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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best Time: March - May, September - November Read More

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What is the best time to visit Jakar?

March-May during Spring is the best time to visit Jakar Valley, when the flora and fauna are at their best along with the pretty Rhododendrons at higher altitudes. It is also a good season for trekking. Rain approaches only in May. September-November denotes the season of Autumn which is a beautiful time of the year with temperatures being comfortable and just right. It is the season of a number of festivals all over the country but of particular significance to Jakar is the festival of Jakar Tsechu held in Jakar Dzong. Summer in Bhutan (June - August) isn't that warm and uncomfortable. It is characterised by spells of rain but adequate planning can eliminate problems. Winter (December - February) temperatures can vary from 0-7 degrees Celcius and may go even lower. Nights could get pretty cold and the evenings slightly windy. This makes Jakar a very cold place in winter. Trekking doesn't remain an option as routes might become impassable due to snow. One could spot some stray Black Necked Cranes who migrate to Central Bhutan in winter.

Weather in Jakar


Upcoming Jakar Weather

Monthly Weather in Jakar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 10°/ -2° 6 days
February 11°/ -1° 7 days
March 13°/ 1° 18 days
April 15°/ 4° 26 days
May 17°/ 10° 28 days
June 21°/ 12° 25 days
July 20°/ 13° 31 days
August 21°/ 13° 31 days
September 18°/ 12° 30 days
October 17°/ 7° 15 days
November 16°/ 4° 1 days
December 11°/ -1° 0 days

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