What is the best time to visit Wangdue Phodrang?

March-May is the Spring season is the best time to visit Wangdue Phodrang mainly due to the conducive weather conditions. September - November is the season of Autumn and also provides very cool and pleasant weather conditions where Himalayan views are at their best. The endangered Black Necked Crane could also be spotted in Gangtey during this period. The Wangdue Phodrang Tsechu is also held during this period. Winters can be quite cold with the maximum temperature being around 7 degrees Celcius and the minimum temperature is around -3 degree Celcius. A few endangered cranes could also be seen early in the morning in the frosty valley of Gangtey. June to August is the monsoon season. Though the flowers at high altitudes reach their peak bloom, the rains might disrupt most treks and hikes. Not advisable to pursue those activities during monsoons.

Weather in Wangdue Phodrang


Upcoming Wangdue Phodrang Weather

Monthly Weather in Wangdue Phodrang

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -10 16
February -3 18
March 1 19
April 6 22
May 7 24
June 9 27
July 10 26
August 13 26
September 11 26
October 4 24
November -2 21
December -5 20

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