Wedding in Seattle: 5 Best Venues and 4 Awesome Tips for a Stunning Wedding

Seattle is one of the quirkiest cities in Washington, and planning a wedding in Seattle is the best way to take advantage of the cool things that the city has to offer. If your dream wedding consists of breathtaking backdrops, great food and music, then Seattle will not disappoint you. With lush greenery, great scenic views and lakefront retreats, Seattle outdoors make an ideal wedding backdrop. Read on to know all about your dream wedding in Seattle!

Best Time to Get Married in Seattle

Weather in Seattle can be quite unpredictable at times. Whichever season you choose, the weather conditions can take a rapid turn. However, according to experts, May to October seems to be an ideal time to plan an outdoor wedding in Seattle as these months usually have warm weather.

Making it Legal in Seattle

In Seattle, both the bride and the groom need to submit certified copies of their photo IDs to apply for a marriage license. Once the State has approved, there needs to be a three-day waiting period before the final wedding ceremony. The license is valid for 2 months. 

All about the Cost of Wedding in Seattle

Planning a wedding can be stressful,but knowing a bit about the usual rates of having a wedding in Seattle makes the job much easier.  According to recent reports, couples spend around 11 month on planning their wedding. Approximately 68 percent of the couples preferred a semi-formal wedding and 21 percent preferred a casual wedding celebration.

Just 9 percent of Seattle couples opted for a black-tie wedding. All the different expenses involved in a wedding, the venue, catering charges, decorations, photographer, DJ, cake, open bar, rings, clothing, add up to be around  $30,000. This excludes the cost of a honeymoon.

4 Awesome Tips to Cut down on Costs

There are certain important points to keep in mind while planning a wedding to reduce the possibility of having a last - minute panic attack. Budget is the first and foremost point one should keep in mind and then proceed with the following:

1. Venue

Venues situated in posh areas tend to charge higher rates than those located on a city's outskirts. Many venues offer packages that include decorations and catering as well. These packages make planning a wedding a lot more easier. One should make sure to look at multiple venues before pinning down a final one.

One crucial factor to keep in mind is transportation or hotels that one might need to book for family and friends, if the venue’s location is a bit far off.

2. Guest List

The number of guests you invite to your weddings can greatly impact the budget. One should make a list of guests sensibly and then stick to it, so that it does not cause a burden over the pre - planned budget. Cost per head is an essential point that one needs to consider while making a guest list.

3. Food and Beverage

Open bars, cocktail hours, five - course meals and lavish desserts,make for a perfect dream wedding. However, they have too many hidden fixed costs associated with them like china, linens, staffs etc. To avoid such costs, buffet-style appetizers are a great option. Taking help from wedding planners might help you cut down on costs even further.

4. Time of the Year

Wedding seasons can make a huge difference in your total expenditure. If you are planning on getting married during the peak season like a summer weekend, then there are chances that you might be paying double the usual amount on the venue. In Seattle, May to October is the peak season to get married. So if you want to cut down costs, try to move your wedding day by a week or so.

Top 5 Wedding Venues in Seattle


1. Chamber’s Bay Golf Course 

Chamber Bay offers breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains and is located just a few minutes away from Tacoma. It is the perfect venue for a gorgeous wedding with Seattle’s scenic views at its best, in the background.
Style: Waterfront, BallroomAmenities: Covered outdoor space, indoor space, dressing room, parking
Guest Capacity:200
Venue services: Food and beverages,staff
Address:  6320 Grandview Dr W, University Place, WA 98467, United States
Average cost: The starting cost at Chambers Bay Golf Course for a Saturday night is USD 2200 for 50 guests. 

2. W Seattle 

Spread over 10,000 square feet, W Seattle is a luxurious venue that has a capacity of 500 plus guests and has an in-house wedding team to take care of everything from food to decorations. 
 Style: Resort
Guest Capacity: 500 plus
Amenities: Indoor space, accommodations
Address: 1112 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Average cost: Starts from USD 8,801 for 50 Guests

3. Salty’s at Alki Beach  Style 

Salty’s at Alki Beach offers private waterfront patios and amazing skyline views as your wedding backdrop. There is no room fees and staff members take care of all the guests.
Style: Beachside
Guest Capacity: 250
Address: 1936 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126, United States
Average cost: starts from USD 7,672 for 50 guests

4. Loews Hotel 1000 

This hotel has a greenhouse terrace, a ballroom and a Marrowstone library which are perfect for wedding pictures. They offer spacious rooms and weddings experts who plan out every detail of the wedding.
Style: Hotel
Guest capacity: up to 150
Address: 1000 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, United States
Average cost: USD 500–2,000/event (rental cost) 

5. Thornewood Castle Inn

Thornewood is a private estate with picture perfect spots for a fairytale wedding. They have a ‘Sunken English Garden’ and breathtaking views of the American Lake.
Style: Castle, Waterfront
Amenities: Dressing area, parking area, chair tables and linens.
Address: 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498, United States
Average cost: Monday-Thursday: USD 3,450. Friday: USD 4,450. Saturday: USD 5,950. Sunday: $USD 4,950

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning a Wedding in Seattle


1. Have a Plan B

Seattle weather can be very unpredictable. Even on a supposedly sunny day, there might be rain galore. For the ones planning on having an outdoor wedding, this could be the end of the show. So it is best to choose a location which has both indoor as well as outdoor facilities.

2. Remember the Wind!


Even on a sunny day in Seattle, there can still be wind. For outdoor venues, this can be a problem as all the decorations might get destroyed. One must think of ways to decorate the outdoor venue so that the decorations stay intact even on a windy day.

3. Timed Photographs


Lighting can change the way photographs look on one’s wedding day. One must plan each time of the day with their photographers when the lighting will be best according to the weather.

4. Comfortable Attire

For outdoor weddings, footwear can pose to be a problem for the bride because of the grass. Heels are a no-no for outdoor weddings. One should opt for flats which are far more comfortable.

A perfect wedding is everyone’s dream come true. With a little bit of research, one can plan out the most important day of their life. Whether you want your wedding to be a luxurious one or a budget one, this article has it all! From the best locations to the best food, there is everything you need, to make sure that your wedding is a memorable one, not just for you, but your guests as well.

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