What is the best time to visit West Sikkim?

The best time to visit West Sikkim is during the summers when the weather is pleasant. It is not advisable to visit this town during the winters when the temperature drops to subzero levels. October-November is also a good time to visit this place.

Weather in West Sikkim


Upcoming West Sikkim Weather

Monthly Weather in West Sikkim

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 6° 15 days
February 16°/ 6° 17 days
March 18°/ 8° 23 days
April 21°/ 11° 24 days
May 24°/ 15° 25 days
June 26°/ 18° 29 days
July 22°/ 16° 30 days
August 25°/ 17° 31 days
September 24°/ 17° 30 days
October 23°/ 14° 24 days
November 22°/ 12° 14 days
December 16°/ 6° 7 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to West Sikkim

West Sikkim in Summer (April - June)

Summer gets the highest footfall in West Sikkim, and the reason behind it is the gorgeous weather of this time. Summers are cool and pleasant and bring out the best panoramas in West Sikkim. Temperature ranges from 10°-28°C, and the snow from winter starts to melt giving way to greener sceneries, which is ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities. One of the most rewarding and adventurous things to do in West Sikkim during summer is the week-long trek to Goethe La, which will take you to the snow-covered base of the high peak of Kanchenjunga. There are many other fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping activities, like mountaineering, water rafting, zip lining and more.
Summer season, West Sikkim

West Sikkim in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoons begin from July and last well into September. This is the least favoured time to visit West Sikkim, even more than winter, because of the danger that torrential rains cause. Landslides or boulder-drops are frequent, and the winding mountain roads become too slippery to drive safely. It’s not like mishaps keep happening, but tourists do not want to take a chance with such heavy rains. Moreover, it disrupts travel routes and limits outdoor activities mostly, which means there is no such point in visiting West Sikkim during monsoon.
Monsoon season, West Sikkim

West Sikkim in Winter (November - March)

The time of autumn, right after the monsoon and before the cold of winter, is ideal to visit any hilly area and West Sikkim is no exception to that. The rains thoroughly wash away the leftover dirt and grime of summer, leaving landscape refreshingly green and the mountain streams raging to the brim. The difference in daytime temperature and that of the night is a big one during October-November. When the sun is up, it is lukewarm on the skin, with the mercury around 17°-22°C, but it starts to drop after sundown and goes below 10-degree Celsius very often, but nothing that a layer of good warm clothes cannot beat.

The surroundings in this climate are too perfectly pristine not to give it a shot. By the end of November, the temperature quickly plummets to subzero levels. December is full-fledged winter, with frequent snowfall and shivering cold throughout, and so is January. It goes down to as much as -4° to -6°C, which is not an ideal situation to find yourself in, especially in the lap of Himalayas. However, the cold in itself is an experience to have, and if that is what you are after, then West Sikkim will welcome you with open arms, covered in white powdery snow. The jovial Kanchenjunga festival is also held during this time, during the last week of December.

Winter season, West Sikkim

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West Sikkim Photos

West Sikkim, Sikkim
Main Shrine of Pemangytse Gompa with prayer flags
Sanga-Choeling Monastery.
Khangchendzonga Range view from Geyzing

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