Temples in North India For A Sacred & Blissful Pilgrimage


Temples in North India

India is a country known for its glorious history, rich heritage, cultural diversity and unique traditions. There is a countless number of gods in Hindu mythology and you will find hundreds and thousands of temples dedicated to these gods. Most of the famous temples are located in the northern part of the country such as Vaishno Devi Temple, Kashi-Vishwanath Temple, Golden Temple, etc. Let us have a look at some of the renowned temples of North India.

Here is the list of 30 Temples in North India For A Sacred & Blissful Pilgrimage

1. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi

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Situated on the western bank of holy River Ganga, Kashi Vishwanath Temple is regarded as one of the most popular Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located in the heart of Varanasi, the temple is a core of faith for millions of Hindus. As per the Shaiva philosophy, it is believed that the Kashi Vishwanath temple is the centre of the worship since a long time.

2. Vaishno Devi Temple, Vaishno Devi

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In the hovering ranges of Himalaya lies the temple cave, Vaishnodevi. Dedicated to Mother goddess Vaishnodevi, this famous shrine allures millions of devotees from all over the world. Popularly known as Mata Rani, Vaishno Goddess is a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is a Hindu temple situated in the Trikuta Mountains within the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is assumed that during the pooja and Aarti, Goddesses arrive at the Holy cave to pay their respect to Mata Rani. Devotees believe goddess herself calls the devotees to reach here.

3. Badrinath Temple, Badrinath

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Perched on the Garhwal hill tracks, near Alaknanda River, the most sacred Badrinath Temple or the Badrinarayan Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is also one of the four Char Dham and Chota Char Dham pilgrimage yatras. It finds its mention in the 108 Divya Desams devoted to Lord Vishnu in India.

4. Amarnath Cave, Amarnath

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Located in Jammu and Kashmir, the Amarnath Cave is a Hindu Shrine and is visited by lakhs of people every year. It is located at an altitude of 3,888 m. The Amarnath falls into the categories of the most famous Hindu Shrines. Lakhs and Thousands of devotees make a pilgrimage to the cave during summers, while it is open, as they cross challenging mountain terrains to reach to the ice stalagmite formed inside the cave.

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5. Golden Temple, Amritsar

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One of the most spiritual places in India, Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, is the holiest shrines in Sikhism and is alive with religious fervour and sacredness. Its divinity is a thing that can only be experienced and not described. After going through a tumultuous period of demolitions, it was rebuilt by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1830 purely with marble and gold. It is the view of the resplendent shrine, glistening in the centre of the tank that brings an infinite calmness.

6. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, Delhi, Delhi

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An epitome of Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is an abode of God built in 2005. Sitting deftly near the banks of River Yamuna, the temple showcases Hinduism and its age old culture. Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, the temple is undoubtedly a work of miracle. Akshardham has made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple.

7. Chamunda Devi Temple, Palampur

Chamunda Devi Temple is situated on the banks of river Baner in Palampur. Enshrined by Goddess Chamundeshwari, the temple has a beautiful pond inside the premises. The temple has engravings from the scenes of Mahabharat and Ramayana. Set amidst a gorgeous view of the mountains and the river, the temple is visited by devotees and tourists alike.

8. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi

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Known for its association with Guru Har Krishan, the eighth Sikh guru, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most prominent religious as well as tourist places in Delhi. This magnificent shrine was built by Sikh General Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783, who supervised the construction of nine Sikh shrines in Delhi in the same year during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II.

9. Alamgir, Ludhiana

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The village of Alamgir is situated around 10 km from the central city of Ludhiana. The highlight of this village is ShriManji Sahib Gurudwara, more commonly known as Alamgir Gurudwara. This place holds great significance in the historical background of Sikhism. The Gurudwara reflects yet another landmark in the life of the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

10. Brajeshwari Temple, Kangra

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Vouched as one of the most touching and spiritually enlightening sites by visitors, the Brajeshwari Temple is about 10-15 minutes from the parking and the market en route is a shopper's delight. The temple itself reverberates with mysticism, chiefly because of its architecture. It is highly advisable to try and make it for the Aarti.

11. Bhima Kali Temple, Mandi

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Bhima Kali Temple is one of the famous temples of the Mandi dedicated to Goddess Bhima Kali. Situated on the banks of River Beas, this temple also showcases different statues and idols of Gods and Goddesses in a museum. It is also believed that it is this site where lord Krishna fought with the demon named Banasura.

12. Bharat Mata Mandir, Varanasi

Bharat Mata Mandir is a unique shrine dedicated to our country, Mother India. The temple does not have any deity, but a relief map of the country carved in marble. The temple was the brainchild of Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta, a freedom fighter. It was built in 1936 and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi and has ever since been the only one dedicated to a country in the World.

13. Banke Bihari Mandir, Vrindavan

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Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in the holy city of Vrindavan in the Mathura district. One of the most revered shrines in the country, this temple is among the 7 temples of Thakur of Vrindavan which also include Sri Radhavallabh Ji, Shri Govind Dev Ji and four others.

14. Dauji Mandir, Mathura

Situated in Baldeo near Mathura, Dauji Mandir is dedicated to Lord Balarama - an incarnation of God Vishnu and the elder brother of Lord Krishna. The temple has three doors on each of its three walls leading to the central shrine. Besides the bedecked and decorated idol of Lord Balarama, the shrine also has an idol of his wide Revati.

15. Augharnath Mandir, Meerut

The Augharnath Temple is an important landmark in Meerut. It is also known as the Kali Paltan Mandir. The Augharnath Temple is the oldest Shiva temple in the city and also the most frequented. It is famous as the Shiva linga over here is believed to have self-originated. The temple’s historical significance stems out from the fact that it played an important role during the Freedom Struggle.

16. Prem Mandir, Vrindavan

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Imbued with elegance and grandeur, the Prem Mandir is a massive temple that was shaped by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj in the year 2001. Known as "Temple of God's love", this grand religious place is dedicated to Radha Krishna as well as Sita Ram. Located in Vrindavan, the holy city in the district of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, the temple is enveloped with piousness and serenity.

17. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Dwarka

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One of the 12 famous self-existent temples, Nageshwara Jyotirlinga Temple too houses a curious myth about its origin. The giant, beautiful and artistic statue of Lord Shiva mesmerizes tourists and pilgrims alike with its aesthetic appeal. The temple is the hub of festivities on the eve of Shivratri when devotees turn up in enormous numbers.

18. ISKCON (Hare Krishna) Temple, Delhi

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The ISKCON Temple, also known as the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple, is a shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna. It was established in the year 1998 by Achyut Kanvinde and is located in the Hare Krishna Hills, in the East of Kailash area of New Delhi.

19. Bhairavnath Temple, Vaishno Devi, Vaishno-devi

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No journey to Katra is complete without having visited Bhairavnath Mandir. The cave temple of Bhairavnath is dedicated to a saint by that name. A steep 2km journey from the Bhawan leads you to Bhairavnath temple. The temple provides picturesque views of the forest fed mountains. Ponies are available for the up down journey incase you can not climb the steep stairs.

20. Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar

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The Chandi Devi Temple of Haridwar is a charming temple dedicated to the Chanda Devi Goddess, perched on the Neel Parvat of the Shivalik Hills. The Chandi Devi Mandir, also known as Neel Parvat Teerth, is one of the five pilgrimages of Haridwar and is also known as Siddha Peetha, a place where devotees worship to fulfil their desire. Because of its location, the Chandi Devi temple is also a preferred choice for trekking tourists.

21. Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh-gaya

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The Mahabodhi temple, also called the "Great Awakening Temple", is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Bodhgaya, Bihar. It is a Buddhist temple that marks the location where the Lord Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. Lord Buddha holds a very significant place in the religious history of India as he is believed to be the 9th and the most recent incarnation of Lord Vishnu to have walked the earth.

22. Brahmayoni Temple, Bodh-gaya

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Devotees who wish to visit this temple must go through a gruelling climb of 424 high stone steps to reach the top of the hill, atop which lies this temple. Two caves namely Brahmayoni and Matreoni are also situated on the hill along with an ancient temple of Astabhujadevi.

23. Cankamana, Bodh-gaya

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Situated along the Bodhi Temple, Cankamana is a holy shrine featuring a carving of Lord Buddha's feet into the black stone lotuses.

24. Vishnupad Temple, Gaya, Bodh-gaya

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As the name suggests, this temple was built as a dedication to Lord Vishnu and features a 40 cm long footprint of Lord Vishnu that is enclosed by a basin made of silver plates. This footprint marks the act of Lord Vishnu subduing Gayasur by placing his feet on Gayasur's chest. Within the courtyard, there are other temples situated as well.

25. Gangotri Temple, Gangotri

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Gangotri Temple, a religiously important temple in Hinduism, is located in the quaint town of Gangotri, Uttarkashi District in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Ganga and is the highest and the most important shrine dedicated to the deity. The sacred temple and the surroundings offer a scenic view of the breathtaking Himalayas and the ever so gorgeous River Ganga.

26. Vishwanath Temple, Gangotri

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Believed to be built by Parashuram, the Lord Vishwanath temple in Uttarkashi houses the Kedar Khanda or Skanda Puran. Later, in 1857 Maharani Khaneti renovated the temple. The Shivlinga which is 60 cm tall and is 90 cm in circumference draws many Shiva devotees from across the country.

27. Yamunotri Temple, Yamunotri

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Dedicated to the holy Goddess Yamuna, the Yamunotri temple is a prime attraction of the ancient town of Yamunotri, considered the birthplace of the sacred river Yamuna. It is one of the main sights for pilgrims undertaking the Chota Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage of Uttarakhand. The temple and the town are nestled high up, at an altitude of 3,293 m above sea level, within the western side of the grand mountain range of the Garhwal Himalayas.

28. Kedarnath Temple, Kedarnath

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The Kedarnath Temple, located on the Garhwal Himalayan Range in the Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand, India, is one of the most prestigious and sacred Hindu temples as it is a part of Chhota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of 3,583 metres, the temple is the highest among the 12 Jyotirlingas and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

29. Neelkantha Mahadeva Temple, Rishikesh

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Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Shiva as Neelkanth is his another name. This temple is located around 7km from Swarg Ashram and the route is a 3 hour long walk along a forest path. Another way to reach here is via Lakshman Jhula. A taxi might also take you there for a reasonable price. Pilgrims offer water from Ganga to this temple.

30. Bharat Mandir, Rishikesh, Rishikesh

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Founded by Adiguru Shankaracharya in 12th century, the shrine houses Lord Vishnu carved out of a single piece of Saligram. The inner canopy of the temple contains Shree Yanthra. The architecture and interiors of the temple has been detailed in the ancient record of Kearkhand. The present structure was reconstructed on the ruins of the original temple destroyed by Tamur.

Temples have always been an important source of tourist attraction in North India. According to the 2001 census, India is home to more than 2 million Hindu temples. Besides having religious and spiritual significance, these temples exhibit magnificent styles of architecture. These temples in North India are also of historical significance and attract a large number of paleophile.

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