Aquaventure Waterpark - Best Water Park in Dubai

Widely claimed to be one of the best waterparks in the Middle East and Europe, The Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Aquaventure is connected with 'The Atlantis', a hotel in the man-made island of  Palm Dubai. The word 'Atlantis' in Greek is known as the 'Utopian World', where everything is ideal and perfect. Legend has it that the island was so perfect that the even the Gods felt jealous and thus, submerged her. 

It features record-breaking rides, that won't fail to pump up your adrenaline. However, the thrill-seeking rides aren't the only attractions here. Aquaventure is famous for going a step further. You can interact with the aquatic wild, such as sharks an sting-rays. And when it all gets too much, you could even relax in one of the private beaches or the exclusive seating areas. 

Aquaventure Waterpark Ticket Cost

With the reputation of being one of the best waterparks in the region, there also comes a hefty price.

Aquaventure day visitors: Above the height of 1.2 meters - AED 260
Below a height of 1.2 meters - AED 215
0 - 2 years - Free

However, you can get discounts or various deals from various sites. The festive seasons may cause a problem in buying tickets at the counter, so it is a safer option to pre-book the tickets online. 

What to Eat?

Most of the waterparks in the nation have multiple food outlets, and this is no exception. With over 15 restaurants and kiosks serving all sorts of cuisine and fast food, you can ensure fresh and quick snack to tuck in before you hop into another ride. 

Aquaventure water park

Dress Code

Being in the Gulf Region, you'd need to be dressed appropriately, so nudity is obviously not allowed. Having said that, the swimming costumes are available in here. Along with that, souvenirs, toys, swimwear accessories, and various essentials such as sunscreen can also be bought in few stores inside the park.

Rides in Aquaventure Water Park

People looking to have a thrilling day won't be disappointed because The Aquaventure ensures that maximum breathtaking moments.

  1. The Leap of Faith: When the Aquaventure was being constructed, this was the most talked about the ride in the entire region. Even now, many tourists specifically come here for this ride. It is easy to understand why exactly this ride is so unique, because imagine this, you slide down in one of the steepest rides in the world, which for a temporarily moment allows you to float in the air, and that is justifiable because it is at a great height of 27.5m and you flow down pretty quickly. Now after few seconds of gliding through the air, you're inside a tunnel where you realize that you're surrounded by various species of sharks! Sharks such as bow mouth sharks, grey reef sharks, white guitar sharks, black tip sharks and white tip sharks all reside in the lagoon that you go through before you get ushered outside.
  2. The Shark Attack Slide: This slide too lets you emerge from the shark lagoon, but not with the steep push. The dark twisting tunnels and slides ensure that you scream all the way before you stare in awe at the sharks.
  3. The Surge Ride: This ride too isn't for the ones who are faint-hearted. This ride takes you on an epic water-coaster ride via numerous turns, tunnels some which propel you full 360degrees, not only are these sudden and scary but also in the complete darkness at times which just makes it a whole lot interesting.
  4. The Stinger: This ride is different from any other rides all over the world, because, in this ride, you're blasted upwards rather than going downwards, and are propelled via the inner tubes to the river.

These are the main rides, but there are still a plenty for the entire family to enjoy. There is also the largest kids play structure in the region to entertain the kids as well as the family. Along with the usual waterpark setup, the River Rides, the Rapids, the Torrent Rivers, and many such areas keep you occupied the whole day and never once wiping the gleam off your face.

Aquaventure Waterpark


Usually, the timings of the park are from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM. However, the timings change during the holy month of Ramadan and the winters.

How To Reach

The Palm is nearly 27 km away from the main city. It is a walk of 20 minutes from the nearest metro station 'Nakheel'.

Contact Details

+9714 4260000

Aquaventure provides you with a full package. Situated in the Palm, the island is never short of activities. So you'll find yourself at the entrance of the 'The Lost Chambers', one of the most acclaimed aquariums in the world, the moment you exit the water park. You could also witness the Dolphin's Bay where you could play with dolphins for an extra price obviously, but if you stay at the Atlantis Hotel, it'd be free for you. There are private beaches where you could relax. Private Cabanas are also available, ideal for an extended 'me-time'. Glide through the 'Atlantean Flyer Zip Line', and see unparalleled views of The Atlantis. Supposedly,  the longest zip line in the Middle East, it is an ideal opportunity for you to witness the gorgeous beach-front that the city brags about and the skyline which gave the city its reputation. At the Shark Lagoon, you can touch, feel and play with few of the most ocean's most mystical creatures such as Cownose Rays.

All in all, Aquaventure guarantees a day of thrilling fun, though it isn't ideal for the tiny toddlers, they still can play in their designated area. Don't forget your sunscreen though! With winters around the corner, lying lazily in the pool, basking in the sun seems perfect. And with the unbearable summer, Aquaventure proves to be a mirage that one can run to, but make sure it is after 03:00 PM when the heat becomes a tad bit bearable!

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