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Dumas Beach, Surat Overview

Dumas beach is an urban beach located along the Arabian Sea, at a distance of 21 km southwest of the Surat city. It is a renowned destination situated in the state of Gujarat, and the travellers highly recommend this destination for its calming effect and picturesque scenery. This black sand beach has been widely popular due to the reports of disappearances and paranormal activities here. It is also known as one of the most haunted places in India.

Away from Surat city, Dumas Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Surat. The characteristic feature of the beach that sets it apart is that the sand is unlike most of the beaches you'll find in India. Due to high iron concentration, the sand takes an almost eerie black colour, which is a probable reason why there are some haunted stories about Dumas Beach. Many people claim to have heard stories of hauntings, but locals beg to differ, labelling it as a narrow understanding of the city and its culture. The Dumas Beach is found deserted a lot of times and is perfect for a quiet walk along the coast.

The palm-fringed seashores of Dumas are liked by the travellers visiting Surat. One can find hot piping snacks being served by the seashore early in the morning, which is sure to lure many travellers. A stroll by the beach is enough to rejuvenate your mind and body. Being in the vicinity of Surat, it serves as an ideal gateway from the mundane city life. This beach is often flocked by groups of friends or families as it is a quiet and calm place to enjoy some quality time with your pals. If you visit this beach during the peak hours, you can also enjoy camel and horse rides by the shore. The major attraction points of this beach are the scrumptious street food served here and the picturesque beauty of this place during sunset.

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Dumas Beach Haunted

Due to the presence of black sand and its use as the burial ground by the Hindus, Dumas Beach is widely considered to be a haunted place. It is believed to show occurrences of disappearances and abnormal activities, especially during the nights. The deserted beach has previously seen many paranormal activities, including mysterious disappearances, scary giggles and whispers and even a few deaths. The air around the beach is supposed to carry spirits, thus justifying the whispering noises heard here. The astounding beach has various stories, most of them being exaggerated and irrelevant to build up some interest among the travellers.

As it was utilised as the cremation ground by the Hindus, people believe that those spirits still roam on this place. Many people, who entered this beach during the late hours, have disappeared in a puff; hence making it a risky place during nights. Dumas Beach has been aptly placed in the list of 'Top 10 haunted places in India'. One can hear whispering voices and giggles while taking a stroll at this isolated beach, even when there is no human around. People have also reported about the presence of Orbs in the photographs captured at Dumas Beach. Orb is an unexpected and circular artefact that occurs in flash photography. They are used as proof of the presence of spirits in a picture. The beach is so secluded that even mere whining of dogs is capable to scare the visitors; thus posing a lot of speculation on these myths about the beach being haunted. A lot of conflicting beliefs have come into existence about this place.

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Attractions Near Dumas Beach

Adjacent to the main beach, one can find an ancient temple by the name of Dariya Ganesh Temple. Apart from the tourist attraction, there are a lot of facilities available in the vicinity of Dumas Beach. There are some food stalls serving local delicacies, especially the bhajiyas along with the usual street food like pav bhaji, sweet corn and Chinese food. Along with these stalls, there are many restaurants serving different cuisines. There are a few restrooms also located near the Morarji Desai Circle.

Best Time To Visit Dumas Beach

The months from October to March are ideal to visit Dumas Beach, especially during sunset. The weather during these months is pleasant, and this beach becomes the perfect place to enjoy the cool breeze and the clear skies.

Tips For Visiting Dumas Beach

1.Don't roam here after evening due to various beliefs. There is even police patrolling going on here at night.
2. Accompany small children throughout the visit here.
3. Try the delicious bhajiiyas served at the food stalls.

History of Dumas Beach

Famous for its scenic beauty and black sand, Dumas beach is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Gujarat. Dumas is a village that is about 19 kilometres from the city and is located between the mouths of Tapti and Mandola rivers. During the last decades, its coastal line has receded by more than a few kilometres, leaving behind a huge swamp. To witness the grandeur of the ocean, make sure to visit this beach during high tides of the full moon or no moon. It opens in the Arabian Sea, thus serving as the ideal location having various vacation homes, open spaces, food stalls and sanatoriums nearby. Being in the proximity of the bustling city of Surat, this place witnesses a steady footfall throughout the year.

How To Reach Dumas Beach

Being placed in the top 35 haunted places in India, Dumas Beach is visited by many travellers. Some visit this beach due to the curiosity regarding the haunted stories and others due to its scenic appeal. It can be easily reached by taxi, at about 21 kilometres from the city of Surat. As this excellent gateway is just a few miles away from the main city, it is one of the coolest hangout places of Surat.

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