Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park Overview

The largest hot spring of the US, 3rd largest of the world, and one of the most enticing hot springs you will ever lay your eyes upon!

The moment you view the Grand Prismatic Spring, you will understand why it has been named so. The hot spring is a spectacular representation of rainbow colours, like white light passing through a prism, with red, orange, green, yellow and the bluest blue you'll ever see. The spring gets its distinct colours from the Achaea in the microbial mats around the water. The minerals and the temperature of the water create ideal conditions for the Achaea to grow, their colours ranging from green to red, depeing on the ratio between chlorophyll and cartenoid. The centre of the spring is a soothing blue colour, and due to extreme temperatures is 100% clean and sterile.

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Best Time To Visit Grand Prismatic Spring

June to November

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