Lucknow Mahotsav 2023: 7 Things Every Traveler Should Know


For a country like India, there is no dearth of a history laden with culture and traditions. Every state in this humongous country is brimming with many artists still dedicated to making their innumerable cultures and traditions known to the rest of the country and the world. One of the most important assets that the country has is definitely its stronghold on music, dance, and arts, and every state takes some measures to get its artists’ voices heard.

Cultural Performances - Lucknow Mahotsav


1. Lucknow Mahotsav 2023 Dates and Venue

This year, the Mahotsav will occur from 25th November to 10th December 2023. This entire festival is organized by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department and Lucknow District Administration. The idea is to set up a fair where various craftsmen from other states can come and display their work and sell them. The objective of the Lucknow Mahotsav is to present a picture of the composite culture of the entire country and not just Uttar Pradesh.

2. The spirit of the Lucknow Mahotsav

The Lucknow Mahotsav in Uttar Pradesh celebrates this spirit of our heritage, our unique traditions, and the spirit of the artists who ensure that the light at the end of the tunnel keeps burning bright. A festival of epic proportions in celebration of the rich history of the Awadh is a great initiative. A time out for the people of Lucknow to indulge in their own legacy, along with having a day or two out with friends and family, is a much-needed stress buster too. A long line of singers, musicians, actors, and dancers have graced the history of this state for a long time now.

Food, cuisine, Kebabs - Lucknow Mahotsav

Food at Lucknow Mahotsav source

3. Tehzeeb, Qawwali and Thumri !

Lucknow Mahotsav is organized every year to showcase the tehzeeb of Lucknow and its living culture, which provides an insight into the cultural workings of the city. A fun-filled event with colorful processions, Kathak dance performances in the famous Lucknow gharana style, traditional drama, and musical recitals, along with qawwali and thumri, create a festive atmosphere.

handicrafts - Lucknow Mahotsav

Craft items at the fair (source)

4. Watch, Shop, and Play!

As a means to remind the people of Lucknow of its bygone Nawabi days, unique events like ekka races, cock fighting, kite flying, and other traditional village games are also organized. Works of the local craftsmen are also showcased at this event, and local talents are given a platform to display their specialties. At the end of the day, the event's purpose is to capture the undying spirit of the Awadh in all its elegance and splendor.

Cultural Performances - Lucknow Mahotsav

Cultural performances (source)

5. and the best part… Food! (Read: Biryani, Thandai and Kebabs)

Stalls selling Nawabi cuisine ranging from vegetarian delicacies to equally mouth-watering non-vegetarian ones are also set up at the fair for the complete royal feel. Mahotsav is a great event for food connoisseurs for the Thandai to Kesaria doodh, Kabab-parathas, and every other Lucknawi delicacy that comes to your mind are there at the most affordable prices.

Malai Paan Cuisine - Lucknow Mahotsav

Malai paan source

6. Getting there!

The Tourism Department is considerate enough as it usually provides buses for the public’s convenience. The ground is also ensured to be safe with CCTV cameras for those visiting the festival to have a good time.

So, if you plan to visit Lucknow during this time, you should block your dates for the amazing experience Lucknow Mahotsav will provide you. After all, an evening spent remembering our country's proud legacy and history is not something we do every day.

7. Entrance Fee and Online Tickets?

The entry fee to the fair is usually a mere sum of Rs 10. 

For a city like Lucknow, where a slow and steady pace of the people living there gives it a sort of poetic charm, indulgence into a happy and fun-filled day relishing the innocent lyrics of the timeless classics and the heart-warming sound of ghungroo gives Lucknow an entirely different vibe altogether. Don’t miss out on this incredible walk down memory lane!


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