ten-day festival that takes place in Agra. The festival showcases an outstanding variety of art and craft, dance and cuisines of artisans from different regions of India. Kicked off in 1992, this festival provides the platform to the artisans from various states to display their exquisite works of art at the same time also making them available to the tourists at the most reasonable prices. Apart from that, the festival is also a paradise for, food aficionados with a supply of a plethora of varieties of cuisines, children with a Fun Fair in place and the appreciators of folk culture.

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Ram Barat

17th September - 19th September 2019

The Ram Barat is a joyous and one of the most important festivals in Northern India held in September every year. Marked by a footfall of over 20 lakh people every year, this festival celebrates the divine marriage ceremony of Lord Rama by taking out his marriage procession and carrying out all the ceremonies related to marriage. Janakpuri, the bride's place, is elaborately decorated with lights and flowers for the royal wedding to welcome the procession. The entirety of the Ram Barat is a riot of religious processions, colours, lights and merry laughter at every corner.

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