How to Reach Surat

Surat is a major city of India. It is well connected to major cities via air, train and roads. Surat has its own airport, railway station and falls on Delhi-Mumbai highway and Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway. Surat is around 3-4 hours away from each of Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Surat is also a coastal city and has one of the biggest ports of India at Hazira.

Most frequently searched routes to Surat

Route Name Distance Time
Mumbai to Surat 279 km 4 hours 45 mins
Ahmedabad to Surat 267 km 4 hours 13 mins
Delhi to Surat 1,158 km 18 hours 6 mins
Udaipur to Surat 497 km 7 hours 47 mins
Jaipur to Surat 890 km 13 hours 37 mins
Pune to Surat 417 km 7 hours 9 mins
Bangalore to Surat 1,253 km 18 hours 48 mins
Jodhpur to Surat 719 km 11 hours 3 mins
Chennai to Surat 1,606 km 1 day 0 hours
Hyderabad to Surat 1,008 km 17 hours 26 mins
Varanasi to Surat 1,548 km 1 day 0 hours
Kolkata to Surat 1,879 km 1 day 10 hours
Chandigarh to Surat 1,409 km 21 hours 2 mins
Jaisalmer to Surat 802 km 13 hours 9 mins
Amritsar to Surat 1,479 km 23 hours 29 mins
Lonavala to Surat 352 km 6 hours 3 mins
Mahabaleshwar to Surat 533 km 9 hours 30 mins
Goa to Surat 861 km 14 hours 28 mins
Ernakulam to Surat 1,800 km 1 day 4 hours
Agra to Surat 1,130 km 17 hours 38 mins
Gurgaon to Surat 1,120 km 17 hours 12 mins

How to reach Surat by flight

The Surat Airport is a domestic airport and is situated at around 12 km from the city centre. This airport caters to flights from major cities in India. Surat has direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and a few more cities.

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How to reach Surat by road

It is extremely easy to reach Surat by road. The city is connected to the National Highway 8 through a 16 km connector highway. One can hire a cab at the rate of around Rs.10-20 per Km. There is an active bus service plying from cities within the state as well as from the neighbouring state at a rate of about Rs 2-5 per km.

How to reach Surat by train

Surat station is very nicely connected to a lot of parts of the country via rail. Surat falls on Delhi-Mumbai route, Jaipur-Mumbai route and also on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, making it very accessible from western and northern parts of India. A double decker train connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad also passes through Surat. Surat is also connected to eastern and southern parts of country including Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Local transport in Surat

Buses form an important part of Surat's transportation scene. The daily commuters in Surat avail the bus services provided by the Government of Gujarat. Taxi is another mode of transport, but the most preferred mode of transportation in Surat is the auto-rickshaw.

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Surat Photos

Surat, Gujarat
Dumas Beach - Renowned Urban Beach in Surat
The Dutch Garden - Also Known as the Dutch Cemetery is the Popular Attraction of the City
Surat Castle - One of the Most Popular Heritage Monument Built in 16th Century

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