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How to Reach Vadodara

Vadodara is easily accessible by road, rail and air. Being such a popular holiday destination, there are various alternative commute options to reach here.

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Most frequently searched routes to Vadodara

Route Name Distance Time
Hyderabad to Vadodara 1,139 km 19 hours 24 mins
Anand to Vadodara 46.4 km 1 hour 3 mins
Udaipur to Vadodara 345 km 5 hours 30 mins
Chennai to Vadodara 1,738 km 1 day 2 hours
Delhi to Vadodara 1,006 km 15 hours 49 mins
Bangalore to Vadodara 1,385 km 20 hours 46 mins
Ahmedabad to Vadodara 111 km 1 hour 52 mins
Pune to Vadodara 549 km 9 hours 7 mins
Jaipur to Vadodara 738 km 11 hours 20 mins
Agra to Vadodara 978 km 15 hours 21 mins
Varanasi to Vadodara 1,390 km 22 hours 8 mins
Goa to Vadodara 992 km 16 hours 26 mins
Lonavala to Vadodara 484 km 8 hours 2 mins
Amritsar to Vadodara 1,327 km 21 hours 12 mins
Kolkata to Vadodara 1,876 km 1 day 9 hours
Nadiad to Vadodara 62.3 km 1 hour 5 mins
Chandigarh to Vadodara 1,256 km 18 hours 44 mins
Jodhpur to Vadodara 563 km 8 hours 42 mins
Mahabaleshwar to Vadodara 664 km 11 hours 28 mins

How to reach Vadodara by flight

Vadodara has an aerodrome of its own, though it currently operates domestic flights only. All the major cities of India are well connected to this airport and hence, travelling from within the the country to this destination should not be a problem. For international flights, the nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad which is located 100 km away.

Nearest Airport: Vadodara

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How to reach Vadodara by road

Getting to Vadodara by road is also a favourable and speedy option. The city is connected to other parts of the country with well developed and super fast highways. You can avail the facility of buses from the STC bus station which is in close proximity to the Vadodara Junction. These buses take you to all the major cities of Gujarat and are also connected to the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

How to reach Vadodara by train

The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is one of the most major railway stations in India and also the busiest in the state of Gujarat. Premium and super fast trains like the Shatabdi and the Rajdhani Express connect Vadodara to cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

How to reach Vadodara by Waterways

Vadodara can be accessed by travelling in river Mahi in a boat from Savli.

Local transport in Vadodara

Intracity commuting is very convenient and affordable. One can get around the city in city buses and auto rickshaws which are extremely cheap and also easily available. The VITCOS City Buses take you to all parts of the city and the VITCOS Bus Stand is right opposite to the Railway Station. These buses are also cheap, they charge INR 1 per 1.2 kms.

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