How To Reach Sochi

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How to Reach Sochi

You can arrive at Russiaês beach city by air, train, bus, or by car/taxi.

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How to Reach Sochi from India

Emirates, Air France, Qatar Airways, Air India, Jet Airways, Turkish are the carriers flying to Sochi, with stops along the way.

How to reach Sochi by flight

Sochi International Airport sees dozens of carriers coming in, both domestic and international. Yakutia, Turkish Airlines and S7 are the most common carriers. From the airport, you can take a train, a taxi or even rent a car to reach the city centre.

How to reach Sochi by road

Driving down from Europe to Sochi is quite possible and can be achieved within a dayês time, in case of good drivers. You can drive in from Berlin, Paris, Rome, Ukraine, etc. India Specific: Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Air India, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish, etc are the main carriers.

How to reach Sochi by train

Board a train from St.Petersburg or Moscow and reach Sochi in just over a day. There is also a double decker train for this route. You can also take a train from Berlin to Sochi, via the Russian Railways. This may take over 65 hours.

How to reach Sochi by bus

Sochi's bus terminal is very close to the city's train terminal. Buses get in from Ukraine, Moldova, Abkhazia as well as Nalchik, Astrakhan and other nearby cities.

Local transport in Sochi

Sochi is dotted with minibuses, commonly called marshrutka. This is the most popular form of transport in Sochi. Bus numbers from 1 to 99 indicate that the fare is fixed for the entire ride at RUB9. Bus numbers starting from 100 have a flexible fare system, with the rates depending on the distance of your travel. Trolleybuses are also available and are popular choices for long distance trips. Other options include renting a car, which your hotel can arrange, or taking a taxi.

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