How to Reach The Hague

The Hague is well connected to various domestic and international cities by plane, car, bus, train and boat.

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How to Reach The Hague from India

Direct flights are available from major Indian cities to The Hague. You may also fly to Amsterdam which is cheaper and then get a bus or train from Amsterdam to The Hague.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indians are eligible for a tourist visa to visit The Hague however they have to apply in advance. Visa norms are liable to change and all information is given on the official embassy website.

How to reach The Hague by flight

Rotterdam The Hague airport is easily accessible by both the Airport shuttle or The Hague Central Station. For frequent travellers, Amsterdam Airport Schipol is more convenient

How to reach The Hague by road

Cars on rental are easily accessible and owing to the good roads and highways, convenient to drive around. However, this option can be a little more expensive than public transport for a budget traveller.

How to reach The Hague by train

The Hague has two train stations which cater to both domestic and international trains. The Den Haag Centraal and the Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) carry passengers to and from various cities at regular intervals. Trains are hardly late and run very efficiently.

Local transport in The Hague

Bicycles are the best way to get around in The Hague if you don't mind moving your feet a bit. Trams, buses and taxis run too but since everything is within a short distance of each other people prefer to walk or cycle. Cheap second hand bikes are available on rent and sale. If you plan on taking the tram be sure to have the OV Chipkaart, a public transport smart card. this will save you tons in cost.

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