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How to reach Taiping by flight

Even though Taiping has an airport, there are no scheduled flights. So, travelling to Taiping by air is possible only if you have a charter flight. The nearest major airport to Taiping is in Ipoh, about an hour away, but even that has just 2 daily scheduled flights from Singapore.

How to reach Taiping by road

The PLUS North-South Expressway connects Taiping to major towns nearby. 

How to reach Taiping by train

Taiping's train station is located 1km west of the town centre. Regular trains are available to Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth, Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh.

How to reach Taiping by bus

Kamunting Raya is Taiping's long-distance bus station, located 7km north of the town centre. It is connected to the bus station within the city through bus 8 (runs from 6 AM to 8:30 PM and costs around RM 1.20). You can also hire a taxi for the same route. 

Taiping's local bus station is located across the Masjid Daerah and is connected to many regional cities through regular bus services. 

Local transport in Taiping

The best way to get around Taiping is by hiring a bicycle. You can download the CyclyDios app. Pick-up locations are available across the city.

Taxis are another alternative of commuting within Taiping which can be easily hailed from anywhere in the city.

Taiping's town centre can easily be explored on foot.

Taiping Photos

Taiping Lake Garden is the most famous attraction on Taiping
Aun Tong is the oldest coffee mill in Malaysia
Clock Tower of Taiping

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