Scuba Diving in Seattle: 8 Best Dive Spots and 6 Diving Schools in Seattle

Scuba Diving in Seattle is thrilling, fun, and easily accessible due to the numerous diving spots in Puget Sound. Stretched along the shoreline of Puget Sound are several spots for scuba diving in Seattle with access to its deep and shallow waters. Whether you are a pro-diver or a recently certified one, scuba diving in Seattle caters to every diver's need. Additionally, divers can witness a plethora of sea creatures like orcas, giant octopuses, rockfish, and more that make diving here all the more fun!

8 Popular Spots for Scuba Diving in Seattle

While catering to numerous Scuba Diving Companies, the Emerald City also nestles beautiful spots for Scuba Diving. 

1. Seacrest Cove 2

Popularly known as Cove 2 or Alki Cove 2, the Seacrest Cove 2 is a famous scuba diving spot in Seattle. Situated within Seacrest Park, this diving spot has a moderate slope leading to a greater depth and hence is used often by scuba instructors for scuba classes/training. 
 Address: 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

2. Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach features a shallow and a deep line for both beginners and avid divers. From Copper Rockfish to Red Octopus, divers can see various sea-life creatures as they dive. Visitors can also enjoy an excursion or swimming at the beach.
Address: 28201 Redondo Beach Dr. S, Des Moines, WA 98198
Other Facilities Available: Showers and Bathrooms 

3. Edmonds Underwater Park

Located in north Seattle, in a suburb called Edmonds, the Edmonds Underwater Park is a popular site for scuba diving in Seattle. This underwater park is an amalgamation of sunken vessels and artificial reef systems. These artificial features have created a habitat for varied marine life, with a few including octopus, cabezon, gray whales, and more. Additionally, all the underwater features are anchored to the bottom through fixed guide ropes, making it easier for the divers to traverse through the park. 
Other Facilities: Restrooms, Outdoor Showers. dive shop, parking 
How to Reach:
-Take I-5 to Edmonds and follow the signs towards the ferry.
-Don't get in the ferry lanes.
-Turn left towards the ferry at the intersection at the front of the ferry lane.
-Turn right into the Brackett's Landing parking lot immediately across the railroad tracks.

4. Saltwater State Park

Situated between the shoreline of Tacoma and Seattle, Saltwater State Park is a popular park in Seattle. It is the only spot for scuba diving in Seattle with an underwater artificial reef -a protected marine sanctuary.  
Address: 25205 8th Pl S, Des Moines, WA 98198
Open Hours: 8.00 AM to 7.30 PM
Other facilities: Picnic area, restroom, campground, hiking trail

5. Three Tree Point

Jutting into the Puget Sound, the Three Tree Point lies at the midpoint of Tacoma and Seattle. Divers can often spot orcas, opalescent squid, red octopus, here, making it popular amongst divers for scuba diving in Seattle. Divers usually perefer diving at this site during dusk or night, as many equisite creatures emerge at night time. 
Address: SW 170th St Burien, WA 98166
Other faciities: Parking, Boat Launch

6. Alki Beach Junkyard

Alki Beach Junkyard is referred to as the junkyard due to the underwater artificial reef present here. Divers can access this site from a pair of stairs between the intersection of Alki and the 64th. Divers can easily spot the perimeter of the dive site as a cable rope marks the site. Divers can easily spot sea creatures like orange sea pen, red rock crab, brown rockfish, and more at this diving site. 
Address: 3099 63rd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Other facilities: restrooms, parking

7. Titlow Beach

Titlow Beach is another popular spot amongst divers for scuba diving in Seattle. Divers can spot underwater creatures like wolf eels to giant pacific octopuses at this beach. Divers can swim straight out to the pilings and descend to the shallow bottom. 
Address: 1420 S Wilton Rd, Tacoma, WA 98465
Other facilities: water play area, two restaurants

8. Les Davis Marine Park

Located along Tacoma's waterfront, the Les Devis Marine Park is an easily accessible dive site that houses an artificial reef system. A stairway leads divers to the shallow waters of this dive site. Divers can spot the reef system at about 30 feet which continues further down to 80 feet. This dive site does feature extreme currents but is pretty safe overall for the divers. 
Address: 3427 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402
Open Hours: Open 24 Hours
Other facilities: restrooms, parking, fishing pier

Top 6 Diving Schools in Seattle

1. Seattle Dive Tours

Seattle Dive Tours is a diving company in Seattle that provides scuba dive tours, training across the Salish Sea. Their guided dive tour is limited to 4 guests, which includes two dive with professional instructors. Moreover, one can also become a pro-diver with their PADI scuba diving course. 

With free rental gear and hotel transportation, Seattle Dive Tours also offers small scuba diving tours not only in Seattle but all around the world. These small dive tours help one experience some of the world's famous dive locations, popularly in and around Seattle as well. 
Address: 4217 SW Admiral Way, Seattle, WA 98116
Open Hours: Wednesday, Thursday-Closed
Monday-Friday: 1.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Tuesday: 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Pricing: USD 655

2. Underwater Sports

Underwater Sports offers several PADI specialty courses to certify you as a divemaster, rescue diver, or deep diver. With their specialty courses and trained instructors, underground sports has introduced thousands of people to local diving in the Puget Sound. 
Address: 10545 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133
Open Hours: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Pricing: USD 300

3. Seattle Scuba 

Seattle Scuba is the only PADI dive center in Seattle that offers professional-level programs to become an instructor or a divemaster. The Courses offered by Seattle Scuba are Beginner Course and the Tropical Referral Program. Their Beginner course involves a home study diving program, and with the tropical referral program, you can complete the open water (ocean) training at any one of the PADI facilities. 
Address: 2000 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Open Hours: 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM, Tuesday- Closed
Contact Information: (206) 284-2350
1 person: USD 630
2 people: USD 1169 
3 people: USD 1753.50 
4 people:  USD 2338

4. Lighthouse Diving Center

Lighthouse Diving Center is the only dive company in the Pacific Northwest that is a diving shop and a training facility at the same time. Lighthouse Diving Center aims to provide its students intensive scuba diving training, and on successful completion of scuba diving training, are awarded an NAUI certificate.  
Seattle: 8215 Lake City Way NE ⋅ Seattle, WA 98115
Lynwood: 5421 196th St. SW, #6 Lynnwood, WA 98036
Tacoma: 2502 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402
Open Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

5. Frog Kick Diving

Started in 2005, the Frog Kick Diving opened to provide the best quality diving training in Seattle. With over 300 students, Frog Kick Diving makes the diving experience and learning more enjoyable and safer! If you are looking for the highest reputed scuba diving company in Seattle, Frog Kick Diving is the go-to option.
Address: 525 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
Contact Information: (206) 351-2019
Pricing: USD 600 - USD 1000

6. In-depth Scuba

From Air Nitrox Diver, Rescue Diver, to Deep Diver, the In-Depth Scuba provides the highest quality dive training. With extensive classroom training, multiple pool sessions, and open water check-out dives, In-depth scuba creates competent divers while enhancing their diving skills and building their confidence.
Address: 620 Comstock St #413, Seattle, WA 98109
Open Hours: open 24 Hours
Contact Information: (206) 229-7393
Pricing: USD 499- USD 649

Tips For Scuba Diving in Seattle

Whether you're a divemaster or just opted for diving at one of the diving spots in Puget Sound for the first time, there are modicum tips that every diver must keep in mind. These small tips are handy and can help you prepare better for your dive!

1. Use a Dive Flag

Due to the commercial and recreational boat traffic across Puget Sound, it is safe for divers to carry a Dive Flag. Moreover, using a diving flag in Seattle is mandated by law!

2. Check the Local Tide Time

Time your entry minutes before the slack tide. Slack tide is one hour of either high or low tide, wherein the water barely moves or is stagnant. Slack time is usually preferred by divers or swimmers to dive/swim!

3. Buy Hard Sole Dive Boots

Even though Puget Sound is the most diverse diving environment, it does house diving spots at rocky beaches. Hence, it's possible to feel every pebble, stick, or rock on the way. Therefore, always opt for hard-sole dive boots!

4. Bring a Dive Light

Puget Sound is nutrient-rich water, thereby making it murky. Hence, carry a dive light even during the brightest and sunniest summer days. 

5. Proper Diving Gear is a Must

Proper boots, gloves, hoods, and fins elicit buoyancy and good performance during challenging water conditions.

6. Don't Forget to Take Your Camera

There are varied sea creatures in the waters of Puget Sound. Hence, don't forget to pack your camera and capture the beautiful underwater creatures. 

If you are looking to scuba dive in the Pacific Northwest, there is no better spot than Puget Sound. Puget Sound's cold water nestles many underwater artificial reef systems, a plethora of sea creatures that culminate in numerous diving spots for the divers. Next time you're looking to scuba dive in the Emerald City, don't pass on these dive spots to make a memory with the exquisite marine life creatures!

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