8 Watersports in Krabi to Try for the Perfect Adrenaline Rush

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Located on the southern coast of Thailand, Krabi is a picturesque town in Thesaban Mueang(Krabi). Krabi is quite a famous destination for adventure seekers with over 150 islands, coastlines, waterfalls, caves, and dense forests. There are many watersports in Krabi that you can try to quench the adrenaline rush in you.

Here Are the Top Watersports in Krabi to Try -

1. Scuba Diving

Krabi is filled with beautiful coral reefs and limestone towers, making it highly diverse with its biodiversity. And Scuba Diving is a must to do if you want to experience the deep, vast underwater life in Krabi.

Even if you are an experienced diver or someone who has never dived before, Krabi has many PADI certified diving schools that will provide you all the guidance to make you ready to jump into the underwater world.

You will see various colourful fishes making their way to the coral reefs. In the shallow water, you will see mostly reef fish. To see the real beauty of the Underwater world, you have to dive deeper, and you will meet colourful clownfish. With that, all other kinds of fish like coral fish, catfish, razorfish, goatfish, stingrays, and stonefish can be seen here.
Diving spots:  Ao Nang Local Island, Koh Haa Yai, Hin Daeng Hin Muang, Phi Phi Island and Similan Island
Level: Easy to Moderate
Ideal Time: From November to April

2. Snorkelling

If Scuba Diving is too much for you, you can surely go for the less intense option, snorkelling. The beauty of snorkelling is, it lets you witness and enjoy various tropical fishes and the colourful coral world underneath the water at a leisurely pace. And it does not require much equipment. A mask, a pair of flippers and you are ready to delve into the magical underwater world.

The best location to snorkel in Krabi is Lohsmaha Bay near Phi Phi Island, which is surrounded by corals and waters are shallow. Hin Klang is also a famous spot for open sea snorkelling.

You can also do snorkelling in Ao Maya and Ao Lo Sama. These spots have a colourful coral garden, and you can spot reef fishes and leopard sharks in the water.

Location: Hong Island, Koh Rok, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island
Level: Easy
Ideal Time: From November to April

3. Wind Surfing

Windsurfing is one of the best water sports you can do at Krabi, which will give you the feel of excitement and thrill to your heart. Windsurfing is a famous sport in Krabi, Thailand, thanks to its gentle weather, beautiful view, calm sea and perfect wind.

The speed, the sensation of water and wind hitting your face the stunning backdrop everything makes windsurfing a perfect activity to do at Krabi.

This sport doesn’t require much training. A good sense of balance, strength and a little learning is all needed to delve into this fantastic sport.

Location: Koh Lanta
Level: Medium
Ideal Time: From November to April (Weather dependent)

4. Sea Kayaking & Canoeing

If you are looking to explore and experience Thailand’s raw, natural beauty calmly, then Kayaking or Canoeing would be the best choice. In the calm waters at Krabi, Kayaking is a sport that is loved by all and suits people of every age group.

Not only a sport, But Kayaking is also the best way to explore the vast sea and witness the mesmerizing beauty of Thailand with a Different Perspective. Just sit on a Kayak and start exploring the hidden caves, lush forest, towering limestone mountains, and lagoons. Anything you choose, you will feel the complete sense of freedom in your core and leave Krabi with a memory of a lifetime.

Location: Koh Panek, Tung Yee Peng, Talabeng Island Thalane Bay etc
Level: Easy
Ideal Time: April- May, and September- October (Weather dependent)

5. White Water Rafting

Rafting is another high-adrenaline activity you can do at Krabi. This is a fairly new activity started by some of the local companies in Krabi.

If you love rapids and don’t mind an occasional dip in the water, then you will love rafting in Songpreak River.

Songpreak River is a fast-flowing river with steep carves and strong rapids that will give you a ride of a lifetime. Fighting through the rapid current, you will find it challenging to stay afloat. The tour operator will organise everything from equipment to safety precautions.

Location: Songpreak River, one hour from Ao Nung
Level: Easy to moderate
Ideal Time: Any time of the year

6. KiteSurfing

Ao Nang beach is famous for KiteSurfing. This is a sport for people who love to get challenged.

Kite surfing doesn't require complex equipment. All it needs is right gears, a good breeze and your spirit of adventure. You have to hold a steerable kite and ride on the wave.

Professionals can perform gravity-defying jaw-dropping stunts on their Kitesurfing boards.

It's not hard to learn. A three days course followed by a little practice can get you started with the sport.

Location: Ao Nang Beach
Level: Moderate to Hard
Ideal Time: Any time of the year

7. WakeBoarding

Wakeboarding is becoming one of the famous water sports in Krabi.

If you love surfing, but you are not that experienced in it, Wakeboarding is perfect for you. The only requirement for Wakeboarding is you have to have an exceptional level of physical fitness.

The sport involves a speedboat. You mount yourself on a surf-board and attach yourself with the speed board via a Cable.

As the boat speeds up, you start to glide through the water with insane speed and experience the waves under your feet. This sport is filled with thrill, excitement and a lot of speed.

Location: Ao Nang Beach
Level: Moderate to Hard
Ideal Time: Any time of the year

8. Parasailing

Parasailing is becoming quite famous water sports among tourists in Krabi. Especially those who want to see the land from above and want to experience a bird's eye view of the sea.

A parachute will be attached to you and latched to a motorboat. As the speedboat starts speeding up, your parachute starts to fly like a kite in the air, and you, along with it.

Parasailing in Krabi is very affordable, and you can experience it with your partner as well.

Location: Four Island
Level: Fairly Easy
Ideal Time: December- February

This post was published by Arnab Ghosh

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