Seattle in October: 9 Amazing Events to Attend, Places to Visit and More

Located on the West Coast of the United States of America, this city is lovingly known as the Emerald City or the City of Flowers because of its evergreen forests. It is popularly considered the home of grunge music as well as the regional centre for performing arts. The century-old Seattle Orchestra has won many awards and some of the events that happen in the city all around the year are the Bumbershoot, the Seattle International Film Festival, Sakura Con and many others. Here we’ll take a look at what Seattle looks like in October, one of the best months you can visit Seattle!

Weather in Seattle in October

Seattle's Skyline at Night (Source)
The best time you can visit Seattle is from August to October, as during these months, the summer crowds leave the city and fall begins to set it, amplifying the beauty of the city. There are a lot of events that take place in October and there are also a lot of places that you can visit and enjoy. They have many fall-themed festivals and events which cater to all age groups and different interest groups too.

In October, Seattle’s temperatures are between 47 F (8.3 C) and 60 F (15 C) and the precipitation is at 83.1 mm. Seattle’s climate ranges between dry summers and cool and wet winters. October is when autumn begins, so it’s like a sweet spot between the summers and winters. The weather is mild, the sky is sunny and the rain is minimal. Although traditionally it is the beginning of Seattle’s rainy season, the leaves begin to turn colours at the same time which makes the city look picturesque wherever you look.

9 Festivals and Events to Attend in Seattle in October

1.   Pumpkin Junction

 Hosted by The Beer Junction, Pumpkin Junction is one of West Seattle’s most iconic beer festivals! They offer over 25 rotating handles of pumpkin beers, ciders and meads. Events and workshops are also conducted during this festival for visitors to enjoy
Dates: Usually hosted in the 2nd or 3rd week of October
Address: 4511 California Ave SW, Seattle

2. Oktoberfest

This festival is hosted all around the world in different ways on different dates. In Seattle too there are many Oktoberfest festivals but the Kirkland Oktoberfest is the most popular one. Some of these Oktoberfest have age restrictions but there are also ones which are accessible to all age groups. If you choose to attend it, you can expect great beer, exciting company and a great atmosphere!

3. Choral Festival

Seattle Choral Festival is a symphony of music and communal spirit. Talented Choirs from all around come here to display their voices and pieces. The admission is free and any choir is free to participate.

4.   Seattle’s Children’s Festival

Children's festival
The Children's Festival (Source)

This festival is meant for all ages but is more centered towards children. The festival features live performances, workshops, activities, dances, plays etc., for kids by kids.
Charges: Entry is free but they do encourage donations

5. Seattle Queer Festival

This is the world-renowned annual Queer festival of Seattle. It is the largest LGBTQ film festival in the Pacific Northwest. The festival celebrates actors, directors, movies and more revolving or associated with the LGBTQ community. The festival lasts for about 10 days and there are after parties too which the attendees can enjoy.

6.   Earshot Jazz Festival

earshot jazz
Performers at the Earshot Jazz Festival (Source)
Earshot Jazz is a regional non-profit organisation in Seattle which hosts the Earshot Jazz Festival. The fest starts in October and lasts for 33 days, ending in November. The festival showcases Jazz’s history, sound, culture and the legacy that Jazz has cultivated over the years. Over 250 Jazz artists perform here each year!
Address: 3417 Fremont Ave N #221, Seattle

7. Seattle Restaurant Week

This festival is the celebration of food and Seattle! The Seattle Restaurant Week is celebrated over 2 weeks during which all the restaurants offer 3-course dinners and 2-course lunches for only $ 35 and $ 20 respectively.

8. Halloween Festivities

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October all over the world. Here in Seattle too there are many events and parties that you can attend. There are different events and venues for different age and interest groups but some of the best ones are the Georgetown Morgue House which is a haunted house set in an actual historic morgue and the Puget Sound Region too has many parties and events on the 31st of October.

9. Catch a Football Match

seattle football
Seattle's Seahawks (Source)
If Seattle is known for anything, it is their enthusiasm for sports! There are many games which the Seattleites enjoy, but football has a special place in their hearts and the Seattle Seahawks surely feel this love too! October is a month when Seattle’s various teams compete with other teams on their home ground at CenturyLink Field (now called Lumen Field). If you’re a sports fan, this is something you must experience as the energy is unmatched!
Address: 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle
Prices: The average price per ticket is $ 390 

4 Places to Visit and Things to do

1. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier's Peak (Source)
In October, this National Park is a sight you must see! The entire park looks stunning due to the colour changing leaves and the onset of autumn. It is spread over 235,000 acres of land for nature-lovers and those seeking adventure. The park has many scenic trails, glaciers, lakes and meadows and visitors can also camp here at night to truly soak in this beautiful place.

2. Bainbridge Island

The ferry to Bainbridge Island offers a stunning view of Seattle’s skyline. The island is home to some of the most fascinating natural attractions like the Bloedel Reserve, Frog Rock and the Gazzam Lake.

3. Seattle Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden
The Stunning Japanese Garden (Source)
This place is a 3.5-acre urban sanctuary which offers serene views of the garden which are detailed with waters, lanterns, bridges, stones, plants, animals and more. They conduct different festivals and events like Japanese gardening workshops. In October, much like the rest of the city, the leaves change colours here too, paired with the stunning landscapes of the garden, the garden looks like it’s from a fairy-tale!
Address: 1075 Lake Washington Blvd E, Seattle
Charges: $ 16.95 for Adults, $ 11.50 for ages 6 to 17
Free entry for children below the age of 5

4. Spot Whales

Alki Beach
Alki Beach (Source)
You can also try spotting whales from Seattle or San Juan. You can spot orcas, humpbacks and greys almost all round the year but humpback whales are more specifically spotted in October. You can either go whale-sighting on your own or you can also go through a company. In Seattle, you can try spotting whales at Alki beach or from Puget Sound Express. These majestic creatures are a sight to see!

Tips for Visiting Seattle

  • Hotel accommodations are comparatively cheaper during this time as the summer crowds leave but still make sure that you book your accommodation in advance
  • As October is the beginning of the rainy season and it is a bit chilly, it is advisable that you bring an umbrella or a raincoat and pack warm clothes too.
  • Seattle has some of the worst traffic in the USA.  However, the city is very pedestrian friendly and has bike lanes and public transportation too. So plan your day in advance and if possible choose to walk.
  •  Plan your schedule well in advance. You can also buy a Seattle City Pass which gives you entry to the top tourist attractions of the city for a discount.

Average Cost of Visiting Seattle

Overall: $ 156/day
Meals: $ 38/day
Transportation: $ 18/day
Hotel Price: $ 189/day
For a 7-day trip to Seattle, the average cost is $ 1,858 for one person and $ 3,337 for a couple. The hotels range from $ 82 to $ 495.
seattle autumn
Seattle in October (Source)

Seattle is one place you definitely must visit in your life. The city has many tourist and natural attractions too. The weather of Seattle does get rough sometimes, so make sure to check the weather forecasts and always carry an umbrella if you visit the city in October. Fall in the city of Seattle is something you must experience. The colours throughout the city keep changing and the views are breathtaking. The city truly has something for everyone and you will surely have a memorable time here!

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