Weekend Escapade to Coorg!

After what seemed like forever, a few of my girlfriends and I decided to break the monotony of our daily routines and took off for a short-and-sweet vacation. Since we live in Bangalore, many options were at our disposal, but we finally decided to pay a visit to the verdant beauty of Coorg.

Located at a distance of 265 kilometres from Bangalore, Coorg or ‘Kodagu’ is a quaint hill city which is unpretentious yet endearing in its presence. We started early in the morning of a Saturday and had a detailed list of dos and don’ts laid out for the weekend. Singing, sleeping and eating our time away, soon enough we reached the first destination on our checklist - Dobare Elephant Camp!

Dobare Elephant Camp

The rocky pathway to Dubare Camp 
Dobare is an elephant conservatory and training camp, where you can discover the elephant lover in you. Perhaps the most popular activity here is the bathing of elephants, but before that, you need to reach the camp area, which is an adventure in itself! In an ultimate test of balance, you have to make your way through precarious rocks protruding through the connecting water. After a few trial and errors, we finally reached the abode of the humble animal.

If you’re as scared of dogs like me, then these elephants are going to make you sweat bullets! Although the elephants at Dobare were calm and sweet as ever, I was still on my tippy toes. While I was on the constant lookout, I did indulge in scrubbing some dirt off the gentle giant’s back. The elephant reciprocated by filling up its trunk and spraying some water on me! It was one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life, as a subtle reminder of the tranquillity of nature’s creations. After this rendezvous, we made our way back through the myriad edged rocks of Dubare and were on the way to Coorg.
Elephant Reserve

The Cascading Abbey Falls

At around noon, we reached the resort, which was our abode for the duration of our stay. The resort was a beautiful place in itself, with tiny treehouses nestled the area and pumpkin creepers lining the overhead archways. Our schedule for the day was jam-packed, so we took a small lunch break before heading off to Abbey Falls.

Abbey Falls

The cascading waters of Abbey are amidst green forests. Flowing through the crevices of rocky hills, the waters of Abbey Falls make a grand appearance from the midst of towering trees. The gentle breeze, coupled with the soothing visual of the falls is sure to lure you into a contemplative silence. And if you are a photography enthusiast, you can steal a few snaps. After a charming stop at the falls, we headed on to find our spiritual selves at the Omkareshwar Temple.

Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple is an ancient sanctum dedicated to Lord Shiva. An unpresuming edifice, the serenity at this shrine was palpable and was amplified by the soothing music playing in the temple compound. The temple premises also had a water reservoir where one can observe fishes frolicking. Maybe it was the enchanting weather or the Divine Providence that made us have a hard time leaving the temple before we took off to the last spot on our travel itinerary.

Raja Seat Viewpoint

Raja Seat

Raja Seat is a scenic viewpoint and kings and rulers peered over the lush greenery of Coorg during the ancient times. Located amid the city, it spreads over two levels, one for the general activities and a lower open area which overlooks the valleys of Coorg. This tourist attraction has further enhanced the experience for its patrons by adding activities such as musical fountains and rides for children. We decided to go to the lower viewing area to take a look at the city. And what a view it was! Puffy white clouds ladened with water droplets surrounded us, so much so that we couldn’t see two feet ahead of us - just the depth of the valley masked by infinite haze. Soon enough, it started raining, and we hurried back to the resort.

Tadiandamol Trek

En route Tandiandamol

The second day to trek the peak of Tadiandamol- the highest mountain of Coorg. The trek of Tadiandamol is amidst a lush green forest. The silence of the pathway is pierced by the cooing of birds and chirping of insects. Trees laden with jackfruit and bananas are aplenty on the way, and the faint smell of tropical vegetation is a refreshing change from the polluted airs of the city. After trekking for about 90 minutes, we reached a viewing point which overlooked the beautiful scenery of mountains. Green hills gave way to blue mountains, and you could count a dozen mountains with naked eyes. After absorbing in the magnificence of the landscape and clicking loads of pictures, we decided to descend and make our way to Iruppu Falls.

Mesmerizing Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls is a frothy shower of water that flows through the Brahmagiri Mountains and is in the bosom of a forest. You have to trek for 3 kms to reach the centre of the fall. Once we reached the main pool, we quickly changed into our swimming gear and found a secluded spot for ourselves to relax in — the blue waters with the azure skies made for a hedonistic experience. From playing water games to meditating, we let go of our worries at Iruppu. After spending quality time at this destination, with heavy hearts, we made our way back to our city, but not before one last surprise stop!

Nagarhole National Park

For those who have been to Coorg via road, this must be no news that you can reach the city driving via Nagarhole National Park. Sitting back in the comfort of our car, we put on our field glasses in the hopes of spotting some wildlife in their natural habitat. We were in luck, for we spotted deer chewing away at the grass, mighty elephants meandering through the jungle roads, peacocks lolling and peahens scurrying away! After a drive of another 7 hours, we finally reached back home and tired from the exploits of the weekend, went straight into the arms of sleep!

This trip to Coorg left us with amazing new experiences, beautiful sights and countless memories and if given a chance, I would do it all again!

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