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Like the entire Arunachal Pradesh, rice and dishes made using it are a popular choice in the local menus in Yingkiong. Being one of the staple food of the state, rice is prepared differently here; in the hollow of bamboo over coal, which renders it a unique flavour and aroma. Among other dishes, you must try Thukpa. Popular in the north-eastern states, Thukpa is noodle stoop with a Tibetan origin. It comes in various varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients.

Momos is another local favourite that is widely demanded by tourists. You can easily find different types of momos available across the city from a roadside vendor to a restaurant, the filling inside the dumpling is either veggies or chicken, mutton, pork, etc. Lastly, Apong needs a special mention in your list. It's a locally brewed beer made from fermenting rice. Homemade and chemical free in nature, Apong is a light beer and extremely popular among the locals and tourists alike.

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Yingkiong, Arunachal Pradesh

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