Food of Vinh Long

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Country rank: 29 out of 46 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Mekong Delta


The cities in the Mekong Delta have a unique flair to their dishes and Vinh Long is no exception. Known for its mouthwatering and fresh food, the Vinh Long diet is something you should not miss. Cha Gio Khua (Crab Spring rolls fried golden brown to yield the perfect crunch), Mien Xao Cua Bae (Crab Noodles garnished with fresh vegetables, mushrooms and peanuts), Hu Tieu (A southern noodle soup with roasted pork, prawn, squid, shallots, peanuts and soft cooked eggs), Goi Cuon (fresh summer rolls with sweet shrimp), Pho Tai Nam (southern variety of pho with beef), Thit Kho To (pork belly served in a clay pot) are some of the authentic dishes you should not miss. Apart from this, the Mekong Delta is known for the fresh fruits it produces. Fruits such as mango, jackfruit, papaya, coconut, sapodilla and avocado are commonly available.

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