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"The Birthplace of Radha Rani"

Barsana Tourism

Barsana is a place of historical significance which is located in the district of Mathura at Uttar Pradesh, India. The town is nicknamed as the Birthplace of Radha Rani as the Hindu goddess Radha (Lord Krishna's consort) was born in this city. Barsana is also popular for the grand celebration performed during the Holi festival, known as the Lathmar Holi.

Barsana is also called as Vrishabhanupura, named after the founder Vrishabhanu Maharaj, who is the father of Shri Radha. The town has many places of visit which are of religious and ancient significance. It is surrounded by many places where Goddess Radha spent her times with her Sakhis and Lord Krishna. There are many religious temples dedicated to Goddess Radha and Shri Krishna. The hills, ponds and many other places speak of the ways Radha spent time in Barsana.

The beautiful city is situated around two hills, namely, Brahma Hill and Vishnu Hill, which have four peaks in the region of Braj. According to popular beliefs, these peaks are the heads of Lord Brahma. Each of these peaks has a temple which are of religious significance. 

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Local Food and Restaurants

Barsana is famous for the classic North-Indian chaats which are available across various stalls and shops around the city. Shri Radha Rani Chaat Bhandar shop is a renowned chaat shop in town serving a variety of chaat items. Also, many unique recipes of Lassi are made which are sold in most restaurants. Most localities also like traditional North-Indian thali.

Barsana Holi

Holi in Barsana is celebrated in grandeur. The town has two unique versions of Holi called Laddu Holi and Lathmaar Holi.

Laddu Holi
The first day of Holi is celebrated as Laddoo Holi which is believed to have been the day when Lord Krishna visited Barsana. Laddoo, a traditional sweet in India which are ball-shaped are thrown from the top of Shri Radha temple, and the devotees try to catch them. These laddoos are the prasad or holy offerings.

Lathmaar Holi
Lathmaar Holi can be translated as Holi with stick beatings. It is believed that Lord Krishna used to tease Radha and her friends whenever he used to visit the city and the girls used to chase him away. Similarly, Lathmaar Holi is celebrated by the men provoking the women who in turn hit them with sticks. The men use shields to protect themselves from the thrashing.

History of Barsana

Barsana was initially called as Brahmasaran and is a very prominent place in the Hindu mythology as it is the birthplace of Goddess Radha. According to popular beliefs and epics like Padma Puran and Varaha Puran, Brahmaji performed prayers and austerities to please Lord Krishna. Contended by Lord Brahma's prayers, Lord Krishna blessed him with a boon to become a hill on the auspicious land of Barsana.

The city of Barsana is now situated around this hill. The hill has four peaks which indicate the four heads of Lord Brahma. The taller hill is the Brahma hill, and a black hill next to it is the Vishnu hill. On another peak, there is a palace of Vrishabhanu and is called as Vrishabhanugarh. The fourth peak is called as Vilasgarh. There is also another peak called Maangarh where Shri Ragha was believed to go when she was angry with Lord Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is said to have collected taxes in the form of curd and butter in a hill called Daangarh.

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How to Reach Barsana

How to Reach Overview

Barsana is connected to most parts of the country through Mathura (45 km away) by regular trains and buses. Most of the tourists travel to Barsana through Vrindavan by self-drive car or taxi. The nearest airport to Barsana is located in Agra, almost 100 km away while the nearest railway station is in Mathura, 45 km away. It is also well-connected by road through state highways and national highways.

How to reach Barsana by flight

The nearest airport to Barsana is at Agra (Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Airport), at a distance of 102 kilometres from Barsana. However, there are very few flights which connect significant parts of the country.

The major international airport located close to Barsana is at Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) at a distance of 111 kilometres from Barsana. There are flights with a good frequency which link many significant cities to Barsana. 

Pre-paid taxis are easily available from both the airports to travel to Barsana.

How to reach Barsana by road

The most convenient way of reaching Barsana is by a self-drive car or taxi from Vrindavan. There are 3 routes to reach Barsana from Vrindavan - 
  • Govardhan Route - 40 km
  • Chhata Route - 40 km 
  • Kosi Kalan Route - A little more than 40 km

How to reach Barsana by train

The nearest railway station to Barsana is the Kosi Kalan station, at a distance of 10 kilometres. However, being a small railway station it has limited connectivity.

The major railway station near Barsana is at Mathura, which is 50 kilometres away. There are many super fast trains from cities across the country operating on a daily basis.

How to reach Barsana by bus

Barsana is well-linked with Agra and Mathura. There are frequent UPSRTC buses which connect many nearby cities to Barsana.

Local transport in Barsana

Local buses, autos and cabs are available to shuttle between the different places in Barsana. UPSRTC buses and private buses are available to commute in the town. However, being a small town, the most convenient and preferred mode of transport are the rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. One can also explore the popular tourist spots of Barsana on foot.

Barsana Photos

The popular Chhatris of Barsana
Lathmar Holi of Barsana
Lathmar Holi - Popular Festival Celebrated in Barsana, Mathura

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FAQs on Barsana

What is famous about Barsana?

The city is of great historic and religious significance. There are beautiful temples and ponds to visit within the city.

What is not so good about Barsana?

There are no adventurous and fun places to visit. Also, it is not the ideal for clubbers.

Who should visit Barsana?

People who are intrigued about history and are spiritually inclined must visit this beautiful city.

What is the best time to visit Barsana?

The best time to visit Barsana is between the months of October and March when the climate is pleasant and comfortable. The climate in Barsana is very extreme. During summers, the temperature rises and the atmosphere is very humid and uncomfortable. Between the months of July and September, heavy rains slash the city. Another popular time to visit Barsana is during the Holi festival in March when the town is thronged by tourists and devotees from around the world.
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What is the best way to reach Barsana?

Barsana is connected to most parts of the country through Mathura (45 km away) by regular trains and buses. Most of the tourists travel to Barsana through Vrindavan by self-drive car or taxi.
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What are the places near Barsana?

The top places near to Barsana are Agra which is 81 km from Barsana, Mathura which is located 33 km from Barsana, Vrindavan which is located 32 km from Barsana, Delhi which is located 114 km from Barsana, Bharatpur which is located 49 km from Barsana

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