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Dan Eldon once said,  “Journey is the Destination“. The landscapes that you witness while travelling to your destination gives you as much peace as the destination itself. The memories that you create while riding on the tough roads rests for the lifetime. There is no reason why should not take a road trip with your friends. India has a lot of scenic road trips to offer, but the trail to the Himalayas steals the show for its scenery that changes its mood very frequently. The Chandigarh city lies very closely to the border of Himachal Pradesh and hence it is quite a famous base to begin your journey towards the majestic Himalayan ranges. Here is the list of best road trips to the Himalayas that you can plan from Chandigarh.

1. Dharamshala- in Search of Peace

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Dharamshala is one place in Himachal Pradesh that is will provide you with the much-needed peace in life that you miss out living in the metropolitan. Nestled in the Kangra Valley, Dharamshala offers the beautiful landscapes of valleys covered in green vegetation and the Himalayan ranges standing in pride in the backdrop. Located at a distance of 247 km from Chandigarh you can easily cover your journey in 5-6 hours. On the road trip to Dharamshala, you will witness various tranquil villages of Himachal Pradesh resting far away from the bustling life of cities, and you will know that you have found peace once you reach your destination.

2. Manali - Overdrive to the Adventure Destination

Road trip in itself is an adventure for life. Driving through the rough weather conditions and patchy roads of the country are enough to give you a bone-breaking journey. But, if you are planning to challenge yourself further a trip to Manali is what you must plan. Manali is a hot-spot for various adventure activities and you can totally push yourself for a paraglide, zorbing or skiing in the famous Solang valley after you put your vehicles to rest. The journey of 307 km that can be covered in 7-8 hours is extremely blissful for the nature lovers. You will cross the Kiratpur sahib with the fierce water flowing under the bridge, beautiful Mandi which has a view of mountains along with the Prashar lake to offer, Bhunter- with its airport, Kullu – with its mesmerising view of Himalayan ranges.

3. Kasauli- For an Instant Road Trip

If you are one such travel freak who is sitting on his a couch one minute and next minute you would  start your bike engine and hit the roads with your best buddy, then a trip to Kasauli is your getaway. Located at a favorable distance of 58 km from Chandigarh the journey to Kasauli is not hard to your bodies and can be covered in 1-2 hours. You will cross past Chandi Mandir in Chandigarh, Pinjore, and Dharampur. The journey may not be as scenic as the other road trips, but the beauty of Kasauli will compensate for your drive. Kasauli will welcome you with its revitalizing weather, clouds hitting the green mountains and the snow-clad Shivalik ranges.

4. Rishikesh- Getaway to the Himalayas

Rishikesh is often known as the yoga capital of India for catering a number of yoga and meditation centres in its laps. But, don’t just assume too soon that Rishikesh is just meant for yoga. It has much more to offer to the energetic lads. Then be it camping, rafting, bungee camping, cliff jumping of flying foxing Rishikesh will quench your adventure thirst. Located at a distance of 221 km from Chandigarh the journey to this city not tiring and can be covered in 5-6 hours. You can take a halt in between in Haridwar to seek blessings from this holy city.

5. Leh - For the Ultimate Adventure

The other road trips to the Himalayas can easily be covered in one day, but not this one. Road trip to Leh is going to challenge every nerve of your body. But, the beauty that eyes will behold throughout will make every pain worth it. Leh is located at a distance of 1000 km from Chandigarh. It is required that you take several night and day halts in between to ensure that you are safe and not over exhausted. You can stop at Manali to enjoy for a day before you make your way to Leh. Halt at Keylong is highly recommended because this is where you will check whether the weather can allow you to continue your journey. Moreover, Keylong offers the beautiful night sceneries and is a famous camping spot of travelers. The journey can take up to 2-3 days depending on your stoppages, weather conditions can get tough, the roads are not friendly but the delight that Leh offers to its traveler in unbeatable which intrigues you to go through all the pain for the treat of nature beauty. Also read: Things to do in Ladakh

6. Dalhousie - To Beat the Busy Life of Cities

Once in a while, we all wish to shun our monotonous life of your offices and colleges and desire to relax in the lap of nature. Dalhousie can pamper you with the love of nature with its rich green meadows, dotted with the Pine and Deodar, the clouds seeking a place in the Himalayan ranges. Each and Every scenery is so beautiful that you will want to come here again and again. Situated at a distance of  312 km the journey can be accomplished in 6-7 hours. The condition of the road via Hoshiarpur- Pathankot- Dalhousie is pretty good and the scenic beauty makes in even better.

7. Landsdowne - Your Secret Getaway

There is always a Narnia in our lives, a place we love but do not wish to share it with other people. To keep its beauty to ourselves, to escape away when we need some space. Landsdowne could be your secret getaway you can visit whenever you need some ‘me-time’. Located at a distance 307 km the journey of 6-7 hours is completely blissful.  You will come across the holy city- Haridwar and Kotdwar while making your way to Landsdowne. The halts in between will be the small tea shops overlooking the Garhwal mountain ranges where you can reenergize yourself with a hot cup of tea.

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