Lucknow Food : 14 Most Iconic Lucknow Cuisine & Lakhnawi Recipes You Must Try

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Lucknow, the land of Awadhi cuisine, has much more to offer than what meets the eye. Amid the nawabi atmosphere and the laziness that hangs in the air of this city, food is what keeps them running. From a wide range of lip-smacking kebabs to drool-worthy sweetmeats, Lucknow is heaven for gluttons!

Here is a list of places to eat in Lucknow:
  • Tunday Kababi
  • Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari
  • Ratti Lal’s Khasta
  • Prakash ki Kulfi
  • Sharma Tea Stall
  • Jain Chat Wala
  • Raja Thandai
  • Makhan Malai Chowk
  • Idris ki Biryani
  • Chappan Bhog ki Mithaiyan
  • Chole Bhature at Chowk
  • Basket Chaat at Gomti Nagar
  • Sheermal at Chowk
  • Awadhi Biryani at Wahid's Biryani

1. Tunday Kababi

Tunday kababi, lucknow food

Tunday Kababi (source)

This place defines Lucknow food in so many ways. Whoever visits this place, cannot forget the taste of these uniquely spiced kebabs for a very long time. The meat tends to dissolve in the mouth instantly and is best complimented with roomali rotis. The Chowk outlet serves only beef kebabs while the Aminabad outlet serves both mutton and beef kebabs at a very cheap price. So eat as much as you want without burning a hole in your pocket!

2. Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari

Rahim Kucha Nahari, lucknow famous food

Rahim ke kulche nahari (Source)

Imagine tender pieces of meat marinated in an exotic spice rub and cooked overnight, stuffed into freshly baked tandoori kulche. After tunday kebabs, nahari kulcha is the second most famous food jewel of Lucknow food and cuisine. All you need to do is imagine heaven on a plate.

3. Ratti Lal’s Khasta

Ratti Lal's khasta, Lucknow food

Ratti Lal’s khasta (Source)

Breakfast in Lucknow is nothing short of a Nawabi treat and one of the best breakfast destinations has to be Rati Lal’s Khasta Kachori. The Barras and Pooris served here are no match to the khastas. The chickpea subzi is equally delicious and for the ones who love chillies there is a red chilli aloo available as well. They truly believe that one should feast like a king at breakfast!

 4. Prakash ki Kulfi

Prakash Kulfi, Lucknow famous food

Prakash ki kulfi (Source)

Lucknow food will never disappoint the ones with a sweet tooth. One of the major competition in desserts is Prakash ki Kulfi. They serve only kulfi faloodas in their shop and it’s made within the blink of an eye! If the attraction had a colour, it would have been yellow!

 5. Sharma Tea Stall

Sharma Tea Stall, Lucknow food

Bun Makkhan and tea at Sharma Tea Stall 

A visit to Lucknow is incomplete without a visit to Sharma ji. The Bun-Makkhan is something to die for! Freshly baked buns smothered in homemade butter…need I say something more? The samosas are stuffed with a subtly delicious potato mix which perfectly complements the already perfect cup of tea served right here in Hazratganj!

6. Jain Chat Wala

Jain Chaat Wala, Lucknow famous food

Jain Chaat Wala Source

Located near Lalbagh Novelty, this place is the ultimate chat haven. Loyal customers swear by their dahi batashe and aloo tikki. For a city obsessed with meat, this place is a pleasant diversion. Their quick service is the reason why people keep coming.

7. Raja Thandai

Raja Thandai, Food Of Lucknow

Raja Thandai Source

In the beer-vodka age, Raja thandai plays a major role in keeping thandai a favourite among Lucknowites. Customers like the drink because it is herbal and helps in digestion and not to mention incredibly delicious! Into service since the past 100 years, Raja Thandai is definitely the place to be when in Lucknow!

8. Makhan Malai Chowk

Makkhan Malai, Lucknow famous food

Makkhan Malai Source

Winters are incomplete without makhan malai. It is conceptually similar to Old Delhi’s daulat ki chaat, but much more intense and flavourful. The dish in itself is light and fluffy, but very creamy in texture. The sprinkling of khoya added on top by the vendors makes it irresistible. This seasonal dish is an integral part of Lucknow food.

9. Idris ki Biryani

Idris ki Biryani (Source)

Idris ki Biryani Source

For a culture well versed with Nawabi royalty, biryani may seem to be a very usual dish. However, Idris ki Biryani stands out among the rest. Chunky pieces of chicken/mutton surrounded by a plate full of handpicked, fluffy, long-grain rice is too good to miss out on. Known for their flavour and aroma, the recipe is almost half a century old.

10.  Chappan Bhog ki Mithaiyan

Chappan Bhog, Lucknow food

Chappan Bhog Sweets Source

This Lucknow food place has been an undisputed king of the sweetmeat world. With a wide range of attractively decorated mithai available in front of your eyes, anyone can get tempted. Made from unadulterated milk and milk products, you can vouch on their quality and taste, even with your eyes blindfolded.

11. Chole Bhature at Chowk

Chole Bhature at Chowk Lucknow street food

Chole Bhature is a very famous dish from Punjab. It consists of a curry made of chickpeas often made extra spicy served with ‘Bhatures’ which are hot in the inside and crispy on the outside. The dish served at Chowk in Lucknow is finger licking good. The flavours are on point and it feels like you are in Punjab instantly. The dish is served piping hot with onions and coriander leaves as garnish. And the best part is, you can ask for more servings.  The dish is so iconic that people often crowd at this spot hours before they even start serving. Please note that it is served in the morning and evening only. Owing to its popularity and demand, each batch made runs out quickly, so line up early if you want to taste this iconic dish in Chowk.

12. Basket Chaat at Gomti Nagar - Best Street Food in Lucknow

Basket Chaat at Gomti Nagar

Chaat is a quintessential dish in India. Every Indian state manages to put their own spin to it. Some states prefer to keep it spicy and some like it tangy. Some even like it with curd and some like it mashed. One of the most famous chaats in Lucknow is basket chaat. The basket chaat is made of a potato shelling which is filled to the brim with mashed Tikkis, tangy and spicy sauces or chutneys and loads of vegetables, often peas. The dish is very affordable, yummy and very filling at the same time.

13. Sheermal at Chowk

Sheermal at Chowk Lucknow

Sheermal or Shirmal is a very famous delicacy prepared in Lucknow.  It is a saffron-coloured naan or flatbread. The dish is mildly sweet and made with milk, yeast and maida. The ingredients are mixed and allowed to sit for a while. The yeast in it causes it to rise and then it is baked in the famous tandoor or Indian oven. It is enjoyed with a cup of chai or even on its own. You must try this dish on your visit to Lucknow. The dish is also prepared in Hyderabad but no ones does it better than the Lucknowis.

14. Awadhi Biryani at Wahid's Biryani

Awadhi Biryani in Lucknow

The Awadhi biryani was a discovery made by the tenth rule of the Awadh or Oudh dynasty. Wahid's Biryani is a small restaurant that sells what is known as 'the best biryani in Lucknow'. Although the restaurant is a bit small, it does not matter since the mouth-watering biryani is all the reason you need to go here. 
The Awadhi biryani is made of meat and rice. They are cooked separately and then mixed over dum. The flavours are very light but together they pack quite a punch. The biryani is absolutely sinful and often the cheat meal of all Lucknowis.

What is the Famous Food of Lucknow?

Tunday Kebabs, Khasta, Kormans, Makhan Malai, Awadi Biryani, Nahari-Kulchas, Roomali Rotis, Sheermal and Warqi Parathas

Now that we've listed out what to eat in Lucknow, prepare your appetite to binge on these scrumptious delicacies. 

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