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The Ram Barat is a joyous and one of the most important festivals in Northern India held in September every year. Marked by a footfall of over 20 lakh people every year, this festival celebrates the divine marriage ceremony of Lord Rama by taking out his marriage procession and carrying out all the ceremonies related to marriage. Janakpuri, the bride's place, is elaborately decorated with lights and flowers for the royal wedding to welcome the procession. The entirety of the Ram Barat is a riot of religious processions, colours, lights and merry laughter at every corner.

Ram Barat 2020 - Date

The Ram Barat is held amidst the Ramleela Celebrations between 17th September to 22nd September in 2020

Venue of Ram Barat

The venue for the Ram Barat is different every year. This venue is chosen from the many neighbourhoods in Agra.

Celebrations at Ram Barat - Events & Festivities

The Ram Barat is held at just about the end of Navratri season and before the start of Dussehra. The Ram Barat is made doubly special with the three-day procession that is the centre of attraction during the festival. This procession is meant to be a symbol of the wedding procession that took the bride-groom all the way to the Janak Mahal.

The parade passes different neighbourhoods every year, and each of these neighbourhoods takes out their most extravagant decorations and put them up in with all splendour every single year. The chariots or "raths" are the centre of attention during the 8-kilometre long procession, along with the many individuals who are dressed up as different characters from the myth. Several bands also accompany the people joining the parade and heighten the merry atmosphere to that of trance-like happiness.

Artists dressed as Ram and Laxman
Artists dressed as Ram and Laxman

Day 1 of Ram Barat

On the first day of the Ram Barat, all individuals gather at the starting point from where the festivities are deemed to have begun. It is the start of the three-day long procession that is, in all its glory, the Ram Barat. The cinema halls also run a live telecast far into the night instead of the locals wishing to catch a glimpse of the festivities. From here on, all events that are typical of a great Indian wedding can be seen carried out by the locals who participate in the Ram Barat.

Day 2 of Ram Barat

On the second day of the Ram Barat, the procession is said to pass the Agra Fort which is meant to be significant to the kingdom of King Janak, the father of Sita. On this day, the procession moves through many neighbourhoods, allowing the locals to witness the Barat and all its grandeur. All these neighbourhoods are decorated with colourful flowers, lights and all other decorations under the sun.

Day 3 of Ram Barat

The third day of the Ram Barat marks the final day of the long carnival-like scene you will witness in Agra. The day is also significant as the procession reaches its destination and all locals are dressed in their finest livery for the wedding and "vidai" or going away of the bride that takes place.

History of Ram Barat

As stated in recordings, the Ram Bharat has been celebrated for over one hundred and thirty years. This makes the festival as good as an annual tradition for the individuals living in the north of India. The Ram Bharat festivities were first initiated by Lala Kokamal and had since then been managed by the generations of the very family. Each year, the celebrations have been growing in number and are a source of pride as well as that of expressing sincere devotion to the religion and the myths of the Ramayana.

Ram Barat during Dussera
Ram Barat during Dussera

The Ram Barat is a time of happiness and celebration for entire North India. The Barat plays a significant part in strengthening people's belief and increases their bonds to the Indian Culture. The festival is one that is enjoyed by all, spectator and participators, and one that cannot be missed by any who is present in the vicinity during these months.

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