Beaches near Mangalore for an Idyllic Vacay

Beaches near Mangalore

With resplendent views of the sun, sea and sand, the beaches near Mangalore redefine charm, serenity and tranquility. Ideal for a weekend getaway or a proper vacation, these mesmerising beaches offer (Read More) the perfect ambience and aura for you to relax and rewind and have a great time in all totality. Besides you can also experience the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views from these beaches. Popular for their immaculate beauty and utter charm, the gorgeous beaches are visited by locals and tourists alike, both domestic and international. People come here for all sorts of stuff- to bask in the sun, or to have a beachside picnic or to try their hand at the umpteen adventurous activities. The lengthy shorelines at the beaches near Mangalore are also ideal for long romantic walks.

Here is the list of 28 Beaches near Mangalore for an Idyllic Vacay

1. Panambur Beach, Mangalore

Panambur Beach, Mangalore
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Panambur Beach is located at a distance of 13 km from Mangalore to the south of Mangalore port. Every year it is visited by tonnes of visitors for it hosts several carnivals comprising of boat racing, kite flying and making sand sculptures. Despite a massive footfall, it is the cleanest of the beaches near Mangalore. The name of the beach has been derived from 'Panam' meaning money and 'ur' meaning place. The fantastic site gives one a sense of peace and relief from the fast moving city life. It is a spectacular location and is a must-visit if you ever plan a trip to Mangalore.

Distance from Mangalore: 8 km

2. Mangalore beach, Mangalore

Mangalore beach, Mangalore
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Settled at the estuaries of the two beautiful rivers namely Gurupara and Nehtravathi, Mangalore beach is a laid-back destination for the beach lovers. Besides giving a place to chill and relax, the silver sands of the beach are a host to Yakshagana performance which attracts the most number of visitors to the site. At the time of this show, people dance to the tune of the drums. The Mangalore beach is bordered by the beauty of Arabian Sea. One can also witness the exquisite view of the sunset here. Moreover, numerous hotels within budget are situated along the serene beauty of the beach. Offering a peaceful environment the beach is an ideal destination to visit when in Mangalore.

Distance from Mangalore: 8 km

3. Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

Tannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore

Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the popular beaches in Mangalore. The coastline with golden sand and cool, fresh air is rejuvenating, and people are drawn to the natural beauty of the location. Proper seats and other facilities make the beach a frequently visited attraction, and it is crowded often on weekends and public holidays. Entering the sea is not advisable, but one can try their hand at one of the water sports at the beach. There are lifeguards to keep an eye and rescue in case of an accident, however, visitors are advised to be careful while entering the water. Nevertheless, it is one is one attraction that is a soothing respite from the race that we humans are running to reach nowhere.

Distance from Mangalore: 10 km

4. Ullal Beach, Mangalore

Ullal Beach, Mangalore
3.1 /5

Considered to be Karnataka's favourite beach, Ullal beach is a prime tourist attraction of the state. Located in Ullal, a small fishing village only 12 kms away from the city centre of the bustling city of Mangalore, the Ullal beach mesmerises its visitors with a panoramic view of a long coastline and the majestic Arabian Sea. The entire coast of the serene Ullal Beach is flanked with tall lush casuarinas and dense palm trees that make it look like a scene from a beautiful painting. In fact, the beach is set in no less than 14-acre casuarina groves! These trees sway in the calming breeze at this beach near Mangalore instil a sense of tranquillity within you.

Distance from Mangalore: 15 km

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5. Surathkal Beach, Mangalore

Surathkal Beach, Mangalore
3.4 /5

The Surathkal beach lies further down the Konkan Coast, south of the tourist trap of Goa, about 13 km from the port city of Mangalore, home to one of the major ports of India. Unlike Goa, the beaches near Mangalore have not been overly exposed to tourism, retaining their natural charm of endless stretches of spotless shores which are met by the alluring Arabian Sea. The Surathkal beach is a prime example of the pristine nature of these coastal delights.

Distance from Mangalore: 14 km

6. Sasihithlu Beach, Mangalore

Sasihithlu Beach, Mangalore

At a distance of 25 kms from Mangalore, in the village of Sasihithlu, Sasihithlu Beach is a gorgeous beach near Mangalore. The beach is the convergence point of the confluence of rivers Nandini and Shambhavi with the Arabian Sea.

Distance from Mangalore: 22 km

7. Malpe Beach, Udupi

Malpe Beach, Udupi
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On the top of the list of exquisite unexplored beaches in India is the Malpe beach, a beach that is synonymous with serenity and adventure. Located at a distance of 66 kilometres from Mangalore and 6 kilometres from Udupi in Karnataka; this scenic beach is as trendy amongst locals as it is among foreigners. The enchanting beach offers a delightful retreat from the day-to-day humdrum life with its fascinating natural views. The Malpe beach is one that is enthralled by nature's beauty. The ambience of the place is relaxing and rejuvenating. The clean white sand and pleasant weather make the Malpe Beach an ideal spot to indulge in a variety of water sports.

Distance from Mangalore: 61 km

8. Kaup Beach, Udupi

Kaup Beach, Udupi
3.1 /5

A must-visit beach near Mangalore, this might just be one of the most beautiful destinations of the area. Also one can find a gorgeous lighthouse here, twinkling at a height of 100 ft.

Distance from Mangalore: 42 km

9. Kodi Beach, Udupi

Kodi Beach, Udupi

Surrounded by water on three sides, Kodi Beach is a perfect attraction for beach lovers. River Suvarna enters the gorgeous Arabian Sea at this beach and, therefore, it is also known as the Delta Beach. It has a small port for fisheries and is famous for toddy and freshly prepared seafood.

Distance from Mangalore: 92 km

10. Someshwara Beach, Mangalore

Someshwara Beach, Mangalore

Located in Ullal in the city of Mangalore, Someshwara Beach is a hidden gem of the city. Encircled by lush green hills and majestic mountains in the backdrop, the beach is synonymous with tranquility, serenity and ataraxy; and, is still unexplored. Boasting of shimmering golden sands, a long and beautiful coastline, this beach near Mangalore is also peppered with rock boulders called Rudra Shile, making it unique from its other counterparts in the city.

Distance from Mangalore: 17 km

11. Maravanthe Beach, Maravanthe

Maravanthe Beach, Maravanthe
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Located only 12 km from the main city of Kundapur, the Maravanthe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Karnataka. The shoreline of this serene beach near Mangalore runs alongside the National Highway 17 (NH17) at a mere distance of 100 meters! On one side, the gentle waves of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea crash at the shore of the Maravanthe beach and form a foamy white outline between the golden sand and the deep blue waters.

Distance from Mangalore: 105 km

12. Kodi Beach, Maravanthe

Kodi Beach, Maravanthe

Tourist visit Kodi beach to refresh themselves by indulging in swimming and beat the heat. Located nearly 20 km from Maravanthe, the name 'kodi' is a Kannada word meaning shore.

Distance from Mangalore: 92 km

13. Om Beach, Kumta

Om Beach, Kumta
3.4 /5

Om Beach is among the five famous beaches of Gokarna and is in the shape of the spiritual Hindu symbol of 'Om'. Located about 11 km from Gokarna, the winding path adorned with rocky hills and clear blue water is magnificent.

Distance from Mangalore: 230 km

14. Alvekodi Beach, Kumta

Alvekodi Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

One of the hidden beaches near Mangalore in the village of Alvekodi is this pristine beach with crystal clear waters. While travelling through a long winding way of fields, the end result is an unspoilt destination adorned with white sandy beach glowing in the shadow of sun rays.

Distance from Mangalore: 196 km

15. Baada Beach, Kumta

Baada Beach, Kumta
3.1 /5

A beautiful beach with equally entrancing environs is one of the cleanest beaches near Mangalore. Flanked by hills on two sides and a rock formation in the middle, Baada Beach is highly recommended to visit while on a trek route from Kirki to Gokarna.

Distance from Mangalore: 206 km

16. Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Kudle Beach, Gokarna
4.3 /5

Kudle Beach is one of the many beaches of Gokarna, situated only a few minutes' walk from Gokarna Beach or the Om Beach. The beach is a paradise for those who love peace and quietude while they travel. A complete recluse, this beach near Mangalore offers the most silent and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sunset, a walk along the shore or simply to sit and observe the never-ceasing tides. Many local people prefer this beach for a morning or evening walk or practising yoga, as the Kudle beach is not invaded by large groups of tourists and as a result, has very little crowd and quite noiseless.

Distance from Mangalore: 234 km

17. Gokarna beach, Gokarna

Gokarna beach, Gokarna
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Gokarna beach is several kilometres long and is situated at the edge of Gokarna which is a quaint pilgrim town in Karnataka. It has recently gained popularity as a go - to beach destination owing to its wonderful stretches of sand and pristine locations. Gokarna beaches were hardly used by the locals until foreign tourists started thronging the seaside. Many enterprising locals started stores, restaurants and now fully fledged resorts cater to the tourists. It is quite popular with pilgrims who come to the region to seek the blessings of Shiva, Indian groups and with foreign tourists as well.

Distance from Mangalore: 231 km

18. Half Moon Beach, Gokarna

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna
4.5 /5

Half Moon Beach is a small beach situated in Gokarna. It is separated from the Om Beach by a cliff from where tourists are bound to get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea. Numerous village huts in the classical Indian style can be spotted lined up by the beach giving it a rather traditional and homely touch altogether. The beach got its name from the striking resemblance that it exhibits with a half-moon. Away from civilization and into the arms of nature, this is one of the best beaches near Mangalore to spend time at while looking at the caves and gazing at the sky lit with stars.

Distance from Mangalore: 233 km

19. Paradise Beach, Gokarna

Paradise Beach, Gokarna
4.6 /5

The fourth beach lying across the coast of Gokarna Town, Paradise Beach is also well-known by the name of 'Full Moon Beach'. Located in the state of Karnataka, the Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and out of this almost seventy percent of the beach is entirely covered in rocks. The rest of the beach is adorned with clean white sand all over. Not much water sports are available here but swimming in the calm waters here is a great way to refresh your mind and body. The serene environment of the beach offers a great opportunity to spend some time in nature's lap and find solace.

Distance from Mangalore: 231 km

20. Murudeshwar Beach, Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar Beach, Murudeshwar
4.2 /5

Lying along the periphery of the majestic Murudeshwar Temple is the beautiful beach by the same name. Overlooking the monumental statue of Lord Shiva, this beach is the perfect picnic spot for families and loved ones. The sand of this beach is quite excellent, and its silky texture is not very common. You can also enjoy boat rides around the magnificent Murudeshwar Temple.

Distance from Mangalore: 156 km

21. Bhatkal Beach, Murudeshwar

Bhatkal Beach, Murudeshwar
3.2 /5

A prominent beach situated along the Arabian Sea, a pristine coastline interspersed with coconut trees, provides a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Distance from Mangalore: 143 km

22. Tagore Beach, Devbagh

Tagore Beach, Devbagh
3.4 /5

Shimmering golden sand and soothing coconut groves complimenting its glamour along with crystal clear water makes the Tagore Beach an extremely popular spot.

Distance from Mangalore: 268 km

23. Devbagh Beach, Karwar

Devbagh Beach, Karwar
4.1 /5

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the state of Karnataka, Devbagh beach is a nature lover's paradise. Sun, sands and the sea - isn't that what beaches are all about? This quiet seaside in Karwar may seem like the typical beach experience at first glance, yet it offers so much more. With white seagulls flying across the backdrop of a softly lit coral sky, this destination creates a delightful view that can be cherished for long after you leave. The river Karli meets the Arabian Sea at this spot, which together with the pristine beauty of surrounding mountains makes for a splendid sight.

Distance from Mangalore: 277 km

24. Karwar beach, Karwar

Karwar beach, Karwar

Karwar beach is a collection of beaches in the city of Karwar. It occupies the region between the Sahyadris along the coastline of the Arabian Sea. Karwar is a perfect beach destination because tourists get to visit five beaches while exploring the town. It is famous for eco-tourism and nature lovers frequently visit the city for vacations. The beaches are relatively less crowded compared to the other commercialized beaches of India. Balmy sunsets are a true treat to the eyes in the shimmering golden sand, pristine waters and playful waves of the Arabian Sea. Whether it is just a weekend getaway or a proper vacation, tourists must visit the Karwar Beaches.

Distance from Mangalore: 271 km

25. Majali beach, Karwar

Majali beach, Karwar
3.4 /5

This is the one of the best places to visit in Karwar, owing to the scenic beauty, sea-facing housing facilities and the water sports. Bird watching and fishing can also be enjoyed by the tourists.

Distance from Mangalore: 278 km

26. Koodi bagh beach, Karwar

Koodi bagh beach, Karwar
3.1 /5

Located at the meeting of the Arabian Sea and the Kali river, all types of water sports are available at this beach. Palm trees are seen here in abundance. Fishermen's houses dot the beach.

Distance from Mangalore: 272 km

27. Tilmati Beach, Karwar

Tilmati Beach, Karwar

Tilmati Beach is a picturesque secluded shoreline accessible only through a scenic hiking route that stretches about a kilometre from Gabitwada in Majali. A special feature of the attraction is the basaltic black coloured sand that resembles sesame seeds, locally named as "Til", from which the name of the beach is derived. The entire experience of taking the short but exciting hike to reach the pristine beach is one of a kind.?

Distance from Mangalore: 280 km

28. Binaga Beach, Karwar

Binaga Beach, Karwar
2.8 /5

Binaga Beach is famous for its picturesque beauty and Our Lady of St. Anne's Church which was built by the Portuguese. The beach is about a mile away from Anjidiv island located on the state border. It is also the location of Project Seabird, an Indian Naval base. Tourists often visit for a leisurely stroll along the wide, long stretch of sandy beach and for the spectacular sunset view.?

Distance from Mangalore: 271 km

Which of these beaches near Mangalore have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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