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Great views and never-ending serenity are few words to best describe Lindenhof. A green n oasis in the old part of Zurich, Lindenhof is a square located at the hill of the same name. Showcasing remnants and ruins of the Celtic, Roman and Medieval period, this part of the town has an old charm setting admired by many visitors.

The first discovery of this place occurred in 1797 when a 2nd century Roman tombstone was found at this place. The stone was evidence of Turīcum, a name the town of Zurich carried on it during the Roman Era. In the 4th century Lindenhof had presence of a majestic fort that remained before being dilapidated in the 9th century. Later on the same site a castle was built as an abode for Louis the German, grandson of Charlemagne. Lindenhof was a well known place of civil assembly like for example functions and gatherings for inhabitants of the town. It remains to serve as a major meeting spot till the modern era begun like one event where an oath in 1798 was taken to seal the Helvetic Constitution. 

Now Liendenhof is a popular tourist destination, an automobile free area and is surrounded by nature. On the top of Liendenhof hill is a park that is an open public space and a city wall dated back to the Roman period. From the top you can witness amazing views of the Limmat River that runs below and the neighbouring areas of old town Zurich. Simply sit on the peripheral wall of the park that overlooks the town and the flowing river to take pleasure in the peaceful environment the place. With fascinating vintage town that looks picture perfect and mountains in the backdrop Lindenhof indeed offers a historical and scenic trip.

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Places to visit nearby Lindenhof

Niederdorf: Affectionately known as Dörfli, “the small village” by the locals, Niederdorf is just few minutes away from Lindenhof. Another old town and a pedestrian zone with many boutiques and shops on the sides, this place is a mini city altogether. Walking down the cobbled medieval alleys to explore various craft shops, antique stores and eateries makes visiting this place a beautiful experience. Visit Grossmünster church, a landmark is Zurich was built on the grave points of patron saints Felix and Regula. Some of its highlights are the stained glass windows, bronze doors, Romanesque crypt and choir windows. Visiting timings for the church is Monday-Saturday: 10 am -6 pm (March-October)

                                           Monday –Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm (November- February);

                                          Also open on Sundays after the Service

Zurich Town Hall: Also called as Rathaus (a building used as for administrative purpose in the city), the Zurich Town Hall stood from last 700 years. Today the Town hall is the third one after being replaced by the old wooden structured church building. The spot where it existed from the very beginning, on the right-hand bank of River Limmat still remains the same. Built between the years 1694-1698, it served as a seat of government of Republic of Zurich till 1798. From 1803 the canton of Zurich owns Rathaus that gives the impression of being very much like its original structure except little alterations. The present Town Hall has attributes of Renaissance style including the Baroque elements. Its interiors also exhibit historical objects and art that depict a tale about Zurich’s political scenario in the past.

Limmat River: Enjoy the picturesque sights of the Old town and surrounding areas while cruising on one of the well-known rivers in Switzerland. River Limmat originates from the opening of Lake Zurich and then flowing35 km northwest it meets river Aare. Towns of Wettingen, Dietikon, Baden, Liendenhof etc are located next to the course of Limmat River. You can cruise on the motorboats of Felix, Regula, Turicum named after the patron saints and the latter being a Roman name. These boats have glass ceilings so that you get the best views from National Museum through Limmat and then to Lake Zurich. The whole tour takes approximately 25 mins to cover the course from the start to end and then back again.
Prices for cruise tour: For Adults- CHF 4.40; For Children (6-16 years) - CHF 3

Bahnhofstrasse: Shopping at the finest place in Switzerland stretched for 1.4 km offering a complete retail therapy for luxury enthusiasts. Departmental stores, designer boutiques, luxury accessories, restaurants, cafes and many more, Bahnhofstrasse is a buzzing street both in the day and at night. For people with sweet tooth this place is apt for indulging in variety of chocolate desserts. Streets lined with confectionery shops and cafes serving Swiss delicacies like Raclette, Cheese fondue, Swiss Chocolate etc are surely a treat to your taste buds. Enjoying the weather and sipping on hot chocolate in a Cafe here is simple pleasure of life itself!

Schipfe: Just below Lindenhof on the geography lies the old quarter of Schipfe by the Limmat River. The old town gets its name from the nautical term “schupfen”, a word used to push their boats to and from the riverbank by the fishermen. Since Schipfe was the transport hub for merchandise of silk, it became the headquarters of the silk industry in 16 th century. At present you can find here petite shops and workshops where artisans in person attend to the customers for queries and suggestions. The town is also known to comprise of cosy, romantic homes settled alongside the Limmat River.

Best time to visit Lindenhof

The average temperature here in summer is 21°C and the rest of the year also has a favourable climate. Winter season between December-February is off season with winter sports enthusiasts moving here to ski and look forward for Christmas celebrations.

How To Reach Lindenhof

Reach by Bus:

From Limmatwest : Bus 46 ; From Winterthur:  Bus 660,662, 720, 704; From Escher-Wyss-Platz: Bus33, 46

Reach by Train:

From Escher-Wyss-Platz: S12; From Bahnhof Ruti ZH:  S5; From Limmatwest: S9

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