Pristine Beaches in Surat That Every Traveller Must Visit

List of Beaches in Surat

The pristine beaches in Surat are known for their solitude, sandy shores and calm environs. Most of these beaches in Surat are oblivious to the din and chaos of the city and, are unexplored and unaff (Read More)ected by tourism activities. The highlight of these beaches are its lengthy coastline, golden shores and palm fringed coastline. On some days, you can also find fisher folk at work with their huge Chinese nets on these beaches in Surat. Some beaches like Dumas Beach are pretty popular among the localites and are buzzing with activity. They also have food stalls installed on the shores to cater to your food pangs. Check our elaborate list of beaches in Surat and head out to spend a day full of fun.

Here is the list of 4 Pristine Beaches in Surat That Every Traveller Must Visit

1. Dumas Beach, Surat

Dumas Beach, Surat
4.1 /5

Dumas beach is a very popular destination situated at a distance of 18 kms from Surat city. Travelers recommend this destination for its calming effect and picturesque scenery.

2. Suvali Beach, Surat

Suvali Beach, Surat
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Suvali Beach, a calm and serene beach , situated at a distance of 20 km from Surat. It is close to the industrial town, Hajira which is near Surat. Surat, is a black sandy beach popular among locals for picnic. Located amidst industries, it offers a refreshing scenic view. Mostly visited by solitude seekers, the beach is slowly developing into a tourist spot. Currently, there are not many options for food and drinks.

3. Tithal Beach, Surat

Tithal Beach, Surat
3.6 /5

One of the most popular attractions of South Gujarat, the Tithal Beach is the go-to destination for many when in need of a revitalising break. Breaking the flow of the white washed waves, the Tithal beach glimmers like a gold necklace that decorates the azure neck of the Arabian Sea.

4. Ubharat Beach, Surat

Ubharat Beach, Surat
3.6 /5

Located at a distance of 42 kilometres from the city centre, Surat's Ubharat beach is a popular tourist destination in the region. This beach is filled with numerous natural sceneries and picturesque spots which make it a hot favourite amongst locals and foreigners alike.

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