Top 17 Souvenirs from Seattle : Take Little Pieces of your Seattle Experience Back Home

Known as the Emerald City, Seattle is known for its beautiful, lush evergreen forests and breathtaking city skyline. Visiting Seattle is an experience that you will never forget what better way to commemorate your remarkable visit than take back a souvenir with you!
Seattle is an incredible place with a lot of sightseeing destinations. Souvenirs from Seattle act as mementoes of all the memories and experiences you had in the city. They can be cultural, symbolic of the attraction, or special importance to you.

Here is our list of the top 17 Seattle Souvenir Stores and Souvenirs in Seattle.

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans, Seattle

Seattle is well-known for its coffee. Many coffee-related innovations happened in this magnificent city.  The coffee mega-chain Starbucks was first opened here. You can buy gourmet coffee beans from many local, small coffee shops. They have the best, freshly-roasted coffee beans that you can enjoy for weeks or even months after your trip ends.
Where to buy: You can buy authentic Seattle coffee beans from roasters like Onda Origins located at Rainier Avenue. Seattle Coffee Works, Pilgrim Coffee Roasters, Starbucks, and Lighthouse Roasters also have great coffee beans. 

2. Space Needles Figurine

Space Needle Figurine, Seattle
Whenever one thinks of Seattle; The Space Needle tower is the first thing that comes to mind. The architectural marvel is synonymous with Seattle and a major tourist attraction. You can buy figurines, keychains, magnets, paperweights, etc., of the Space Needle tower as a token of remembrance of your visit. 
Where to buy: Almost all tourist stores and vendors have figurines of the Space Needle. Street vendors also sell it near the Space Needle building. Simply Seattle sells bronze versions of Space Needle figurines. They are located at multiple destinations, namely 1st Avenue, Pier 54, and Pioneer Square.

3. Marionberry Jam

Marionberry Jam, Seattle

Marionberry Jams are made with blackberries that grow in the pacific-northwest and are extremely popular in Seattle. The jam is echt and does not use a lot of sugar. It has a tart flavour and is a perfect gift to bring back for family and friends. 
Where to buy: Marionberry Jam are available at almost every local supermarket and stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Costco. Seattle Gourmet Food also has the Marionberry Jam, along with other flavours. 

4. Hand Blown Glass Items

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments, Seattle

Glasswork is famous all over the city, and many glass items are sold in antique shops. Seattle has had a tradition of hand-blown glass art since 1971. You can find small glass globes, pots, vases, ornaments, and accessories that are carefully handcrafted by local artisans. Each item has a unique, creative touch to it; hence it is special and personalized. It is a great souvenir from Seattle to monumentalize your visit.
Where to buy:  All tourist areas and markets have shops that sell such items. Made in Washington in Post Alley sells high-grade glasswork made by local craftspersons.  At Seattle Glassblowing Studio, located on the 5th Avenue, doesn’t only sell glass ornaments but also showcases live glassblowing. 

5.  Exclusive Starbucks Mug from the first Starbucks Store

Exclusive Starbucks Mug, Seattle

The Starbucks located in the Pike Place Market in Seattle was the first-ever Starbucks store. It had still maintained its initial atmosphere from 1971 when it first opened.  This small store sells the one of a kind Pike Place Market mug with the original Starbucks logo, which cannot be found in any other Starbucks all over the world. The Pike Place Market Starbucks Mug is iconic and symbolic of the city, making it the perfect Seattle souvenir.
Where to buy: You can buy it from the Original Starbucks located at 1912 Pike Place, Seattle

6. Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate, Seattle

Theo Chocolates became well-known because they are a fair-trade organic chocolate company that is extremely conscious about its business. They offer a variety of chocolate types, from creamy milk chocolates to bittersweet dark chocolates. No matter what kind of chocolate you like, Theo will have that and more. Apart from following ethical business practices, Theo Chocolates are also inclusive of all diet types. They have soy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options. They are full of flavour and fancy. It is an ideal gift and souvenir.
Where to buy: Theo Chocolate Factory outlet is located at 3400 Phinney Avenue in Fremont, Seattle. The chocolates can also be found in every local grocery store or supermarket. 

7. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Pike Place Market is one of the most popular tourist attractions and market. Naturally, it offers the best quality souvenirs. The streets are lined with vendors that sell all sorts of touristy items like keychains, jewellery, showpieces, and antiques. Pike Place Market is one of the best places to get souvenirs in Seattle. 
Where to buy: Located in downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market is dotted all over with souvenir sellers. 

8. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle

Perhaps a unique Seattle souvenir store, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop has been open since 1899 and has been run by over five generations of the Standley’s. This straight-out-of-a-movie antique store sells the most unusual and sometimes strange items. From old books to mummies, you can find the most bizarre things while rummaging through the store. Shopping for a peculiar souvenir at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is not just a vacation obligation but also a once in a lifetime experience. A souvenir brought from here would not just be a simple knick-knack but an experience. 
Where to buy:  Ye olde Curiosity Shop is located at 1001 Alaskan Way in Seattle 

9. Pastry Pets

Pastry pets, Seattle
MarninSaylor sells adorable handmade “pastry pet” toys at the Pike Place Market. Each toy is painstakingly hand-sewn and decorated, making the mini plushies all the more special. There are many types of “pastry pets” to choose from- there’s the cinnamon bun, a soft rabbit-like plush, the doughnut cat, a small doughnut-shaped plush with cat ears, and paws attached to it. There is also the éclair bear and maple bear. Apart from plushies, MarninSaylor also has pastry pet-themed keychains, hoodies, caps, cloth patches, enamel pins, posters, bags, stickers, and pouches. Pastry Pets are a cute and wholesome souvenir from Seattle to take back home. They are also great gifts for your friends or family.
Where to buy:  MarninSaylor, 1501 Pike Place Market, Seattle

10.   Totem Poles

A Totem Pole is a carved pillar used to portray mythological legends, spirituality, culture, and family lineage. The indigenous people made them of the Pacific Northwest. These have history and cultural significance attached to it and will therefore make great souvenirs from Seattle. Local artists, many of whom are the natives of the Pacific Northwest who are carrying on their ancestors’ traditions, create mini versions of these Totem Poles found in pawn shops and souvenir stores.
Where to buy: They can be found with street souvenir vendors or at antique shops like the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. 

11.   Seattle Shirt Company

Seattle Shirt Company, Seattle

The Seattle Shirt Company is a go-to store for all Seattle souvenirs and merchandise. They have everything from t-shirts and hats to magnets and keychains. You can find Seattle related brands, sports, and landmark figurines here.  
Where to buy: The Seattle Shirt Company has two stores- one at 103 Pike Street and the second at Pier 55. 

12.  Fran’s Caramels

Fran's Caramel, Seattle

Fran’s chocolates are known for their rich, creamy taste. Their caramel sauce consists of slow-cooked caramelized sugar and cream and is the perfect dressing for pancakes, ice-cream, waffles, or coffee. Fran’s also has dark chocolates. The most famous one is the grey salt caramel dark chocolate available at all Fran Chocolate stores. It is a perfect souvenir as you will be reminded of the sugary goodness of Seattle’s chocolates and coffees.
Where to buy: You can buy Fran’s chocolates and caramel sauces at any Whole Foods.  Fran’s Chocolate outlets are located all over Seattle including on the 1st Avenue, University Village, and Airport Way S. 

13.  Seattle Gum Wall Magnet

Gum Wall, Seattle

The Gum Wall is a brick wall in Post Alley under the Pike Place Market that is entirely covered with chewed up gum. KOBO Art Garden sells glass magnets that look like the chewed-up gum pieces on the Seattle Gum Wall. It is an ironic souvenir from Seattle that you can stick on your fridge. It is also a great gag gift for friends.
Where to buy: You can get your chewing gum magnets from the KOBO Art Garden in Pike Place Market Foundation in Seattle.

14.   Boxed Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon, Seattle

Salmon is a staple food in the seaport city of Seattle. They are caught wild and are considered healthier than salmon from other American states and cities. It is rich in flavour, and you can tell the difference from farmed salmons. It is sold here both inboxes and fresh. Smoked Salmon is a great souvenir to take back from Seattle as you can keep enjoying the rich cuisine of the city even after you have left.  It lasts for about 3 weeks in the fridge and even a year if you freeze it in a freezer.
Where to buy: Pike Place Fish Market sells the freshest smoked salmon. They also have a wide variety of salmons to choose from. You can get soft wild king, deep red sockeye salmon, or the coho salmon.  Smoked salmon is sold in boxes at almost all grocery stores in Seattle. It is even sold at airports.

15.   Local Seattle Honey from Ballard Bee Company


Locally curated honey in Seattle is smooth, golden, and translucent. It is also completely unfiltered and organic. The raw honey comes in its iconic black and white jar, making it a sophisticated gift. It is 100% pure and can be used for desserts, toppings, and cooking.
Where to buy: You can buy authentic Ballard Bee Company’s honey from retail stores such as DeLaurenti Speciality Food & Wine from the Pike Place Market.

16.  SpaceBase Gift Store


SpaceBase Gift Shop is the official gift store of the iconic Space Needle tower. It has all the typical touristy keepsakes such as globes, keychains, postcards, mugs, hats, t-shirts, pens, etc. All souvenirs are Seattle, and Space Needle themed, which is perfect for remembering the city.
Where to buy: SpaceBase Gift Shop is located in the Space Needle tower at 400 Broad Street in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle. 

17. Washington Cherries


Cherries from Washington have a lovely flavour to them. They are fresh, juicy, and burst like a cracker of sweetness in your mouth. Washington is famous for many cherries like Rainier Cherry, Orondo Ruby Cherries, and dark sweet cherries. Many are also sold covered with chocolate or sauces. They are sold in jars so that you can conveniently take them on an aeroplane with your luggage.
Where to buy: Frank’s Quality produce in 1508 Pike Place market specializes in locally sourced, premium cherries. MacPherson’s Fruit & Produce sells juicy cherries and spreads, sauces, juices, etc. on 15th Avenue. Johnson Berry Farm near the Gum Wall sells jams along with cherries.
Seattle is a gorgeous place with many places to see and things to experience. You will need souvenirs and mementoes to remember and relive all the amazing things you did in the Emerald City. Souvenir shopping in Seattle is an equally exciting experience as sightseeing. Have we missed out on any souvenirs from Seattle? Do let us know in the comments.

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