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Food of The Hague

You can find excellent Indonesian food in The Hague along with some fabulous Dutch-Indies cuisine. You will be served an excellent choice of wines with every meal. People who partake should make full use of that fact and try the local wines. It may be hard to find traditional dutch food unless you go with a local as speaking dutch may come in the way of ordering food, specially if you are vegan or vegetarian. The dutch eat a lot of meat and bread with fresh salad for meals.

Food for Indians in The Hague

There are many Indian restaurants in The Hague. The best ones being Indian Restaurant Maharani, The Clay Oven, Indian Curry House and Himalayan. There might not be Jain specific restaurants but a lot of pure vegetarian restaurants flank every street corner. Jains can have their order to their specifications without a problem.

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The Hague, Netherlands

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