Places To Visit Before They Disappear From Earth

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Places to Visit Before They Disappear from Earth

Many people are regular travelers or travel enthusiasts who wander off to different places to explore the unexplored. While you might have visited several places and have a never-ending wanderlust, did you ever come across the word Doom Tourism? This is a recently developed trend of traveling to threatened destinations. There are many places on this planet which are on the brink of being wiped off, thanks to global warming and man-made disasters! The trend of visiting these places before they disappear is fast catching on.

Here is the list of 10 Places To Visit Before They Disappear From Earth

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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You must have heard of the largest coral reef in the world- The Great Barrier Reef, but did you know that it is a threatened place? The turquoise blue water of this reef is home to some 1500 varieties of fish including some of the most amazing in the world. It covers an area of 1680 miles and is a spectacle to watch. Sadly, 50% of the reef has disappeared in the last 27 years due to global warming and coral bleaching. It is being estimated that the Great Barrier Reef would be irreversibly damaged by the year 2030.

Best Time: June to November (Spring)

2. Franz Josef Glacier – South Island, New Zealand

Being one of the less explored places, the Franz Josef Glacier is considered a gem of the glaciers located on west coast of New Zealand. Situated in the middle of a temperate forest it descends from a height of about 11,500 feet to 787 feet above sea level. This makes it the only alpine glacier that terminates at the lowest altitude in the world. These glaciers have been sinking since 2000 and on an average has shortened by 38% and lost 25% of its land area. According to environmentalists, it would simply disappear in the next 100 years.

3. The Amazon Rainforest – South Africa

Being the largest tropical rainforest in the world, The Amazon Rainforest covers an astounding 1.4 billion acres. This rainforest is so huge that almost half of it falls in Brazil, but the remaining is spread out over countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Suriname. Almost 20% of the world’s bird species are found in the Amazon. You can imagine how huge it is! Believe it or not, this wonderful rainforest could entirely disappear off of the face of the earth in the next 50 years. Deforestation, global warming, mining have all contributed to eroding it away.

4. Komodo Island – Indonesia

Are you someone who loves water sports? If the answer is yes, you should head off to this place. The sea around the Komodo and its neighboring islands provide some of the world’s best diving spots. It has a spectacular coral reef and fishes of all shapes and sizes, bursting with colors. Though the coral here is still unharmed, according to environmentalists, the growing acidification, and rising temperature may eventually kill the reef. This would lead to immense loss of beauty and natural diversity.

5. Glacier National Park – United States

The name of this park would give you an idea of a place full of glaciers, but sadly one of the most beautiful parks in the United States is quickly losing the one thing for which it is known- glaciers! At the beginning of this park, there were about 150 glaciers spread all over the place which has now come down to 25. Yes, there are only 25 glaciers left at the park, and according to scientists, by the year 2030, there will be zero glaciers left. This place is a must visit for the rarest animals that are found here like elk, mountain goats, and grizzly bears.

6. The Maldives

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One of the leading destinations for the honeymoon goers, this island country is a treat to visit. It boasts of crystal blue waters teamed with colorful fishes, white sand beaches, and the amazing water bungalows! Not many people are aware of the fact that this group of island is not here to last long. It is the lowest-lying country in the world and is quickly being engulfed by the surrounding Indian Ocean. This beautiful country could entirely be submerged in the next 100 years.

Best Time: Mid December to April

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7. Machu Picchu – Peru

Known by travel enthusiasts at “The Lost Country,” Machu Picchu is located high in the Andes Mountains and has become a must-visit for the travelers around the world. This place is a beautiful 15th century Inca ruins which have an earthy feel to it. Unfortunately, these ruins are being damaged by the hordes of visitors that tromp around in boots and climb and jump on the site’s structure. This place has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a place worth visiting but make sure not to ruin the ruins!

8. Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is a very famous mountain known for its snow-capped top, but as expected, this beautiful snow cover is rapidly decreasing. Like the numerous glaciers around the world, the glaciers on this mountain are also highly affected by global warming. Mount Kilimanjaro has been famous for centuries for its beautiful glaciers. Reaching the top of this mountain is a big challenge, but once at the top, the site of the vast fields of ice makes the trip worth all the effort.

9. Taj Mahal – India

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One of the seven wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is visited by tourists from around the world, and it may be ready to close its door forever. Yes, that’s correct! The magnificent structure usually has 3 to 4 million tourists walk through its doors, and this huge volume of tourist influx is causing the destruction of the building. According to the caretakers of this mausoleum, there are several factors degrading this world heritage- air pollution, river pollution and the decaying of the wood which supports the structure. It is believed that the visitors will have no more than four years to visit this amazing architectural wonder.

10. The North Pole

The place which is unknown to most people and is visited mostly by scientists and explorers- The North Pole. You must have already heard about the state of change in this place, one that the people in our world have never seen. The ice here is melting rapidly which is opening up a different world in the North region. New land masses are appearing with new lakes. It is being speculated that the region might never go back to the way it has always been. Visit the frozen wonderland while you still can!

These are just a few places in the numerous places on the brink of extinction, but these are a good start. Travel to these wonderful destinations before it gets too late!

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