Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park Overview

The origin point of the Yellowstone river and the largest water body in the Yellowstone National Park, the lake is a splendid and serene location with some fantastic views of the landscape.

The Yellowstone Park's natural beauty is almost epitomised here at the Yellowstone Lake. It's pristine waters are an amazing feature of the landscape, and the scenery is just breathtaking. The lake remains frozen throughout the winters, with ice as thick as a metre, except for some shallow areas which are dotted with geothermal activity. Angling is a popular activity on the lake, and the huge populations of cutthroat trout in the lake make it an ideal place for angling. Taking a ferry across the lake is perhaps the best way to enjoy the panoramic views and the cool breezes. Don't think of jumping into the water for a swim though! The temperatures are extremely cold throughout the year, and towards the winters are cold enough to limit survival time to barely 20 minutes.

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