Surfing in Seattle: Top 6 Spots to Ride a Wave in Seattle

For surfing, one doesn’t necessarily need to travel to Mexico, California, Hawaii, or even Indonesia. Although those places are absolutely brilliant and great destinations for surfing, most people often forget about the opportunities that lie within their city. And this applies to surfing in Seattle. The fact is that surfing in Seattle is easier than the actual surfing destinations, mostly because the waves here are beginner-friendly. Although technically you wouldn’t find surfing beaches in Seattle, there is plenty just a few hours drive from Seattle. Check out these destinations for surfing near Seattle. 

Top 6 Spots for Surfing in Seattle

1. Long Beach

Located in Long Beach Peninsula, Washington, the first on the list of places for surfing in Seattle is Long Beach. Renowned as the classic beach of the Pacific Northwest, Long Beach, as per its name, is the longest beach where surfers can find plenty of surfing sections in seclusion. 

One of the drawbacks of this beach is that it’s open and big, which can get tricky and messy, because of the wind. So make sure to head to the beach on a clear day, where you’ll be treated to more pleasant yet consistent waves. Long Beach has seven access points, and Ocean Park Approach and Seaview Approach are considered some of the amazing areas for surfing. 
Distance from Seattle: 171 miles (275 km)
Time taken: 3 hours and 10 minutes 
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: Skookum Surf Co.
Address: 1216 48th St, Long Beach, WA 98631
Average cost: From 10 USD 

2. La Push

A small cove on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula, La Push comprises the Quillayute River and Saint James Island. La Push is encompassed by Olympic National Park and is filled with several beaches, which makes this a great spot for surfing. Surfing-lovers can head to the First Beach that is a popular hub for most surfers around, as it offers clean barrels and splendid views.

You could also head to Rialto Beach and Quileute Oceanside Resort for more spots for surfing near Seattle. But do note that there have been shark sightings in the area, so caution is required while surfing.
Distance from Seattle: 152 miles (244 km)
Time taken: 3 hours and 45 minutes
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: La Push Surf Adventures
Address: 1068 Graham Way, Forks, WA 98331
Average cost: From 18 USD

3. Westport

With quick access from Seattle, Westport is a coastal town that is loved by surfers from in and around the state. Westport exudes a laid-back atmosphere, which is beautifully mixed with the stunning beaches and the surfing lifestyle. Surfers, both beginners, and intermediates can enjoy surfing in Westport during the summer months, as the waves wouldn’t be too risky or challenging.

Advanced surfers can take advantage of the winter months. Some of the popular spots for surfing here are Halfmoon Bay, Finger Jetties, and Westhaven State Park. If you’re new to surfing, take advantage of the surfing schools that will take care of your surfing needs. Along with this, you’ll also find plenty of surf rentals and surf shops nearby. 
Distance from Seattle: 130 miles (209 km)
Time taken: 2 hours and 15 minutes 
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: Westport Surf Rentals
Address: 1416 Monesano St. S, Westport, WA 98595
Timings: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM (daily)
Average cost: From 18 USD

4. Ocean Shores

A beginner-friendly spot for surfing in Seattle, Ocean Shores has two areas for surfing Jetty and Damon Point. Among these two, Jetty, although is the most inconsistent area to surf, considering all the conditions, is still a great surfing spot for beginners when the conditions line up perfectly. 

More experienced surfers can head to Damon Point if they love some challenge. Considered the most dangerous and challenging spot to hit the waves, this location witness deep, fast, and huge waves. There is more consistency here, compared to Jetty, and the steepness and rapid forms of waves make it challenging for beginners.

But, do keep in mind the weather conditions, as the swells at Ocean Shores go over five feet, and during storm swells, the strong riptides can come in the way while showing off surfing skills.
Distance from Seattle: 131 miles (210 km)
Time taken: 2 hours and 21 minutes
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: North Coast Surf Inc
Address: 773 Point Brown Ave NW # A, Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Timings: Wed - Mon: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (closed on Tue)
Average cost: From 6 USD

5. Fort Canby

Another spot for surfing near Seattle, Fort Canby on Cape Disappointment, is situated at the bottom end of the Long Beach Peninsula. Boasting incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, Fort Canby offers a long stretch of shoreline, with both tidelands and consistent waves, contributing to good surfing conditions. Fort Canby isn’t just a great place for surfing.

In fact, visitors can enjoy indulging in several outdoor activities such as exploring the lighthouses - North Head Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, along with hiking and swimming. 
Distance from Seattle: 172 miles (276 km)
Time taken: 3 hours and 11 minutes 
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: Skookum Surf Co.
Address: 1216 48th St, Long Beach, WA 98631
Average cost: From 10 USD 

6. Angeles Point

One of the closest destinations for surfing near Seattle, Angeles Point is perfect for experienced surfers who can handle risks and dodge accidents with finesse. The beach comprises lots of sharp rocks and sees consistent waves, making this location non-friendly for beginners. Instead of surfing, beginners can soak in the exceptional views and enjoy looking at other experienced surfers doing what they are good at. 
Distance from Seattle: 93 miles (149 km)
Time taken: 2 hours and 45 minutes 
Cost for surfing: Free
Surf shops nearby: North by Northwest Surf Co
Address: 902 S Lincoln St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
Timings: Mon: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM; Thu - Fri: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM; Sat - Sun: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (closed on Tue & Wed)
Average cost: From 20 USD 

What to Wear While Surfing in Seattle?

One of the biggest concerns while surfing in Seattle, or Washington, or anywhere around the world is the water and weather conditions. Apart from looking out for waves, all surfers must consider taking necessary measures by adorning wetsuits to avoid hypothermia. During winter and windy days, the water on the wetsuit tends to evaporate, making you feel a lot colder than it generally is. 

There are different types of wetsuits available considering varying seasons. 5/4 wetsuits are suitable for winter and fall, whereas 4/3 wetsuits are perfect for spring and summer. To avoid hypothermia, make sure to don neoprene booties, gloves, and a hood. 

Best Time to Go Surfing in Seattle

The best time for surfing in Seattle, considering both the water and weather conditions is during fall and spring. Due to no rain and moderate weather, spring offers favorable conditions to surf. Summer in Seattle brings in warm weather, inconsistent or no signs of wind, and clean groundswells.

Along with this, summer brings in fog too, that lasts for weeks, which makes it hard to find your way in the ocean. And in winter months, apart from being cold and chilly, the waves get unpredictable and large, to even consider surfing.

Dangers of Surfing in Seattle

The water temperature in Seattle drops extremely low, up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, throughout the year. And the destinations for surfing near Seattle are known to have unpredictable waves and currents. If that wasn’t all, there are many sharp rocks in many of the surfing spots, that don’t make surfing that easy.

That being said, surfing in and around Seattle brings in one of the best experiences as you’d get to see plenty of wildlife species, such as seals. Along with the seals, orca whales and sharks may at times come in the way while you surf. So be aware! 

Things to Consider While Surfing in Seattle

When surfing in Seattle, make sure to get a board that can carry the weight of your wetsuit, booties, gloves, and hood, along with checking the water and weather conditions. The surfing board should be thick enough for surfers to be able to paddle easily, whilst also floating comfortably. The ideal thickness of the board is around 2.5 to 3 inches.

And for water temperature that is lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, apply cold surf wax onto the board.

Surprisingly, Seattle offers a plethora of surfing destinations, just a few hour drive away from the city, where you can surf all day long. So, make sure to have a road trip and stop by at one of these aforementioned destinations for surfing near Seattle, in addition to exploring all the offerings of the city itself.

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