Best Time To Visit Trongsa

What is the best time to visit Trongsa?

November to February is the best time to visit Trongsa. The weather is very pleasant and just right for outdoor activities. The festivals towards the end of November and the month of December only make this period more preferable. Room tariffs could be higher, so it's advised to preplan trips. April to June is the summer season, this time sees less number of footfall comparatively. The temperature hovers around 21-25 degree Celcius. Monsoon season falls from June to September, where the rainfall could be 188mm. It is considered as the offseason to visit Trongsa as there is no scope for outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. 

Weather in Trongsa


Upcoming Trongsa Weather

Monthly Weather in Trongsa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 12°/ -1° 11 days
February 13°/ 0° 10 days
March 16°/ 3° 23 days
April 17°/ 6° 27 days
May 20°/ 11° 22 days
June 23°/ 14° 17 days
July 21°/ 14° 31 days
August 23°/ 14° 29 days
September 20°/ 12° 30 days
October 20°/ 8° 16 days
November 19°/ 6° 3 days
December 14°/ -0° 2 days

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Trongsa, Bhutan
Trongsa Dzong - Largest Dzong in Bhutan
Interiors of Trongsa Dzong
Panoramic View of Chendebji Chorten

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