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Nanakmatta Tourism

A place of high religious significance especially for Sikhs, Nanakmatta is home to a very famous Gurudwara and a dam. The place is steeped in rich history and culture defining its past in a new light and knowledge.

Previously the place was home to yogis and sages, the devotees of Guru Gorakhnath, which continued its spiritual importance with the Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib. It is believed that the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev visited here to meditate. A dam in the vicinity is also a popular destination among tourists, a perfect spot for angling. Located on Rudrapur-Tanakpur route, today this place is adorned with many Gurudwara, each having a story of its own. Thousands of devotees visit her to offer their prayers. A holy shrine for Sikh religion, Nanakmatta is a must visit place to experience tranquility and peace.

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More on Nanakmatta

Rich History and Culture

Legend has it that Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first guru visited this place to meditate. At that time, the place was home to the devotees of Guru Gorakhnath and was known as 'Gorakhmata'. Many pilgrims visit the place throughout the year. The town is also home to the huge Nanakmatta dam, built across River Saryu.

Suggested Itinerary for Nanakmatta

If you are visiting Nanakmatta for one day what could better start than an early morning visit to the Nanakmatta Gurudwara. The peaceful and serene environ will do wonder to relax your mind and body. Have breakfast at your hotel and then continue your journey to the fascinating place of the town. Next, head on to Doodh Wala Kuan and then the next stop should be Baoli Sahib. Break for a heartwarming lunch at some dhaba. Next place on your itinerary should be Nanakmatta Dam. Spend a calm and peaceful time there boating or fishing or simply admiring the beauty of the place. Head back to the hotel for a nice dinner.

Nanakmatta Photos

Nanakmatta, Uttarakhand
Nanakmatta Gurudwara
Doodh Wala Khuan
Nanak Matta Dam

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FAQs on Nanakmatta

What is famous about Nanakmatta?

An important Sikh pilgrim centre, Nanakmatta is perfect picnic spot and a popular place for bird watching.

What is not so good about Nanakmatta?

Monsoon season makes the city prone to landslides.

Who should visit Nanakmatta?

An ideal destination for people looking forward to having a peaceful weekend. Also good for people interested in history and culture. Can be visited by families.

What is the best time to visit Nanakmatta?

Nanakmatta, located in Uttarakhand experiences a typical North Indian extreme type of climate. The summers are burning hot with temperature going up to 40 degrees Celcius. The winters are equally chilling with figures ranging somewhere between 8 to 15 degrees Celcius. Carry woollens if you plan to visit the town during winters. However, cotton clothes will suffice for the hot summers. It is best to visit the city during November-December and February- March. The monsoon season i.e. September to October are marked with heavy rainfall and thus landslides. All in all, avoid travelling to Nanakmatta during summers and monsoon due to extreme weather conditions.
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What is the local food in Nanakmatta?

Nanakmatta mainly serves food in North Indian Cuisine. One may find small dhabas around the place or the best option is meals at your place of stay.
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What is the best way to reach Nanakmatta?

The place does not have any airport or railway station. The nearest airport is in Pantnagar of Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand. From there, you can hire a taxi. The nearest railway station is in Khatima, and the place is well connected by buses from all major cities of Uttarakhand.

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What are the places near Nanakmatta?

The top places near to Nanakmatta are Nainital which is 59 km from Nanakmatta, Almora which is located 74 km from Nanakmatta, Pilibhit which is located 35 km from Nanakmatta, Bhimtal which is located 52 km from Nanakmatta, Mukteshwar which is located 59 km from Nanakmatta

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Nanakmatta Reviews

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Rohit Shroff 2 years ago
- Carry extra food and supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- Winters are quite cold, so carry extra woollens.
- Avoid travelling during peak summers and monsoon due to extreme weather conditions i.e. extreme hot summers and landslide during monsoon.
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