Surreal Beaches near Kochi for a Perfect Getaway

List of Beaches near Kochi

The surreal beaches near Kochi need no introduction. Replete with utter peace and tranquility and lined with palm groves, these beaches near Kochi are a perfect place for a short vacay or a day trip. The resplendent beaches near Kochi boast of golden sandy shores with lengthy coastline ideal for long romantic walks. You can also choose to just relax, rewind or sunbathe on the shores or try your hand at the umpteen adventure water sports availble at the spot. These beaches near Kochi also offer mesmerising sunrise and sunset view and especially attract tourists during dawn and/ or dusk. Ideal to visit with all family, friends and loved ones, you can either get all cosied up or go all out with the fun, games and activities. Check out the list of beaches near Kochi given below.


Here is the list of 32 Surreal Beaches near Kochi for a Perfect Getaway

1. Cherai Beach, Kochi


6 photos

22 kms from Kochi

Cherai Beach, which is one of the best-voted beaches of the state, is situated at a distance of 30 km from Kochi city. Its strategic location on the northern end of the Vypeen Island in Kochi makes it a perfect mixture of the sea as well as the backwaters. The surrounding greenery and the seashells present in different shapes makes the beach more beautiful than it already is. One can smell the coconut groves, and the Chinese fishing nets present on the waterfront add a different charm to the place altogether.

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2. Andhakaranazhi Beach, Kochi

25 kms from Kochi

Located at a distance of 30 kms from Kochi, Andhakaranazhi Beach is an extension of the tiny village of Andhakaranazhi. The virgin beach is still noncommercialized and unexploited from tourism and a well-kept secret of the city. Also its distance from the city makes it a perfect serene spot from the pell-mell of the city. You can find fishermen at work and their huge nets strewn all over the shores. Visit this to experience nature in its raw form with immaculate sands, clean waters and beautiful coastline.

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3. Veeranpuzha Beach , Kochi

12 kms from Kochi

Veeranpuzha Beach is one of the popular beaches, 29 kms from Kochi. With beautiful blue waters and golden sandy shores, the beach is lined with green vegetation. The proximity of fishing villages from the beach ensures the activity of fisherfolks at work all day long at the shores. You can visit Veeranpuzha to watch the fishermen at work, or to have a glimpse of the laid back rural vibe, or to witness the beautiful sunset and sunrise, or just to soak in the natural environment.

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4. Puthenthode Beach, Kochi

11 kms from Kochi

Located at a distance of 12 kms from Kochi in Chellanam, Puthenthode Beach is a relatively newly made beach. Slightly smaller in area than the other beaches with only half a km in length, it is popular for its peaceful vibe and calm environs.

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5. Munambam Beach, Kochi

26 kms from Kochi

Also known as Muziris Beach, Munambam Beach is situated 4 kms north of Cherai Beach. Covered in Chinese fishing nets of the village fisherfolks, the beach boasts of calm sands merging into the indigo waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach also has an adjacent playground for the kids.

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6. Kuzhuppilly Beach, Kochi

19 kms from Kochi

At a distance of 3.5 kms from Cherai Beach in Kochi, Kuzhuppilly Beach is remotely located and really well hidden even from the localites. Lined with huge rocks all along the shore, the place makes for a perfect romantic spot or even if you want to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The drive to the beach is equally beautiful with two lakes flanked on the side of the narrow road.

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7. Alappuzha beach, Alleppey


8 photos

53 kms from Kochi

The Alappuzha beach, also known as the Alleppey Beach is famous for local getaways due to its blissful surroundings. Known as the Venice of East, Alappuzha Beach is a great tourist attraction in Kerala. It is known for its intrinsic beauty and a 150 years old pier which stretches into the sea. Alappuzha Beach is the venue for a number of fun-filled and thrilling activities ranging from adventure sports to quaint beach getaways.

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8. Marari Beach, Alleppey

41 kms from Kochi

One of the great delights of the Malabar Coast, the Marari Beach is an idyllic destination for a serene beach vacation. Clear turquoise waters that meet the shimmering golden sands with the coconut palm trees in the background make it about as picturesque as anyone could imagine the appearance of the shore. About 11 km from the city of Alleppey, this beach is a hotspot for fishing activity, deriving its name from the local fishing village Mararikulam, and it has a peaceful and laid back ambience perfect for those looking to relax and unwind by the calming waters.

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9. Thottapally Beach, Alleppey

74 kms from Kochi

Famed through a celebrated novel and movie ?Chemmeen?, Thottappally Beach is a quiet escape in the village. It an active fishing harbour that draws locals every day. The Thottappally Spillway located nearby is also quite an attraction. It helps separate the freshwater of the Thottappally Lake and the saline water at the mouth of the river that drains into the Arabian Sea. Tourists visit often for its conserved picturesque beauty and a soul-soothing experience.

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10. Andhakaranazhi Beach, Alleppey

8,504 kms from Kochi

Andhakaranazhi Beach is a pristine beach that is basically an azhy or a shoal which is a naturally formed ridge formed underwater and rises up to the surface. It is one of the attractions that is not often crowded and is mostly used to regulate the inflow or outflow of water via two motor operated shutters installed to the north and the south of the beach. Water levels are erratic in the region and tourists are advised to be careful while exploring.

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11. Punnapra Beach, Alleppey

59 kms from Kochi

Punnapra Beach is a serene getaway famous for its golden stretch of sand and pristine waters. It is an isolated beach and doesn't have a lot of visitors. It is, therefore, preferred for tourists looking for a romantic holiday away from the chaotic city life. Ayurvedic massages on the beach are quite famous here, making it a good place to replenish one's mind and body.

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12. Thumpoly Beach, Alleppey

50 kms from Kochi

Thumpoly Beach is a hidden gem located in the state of Kerala. This beach is famous for its scenic beauty and cleanliness. A number of canals make their way into the Arabian Sea through here, making it a must explore. The big blue waves crashing on the shore are quite a sight to see. You can even visit the fishing villages that surround this beach.

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13. Kumarakom Beach, Kumarakom

41 kms from Kochi

Kumarakom Beach is a famous for recreational activities and water sports. The pristine clear waters are apt for swimming. The glimmering sands, the gentle waves, several restaurants and resorts make it a perfect tourist attraction in the city. This is one of the beaches where one can find delicious seafood.

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14. Chavakad Beach, Thrissur


74 kms from Kochi

A sea shore adorned with rare scenic beauty, the Chavakad beach is renowned as being one of the best beaches along the West Coast.

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15. Snehatheeram Beach, Thrissur

56 kms from Kochi

The Snehatheeram Beach situated in Thrissur is one of the most super-scenic beaches present here, and a trip to Thrissur without coming down here is incomplete with the sun, sand and the Arabian Sea all coming together in perfect harmony and descending upon the beach right in the middle of the coastline. It is when one sets foot on its coast that they realize the reason the beach is known as Snehatheeram (meaning love shore). It is impossible for the person coming here to not fall in love with the music of the sea waves hitting the against the shore softly while watching the sun disappearing in water.

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16. Nattika Beach, Thrissur

55 kms from Kochi

Nattika Beach is predominantly a fisher folk beach and was relatively unknown to people. It only became popular after the Malayalam movie Chemeen was shot here. The beach also encourages a lot of adventure sports, backwater cruises, elephant rides, horse rides etc.

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17. Vadanapally Beach, Thrissur

60 kms from Kochi

Vadanappally is a small coastal village in Kerala inhabited by fishermen. The beach adjacent to the village settlement is known as Vadanappally Beach which is lined with coconut palm trees and oral reefs. The beach is also linked to the backwaters.

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18. Periyambalam Beach, Thrissur

86 kms from Kochi

Located on the Chvakkad- Ponnani highway, some 5 kms from Thrissur, Periyambalam Beach is one of the most serene and beautiful beaches in the region. Lined with beautiful plantations and casuarina forests, the beach makes for a perfect day out in the sun.

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19. Munakkal Beach, Thrissur

27 kms from Kochi

Located around 45 kms from Thrissur in Azhikode, Munakkal Beach is the largest beach in the Thrissur district based on the banks of the mighty Arabian Sea. The beach offers sweeping views of the sun, sea and sand.

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20. Varkala Beach, Varkala


7 photos

145 kms from Kochi

Set amid a beautiful setting about 10 km away from the calm and quiet hamlet of Varkala, Varkala Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand renowned for its solitude unlike other commercial beaches of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Also known as the Papanasam Beach meaning 'Destroyer of Sins', is unlike any other beach in the area with impeccable beauty.

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21. Edava Beach, Varkala


141 kms from Kochi

Untouched and unspoilt by tourist activities, the Edava beaches are the virgin stretches circling a blue lagoon where sea and backwaters run parallel divided by a more-than-one km of straight road. There is also an estuary that connects the sea with the backwaters here.

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22. Thiruvambadi Beach, Varkala


144 kms from Kochi

Lying 1 km off Thiruvamdabi road, this black sand beach adjacent to the North cliff is an ideal picnic spot amidst lush coconut groves to relax and unwind.

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23. Papanasam Beach, Varkala

145 kms from Kochi

Papasnanam Beach/ Papanasam Beach is a scenic seashore famous amongst beach lovers. The beach is called Varkala Beach and is famous for spiritual/ religious purposes. People believe that taking a dip in the sea washes one's sins away. The water also washes the plants nearby, most of which have medicinal properties, thus giving healing properties to the sea water. The picturesque location is also famous for the Varkala Cliff and a natural water spout nearby._

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24. Kappil Beach, Varkala

140 kms from Kochi

Kappil Beach is a strip of land by the Kappil Lake. The beautiful beach is lined with coconut trees and offers a beautiful view of the backwaters. A bridge used to cross the lake also is a good location to get a stunning view of the backwater including the point where the backwater enters the splendid Arabian sea._

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25. Chilakoor Beach, Varkala

147 kms from Kochi

Chilakoor Beach is located at a distance of about 15 kms from the town of Varkala in Kerala. Lined with gorgeous casuarina groves, the drive to the beach takes you through traditional coastal villages which lets you have a glimpse of the rural Kerala life. The beach is also popular for its serene environment and beautiful sunset views.

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26. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam


191 kms from Kochi

Scrumptious food, comfortable and affordable lodging, and breathtaking views - the Lighthouse Beach of Kovalam offers it all. This is precisely why the beach is today one of the most visited places in the entire region of Kovalam, and why tourists make it a point to visit this beach the first thing in Kovalam. Located in southern Kerala, it boasts of a lighthouse that is 30 metres in height, which is what gives the beach its name.

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27. Hawah Beach, Kovalam


192 kms from Kochi

Hawah is a stretch of isolated beach famous for its enchanting sunset views. Renowned as the second largest beach, it is also known as Eve's Beach for it being the first topless beach in India. However, topless bathing is banned now.

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28. Samudra Beach, Kovalam


191 kms from Kochi

A large promontory separates this Northern beach from the southern side. Samudra Beach is where you can enjoy the sight of shoreline fishing and watch local fishermen ply their trade. There is also a mosque on this beach.

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29. Chowara Beach, Kovalam

196 kms from Kochi

Situated in the southern part of Kovalam, Chowara Beach is popular for its fishing spots. Besides the regular fishermen at work with their huge Chinese fishing nets and big boats, you will also find several picnickers gathered here with their basket of food. The highlight of the beach is a Chowara Ayyappa Temple which gives a hilltop picturesque view of the shores and adjoining villages.

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30. Vizhinjam Beach, Kovalam

194 kms from Kochi

Vizhinjam Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kovalam which houses a lighthouse and an impressive marine aquarium. The beach is also known to be one of the largest ports in India.

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31. Pozhikkara Beach, Kovalam

134 kms from Kochi

Pozhikkara is a beautiful beach in Kovalam at the inter-junction of the backwaters meeting the sea. Lined with tall towering trees and healthy vegetation, the beach is one of the most green beaches of the city. Perfect for swimming and sunbathing, the beach also has myriad other options to make your trip fun. You can also try the delicious mouth watering local food from the stalls and shacks on the shores.

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32. Ashoka Beach, Kovalam

191 kms from Kochi

A beautiful extension of the Samudra Beach, Ashoka Beach is a quiet, deserted stretch of land in Kovalam, Kerala. Mostly frequented by romantic couples owing the serenity and solitude of the place, the beach also has several ayurvedic spa centres to help you destress, refresh and rejuvenate from the monotony of life.

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