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Bhagamandala, Coorg Overview

Bhagamandala is a pilgrimage site situated in the scenic foothills of Talacauvery, at a distance of only 39 kms from Madikeri. Talacauvery is the source and origin of the River Kaveri, which is often referred to as 'Dakshin Ganga' which means 'Ganga of the South' and is one of the seven sacred rivers of the country. A bath in the holy waters of the Bhagamandala is not only sacred but also a very spiritually uplifting and cleansing experience and has a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

It’s called a mythical river because legend says that the river Sujuyoti flows underground until it meets the Sangam, and then it expands into its merry flow. A lot of people choose this sacred location to perform the last rites of their deceased, or perform rituals in the memory of their ancestors. They believe the sacred waters of the Triveni Sangam will bring peace and purity to the souls of their late loved ones. The Skanda Purana says that Bhagamandala was previously known as Bhaganda Kshetra in the ancient times. It was then renamed after a great sage named Sri Bhaganda Maharshi, who lived there in an ashram with his many disciples.

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Places To Visit In Bhagamandala

1. Bhagandeshwara Temple

Resting at an elevation of about 898 meters, the Bhagamandala accommodates the Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple, a divinely famous tourist attraction. Although primarily a Lord Shiva temple, it also contains idols of Lord Subramanyam and Lord Ganesha. Other than being a beautifully built temple in an astounding backdrop, it is host to hundreds to pilgrims and devotees that not only come here to seek the blessings of the lord but also to connect with him spiritually. Praying at this temple brims you with the divinity of God and the much-needed peace and calm lost in our day to day lives.

2. Mount Thavoor

Overlooking Bhagamandala and Mt.Koppatti, Mt.Thavoor is a towering peak overlooking both of them. Bhagamandala and Mt.Koppatti are fantastic trekking routes for anyone wishing for a little bit of adventure and some breathtaking sightings.

3. Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

Lying amidst the magnificence of the Western Ghats, the Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush tropical evergreen forest that is home to many diverse species of birds and animals. The Kaveri River flows through the eastern edge of the sanctuary and sustains the wildlife of the forest. A safari through the raw forest, to witness its majestic inhabitants in the nurture and caress of Mother Nature is truly an experience of a lifetime.

4. Nisargadharma Island

This is an ecological park which is a popular holiday destination for all nature lovers and is sure to give you a much-needed break from the honking cars, blaring alarms and the incessant chatter of the cities. It is equipped with a deer park, a lake for boating, provisions for elephant rides and a small snack shack. You need to pass a small bridge over the joyfully flowing River Kaveri to enter this island, and it can be best enjoyed just post monsoon; when the entire island is brimming with lush greens.

History of Bhagamandala

Sri Bhagananda Maharshi was a great devotee of Lord Subramanyam and Lord Shiva and decided to engage in severe penance till he gets to seek their blessings. After years of devoting every waking moment of his life in the prayers of the lord, the time finally came when his prayers were answered. Lord Subramanyam blessed him and manifested the place with a stone in his form, and Lord Shiva invoked a Shiva Linga at the location and promised his infinite presence in it.

During the period between 1785 and 1790, the area of Bhagamandala was under the reign of the king, Tipu Sultan. After burning and severely destroying the temple, he named it Afesalabad. However, in 1790, when King Dodda Vira Rajendra took over the entire area into an independent Kodagu kingdom, he restored its rightful name back upon it.

Tips For Visiting Bhagamandala

Bhagamandala has a bee rearing centre known as Madhuvana and it possesses a rare museum of objects related to beekeeping. The centre is one of a kind in the entire state.

How To Reach Bhagamandala

Being the village panchayat of the Kodagu district in Karnataka, Bhagamandala is quite easy to get to. It is only 63 km away from Pondicherry and is 133 km south-east of the vibrant city of Mangalore. The nearest Railway station is named Subrahmanya Road Railway Station and is located at a distance of 42.4 km from Bhagamandala. Kodimbala Halt Railway Station is also quite close, at a distance of 46.7 km.

The Bhagamandala Bus Stop is a short 500-meter walk to the attraction. The Ballamavaty Bus Stop is also quite close at a mere distance of 16 km, which is barely 20 minutes by road. Buses ply to and from these bus stops very frequently during the day. Hailing a taxi or an auto is also a convenient and pocket-friendly option to get there.

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