Places To Visit Near Lucknow For A Weekend Getaway


Places To Visit Near Lucknow

Lucknow is on the must visit places map of most tourist and is one of the most popular getaways among Indians and international tourists alike. Places near Lucknow are a perfect amalgamation of hill stations, trekking spots, and wildlife sanctuaries. Tourist places near Lucknow provide a perfect weekend getaway for laid back vacationers or adrenaline fuelled adventurers alike. There are many tourist places near Lucknow that showcases the beauty of the place and offer an unforgettable travel experience. Find here the top places to visit near Lucknow.

Here is the list of 27 Places To Visit Near Lucknow For A Weekend Getaway

1. Agra, Uttar Pradesh - The city of Taj Mahal, the monument of eternal love

4.2 /5 View 145+ photos

Known For : Taj Mahal Fatehpur Sikri Agra Fort

111 active cases 49 in last 7 days

Home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, Agra is a sneak peek into the architectural history with other structures such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri and hence makes for a must visit for anyone living in or visiting India.

Distance From Lucknow: 335.1 km

Best Time: October to March

2. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - The Spiritual Capital of India

4.2 /5 View 23+ photos

Known For : Kashi Vishwanath Temple Dashashwamedh Ghat Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple

191 active cases 142 in last 7 days

A city as old as time itself. A city that has stayed in place and watched as the world has turned and the tides have changed. A city that has stood the test of time for thousands of years. In the words of Mark Twain, "Older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, And looks twice as old as all of them put together." Varanasi, the city that is more than just the spiritual capital of India. The city which can be aptly described as a melting pot where both life and death come together. The city that you only need to visit once for it to stay with you forever.

Distance From Lucknow: 320.9 km via NH30

Best Time: October to March

3. Nainital, Uttarakhand - Misty lakes and mountains

4.3 /5 View 36+ photos

Known For : Eco Cave Gardens Naini Lake Naina Devi Temple

126 active cases 102 in last 7 days

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, Nainital, which is nestled amidst the Kumaon Hills, is a quaint hill station built around a uniquely shaped lake known as the 'Naini Lake' (thus contributing to its name Nainital). Also famously known as 'City of Lakes,' Nainital abounds in natural beauty, with its snow-capped hills and tranquil lakes lending it a nostalgic charm of its own. Situated at an altitude of 1938 km above sea level, Nainital has a pleasant climate all year round, and can rightfully be called a picturesque paradise for all travel lovers.

Distance From Lucknow: 387.4 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

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4. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh - The birthplace of Lord Rama

2.9 /5 View 27+ photos

Known For : Ram Janmabhoomi Kanak Bhawan Nageshwarnath Temple

84 active cases 48 in last 7 days

Assumed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodahya has been surrounded by controversy since about a decade now but yet, has so much colour and spirituality to see for its tourists taking form of various attractions here including Ram janmabhoomi and various other temples.

Distance From Lucknow: 135.0 km via NH27

Best Time: October to March

5. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh - The Architectural Masterpiece

4.2 /5 View 16+ photos

Known For : Light and Sound Show, Khajuraho Dulhadev Temple Kandariya Mahadev Temple

8 active cases 6 in last 7 days

Khajuraho is known around the world for its stunning temples adorned by erotic and sensuous carvings.

Distance From Lucknow: 309.6 km via NH34

Best Time: July to March

6. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh - The Hidden Treasure

4.3 /5 View 18+ photos

Known For : Jehangir Mahal, Orchha Fort Ram Raja Temple Raja Mahal, Orchha Fort

8 active cases 1 in last 7 days

Known for its grand palaces, intricately carved temples and striking forts, situated on banks of river Betwa Orchha is a city with a lot of historical significance and a photographers' delight.

Distance From Lucknow: 321.5 km via NH27

Best Time: July to March

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7. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh - Tourism Capital of Madhya Pradesh

3.4 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Gwalior Fort Jai Vilas Palace Gujari Mahal (State Archaeological Museum)

75 active cases 62 in last 7 days

A historic city founded by king Surajesan, Gwalior is galore with beautiful monuments, palaces and temples, giving this city a majestic charm which speaks volumes of its glorious past.

Distance From Lucknow: 341.5 km

Best Time: July to March

8. Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

3.6 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Munsiyari Chandak Kafni Glacier Trek

15 active cases 1 in last 7 days

A small urban town bustling with tourists is a prime example of raw beauty of nature and is often fondly referred to as the ?Little Kashmir?.

Distance From Lucknow: 440.8 km via NH9

Best Time: April to June, October to December

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9. Panna, Madhya Pradesh - The Diamond City

2.8 /5 View 19+ photos

Known For : Pandava Falls and Caves Diamond Mines Panna National Park

8 active cases 8 in last 7 days

Panna is a town situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and holds a lot of historical significance. A former Gond settlement, Panna is a small city in the heart of the country, which boasts of being the only city with diamond reserves. Panna is also most notably known for the Panna National Park which is a world heritage site and a significant initiative towards wildlife conservation in India.

Distance From Lucknow: 286.2 km via SH71

Best Time: November to May

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10. Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh - One of the four holiest places to the Buddhists

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Known For : Chaukhandi Stupa Ashoka Pillar, Sarnath Thai Temple

149 active cases 109 in last 7 days

Known for its Buddhist connection, Sarnath is a religious town with many beautiful stupas and imposing temples worth visiting.

Distance From Lucknow: 311.7 km via NH31

Best Time: October to March

11. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh

3.5 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Fort Ater Bateshwar Temples

169 active cases 164 in last 7 days

Just a 1 hour drive down from Agra, this is a perfect destination for the wildlife enthusiasts. It is a habitat of some of the most endangered species, but the main attraction here are, Gharial, Red crowned turtles, Gangetic Dolphins, Indian skimmers, among others.

Distance From Lucknow: 291.0 km 

Best Time: November to March

12. Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

3.6 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Bhimtal Lake Aquarium on the Bhimtal Island Hanuman Garhi

127 active cases 102 in last 7 days

Rested at a height of 1370m above the sea level, Bhimtal is spotted with temples lying amid the verdant mountains and a pristine blue lake. The ancient town of Bhimtal is a place to lie down under the shade of nature, close your eyes and experience serenity.

Distance From Lucknow: 374.0 km via NH30

Best Time: March to June, September to December

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13. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh - Prayaga- The city of offerings

3.7 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Prayag Kumbh Mela Triveni Sangam Khusro Bagh

A few kilometres away from Varanasi, Allahabad is reminiscent of all that is spiritual and sacred in Hinduism. The largest city in Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad is famous for being the meeting point of three rivers - the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati. Built on the site of the ancient town of Prayag, Allahabad has, since time immemorial, held the largest Hindu gathering on the banks of the Sangam' the Maha Kumbh Mela. While Allahabad is often passed over for more travel-friendly cities, there is a lot to Allahabad besides just its religion. The places oozes heritage, history, and stories galore, and once you visit the place, you will definitely have seen Allahabad differently for having travelled to and through it.

Distance From Lucknow: 200.7 km 

Best Time: October to March

14. Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

4.1 /5 View 18+ photos

Known For : Sitla Mukteshwar Temple Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow

127 active cases 102 in last 7 days

Mukteshwar is a small hill town mostly known for adventure sports such as rock climbing, rappelling etc. and the amazing view of Himalayan ranges you get from there.

Distance From Lucknow: 414.7 km via NH730

Best Time: October to June

15. Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

3.4 /5 View 7+ photos

Known For : Lake Naukuchiatal Boating, Naukuchiatal Bhimtal Lake

127 active cases 102 in last 7 days

Naukuchiatal, a small picturesque lake village is a destination for those who seek quietude and tranquility beneath the shade of pure nature. As the name of the place suggests, this place is mainly known for its nine cornered lake which measures up to 1 km in length and 40 m deep.

Distance From Lucknow: 379.8 km via NH730

Best Time: April to June, September to November

16. Dudhwa National Park, Uttarakhand

2.7 /5 View 15+ photos

Nestled in the Lakhimpur-Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh on Indo-Nepal border, Dudhwa National Park is all about wildlife, nature and diversity and is a perfect getaway for nature buffs and wildlife lovers.

Distance From Lucknow: 220.8 km via Sitapur Road and SH 90

Best Time: December to Apr

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17. Ramgarh, Uttarakhand

3.2 /5 View 7+ photos

Known For : Orchards Nathuakhan Mukteshwar

8 active cases 3 in last 7 days

Tucked away in the lap of Himalayas in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Ramgarh boasts of unexplored natural beauty and old world charm. It is perched at an elevation of 1789 metres above the sea level and is an idyllic spot of all you nature beaus. Blessed with impeccable views of snow covered mountain peaks, Ramgarh is also called the "Fruit Bowl of Kumaon" because of the verdant orchards of apples, plums, peaches and apricots. It was also a personal favourite of the renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore and social worker Narain Swamy.  Once the cantonment of the British, Ramgarh stands apart in its exquisiteness, solitude and enticing beauty. The captivating sunrise and sunset is an experience of a lifetime. It is an ideal getaway if you are looking for offbeat destinations to satiate your wanderlust.

Distance From Lucknow: 406.2 km via NH730

Best Time: October to May

18. Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh - The hill of many wonders

3.5 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Kamadgiri Gupt Godavari Ramghat

11 active cases 3 in last 7 days

Chitrakoot is a small town situated in the north Vindhyan range. Legends have it that Chitrakoot was the place where Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana stayed for eleven and half of their fourteen years of exile.

Distance From Lucknow: 233.9 km via Lucknow Road/Lucknow - Allahabad Road/Raebareli - Lucknow Road/Raibareli Road

Best Time: July to March

19. Sattal, Uttarakhand

3.2 /5 View 27+ photos

Known For : Seven Lakes Bhimtal Subhash Dhara

127 active cases 102 in last 7 days

A group of seven freshwater lakes, a stash of nature's bounty and loads of migratory birds and panoramic vistas make this wonderful place called Sattal.

Distance From Lucknow: 385.6 km via NH730

Best Time: April to June, September to December

20. Kumaon, Uttarakhand

2.8 /5 View 19+ photos

Known For : Panchachuli Glacier Nanda Devi Temple Narayan Ashram

98 active cases 30 in last 7 days

While most hill stations are flanked by all sorts of conifers and draped in a garb of green, Kumaon changes its coat of blooms several times a year. From a soft pink in the early winters to the scarlet rhododendrons erupting like lava on the slopes in different gradients during summers, Kumaon is a delightful experience for travelers.

Distance From Lucknow: 338.3 km via NH730

Best Time: Throughout the year

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21. Vindhyachal, Uttar Pradesh

2.9 /5

Known For : Vindhyavasini devi temple Kali Khoh temple Sita kund

30 active cases 20 in last 7 days

Vindhyachal is a famous Hindu pilgrimage spot closer to Mirzapur and Varanasi and has several temples in the vicinity with their own interesting stories. This town is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga and people come here to take a dip into it to pray to Goddess Ganga.

Distance From Lucknow: 287.8 km via NH30

Best Time: October to March

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22. Jageshwar, Uttarakhand - The Temple City

3.4 /5 View 13+ photos

Known For : Mahamrityunjaya Temple Jageshwar Mahadev Temple Archaeological Museum, Jageshwar

25 active cases 38 in last 7 days

Jageshwar, is a small town in Uttarakhand is like a town carved exquisitely for temples. The biggest temple out of the lot of the 124 temples here, is the one that is the most visited, the Jageshwar Mahadev Temple is situated on the Jataganga Valley.

Distance From Lucknow: 469.6 km via NH730

Best Time: April to June, September to November

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23. Champawat, Uttarakhand

2.5 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Banasur ka Kila Baleshwar Temple Lohaghat

9 active cases 6 in last 7 days

A gripping journey of self exploration and challenging terrain, Champawat is not your usual retreat. You'll be pushed to your physical and mental limits, because this place gives you a lot to explore, without having to deal with any over intrusive and money gobbling guides around.

Distance From Lucknow: 367.6 km via NH9

Best Time: October to June

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24. Bodh Gaya, Bihar - Buddha, Mahabodhi Tree and the land of Nirvana

4.0 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Mahabodhi Temple Great Buddha Statue Tibetan Refugee Market

57 active cases 27 in last 7 days

One of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists, Bodhgaya is a village in the state of Bihar. It was here under the Bodhi tree that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The place is bustling with pilgrims all through the year who come to pay their homage in the monasteries, shrines and temples. It also attracts tourists from India and abroad owing to its magnificent Buddha statue, the Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi tree.

Distance From Lucknow: 546.0 km via NH19

Best Time: October to March

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25. Abbott Mount, Uttarakhand

3.0 /5 View 8+ photos

Known For : Pancheshwar Lohaghat Mayawati Ashram

9 active cases 6 in last 7 days

A quaint old town, where one can feel and witness the charm of a bygone era through a marvelous church and 13 isolated cottages dotted across the hill.

Distance From Lucknow: 385.4 km via NH9

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 15,865

26. Nanakmatta, Uttarakhand

2.5 /5

Known For : Nanak Matta Dam Nanakmatta Gurudwara Doodh Wala Khuan

93 active cases 92 in last 7 days

A place of high religious significance especially for Sikhs, Nanakmatta is home to a very famous Gurudwara and a dam. The place is steeped in rich history and culture defining its past in a new light and knowledge.

Distance From Lucknow: 287.0 km via Sitapur Road

Best Time: October to March

27. Jaipur, Rajasthan - The Pink City

4.3 /5 View 72+ photos

Known For : Amer Fort City Palace, Jaipur Hawa Mahal

608 active cases 392 in last 7 days

Jaipur, the ?Pink City?, is one of the most royal, majestic and colourful cities of India with a very strong historical background and vibrant culture.

Distance From Lucknow: 574.9 km

Best Time: October to March

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Lucknow is a tourist friendly town as lots of people are looking for weekend getaways near Lucknow. A lot of tourists first visit Lucknow and then combine top places near Lucknow for a perfect short trip.The destinations are attractive and popular. It offers its travellers a mix of tourist attractions ranging from Hill Stations to Lakes to Wildlife sanctuary. Places to visit near Lucknow offer a quite retreat from the busy city lives. Some of them can even try the various picnic spots near Lucknow which are rife with people every other weekend. Also get a taste of the local cuisines and festivals while visiting the best tourist places near Lucknow. Places near Lucknow has something for each kind of traveller that is why they attract domestic as well as international tourists all-round the year. There are many tourist places near Lucknow which provide a perfect outing for those who are trying to escape from their daily routine. These places take 1-2 day(s) and make for a perfect weekend getaway from Lucknow. Escape to these places around Lucknow and explore them if you haven?t.

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