What is the best time to visit Siem Reap?

December and January is the best time to visit Siem Reap. The weather is dry and cool during these months due to the winter season. It is also the time for various festivals and celebrations, including the Giant Puppet Parade in February. These are the peak months and see a large number of tourists. If you want to skip the crowds, you can plan your visit between June to October, which also gives you the opportunity to witness the glory of ancient temples with the blankets of green hues all around the ruins. Summertime (April & May) is an absolute no-no! Summers are unbearably hot in Cambodia.

Weather in Siem Reap


Upcoming Siem Reap Weather

Monthly Weather in Siem Reap

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 34°/ 21° 0 days
February 35°/ 21° 0 days
March 36°/ 24° 7 days
April 35°/ 25° 17 days
May 35°/ 26° 21 days
June 34°/ 25° 17 days
July 33°/ 24° 22 days
August 31°/ 24° 25 days
September 31°/ 23° 27 days
October 32°/ 23° 23 days
November 32°/ 22° 7 days
December 31°/ 20° 0 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Siem Reap

Siem Reap in Wet Season (May - October)

Weather in Siem Reap in Wet Season 
The wet season in Siem Reap is from May till October. Unlike other places in Southeast Asia, Siem Reap’s monsoon season is not about endless rain, the rain here is a relief from the humidity and the scorching heat. Mostly, it’s all about the afternoon showers and heavy overnight downfalls. So, even if there is less crowd during this time in Siem Reap, the visitors can enjoy a much better time here. Although it’s considered to be an offseason in Siem Reap, you can always plan a trip during this time as it is less crowded, not at all severe weather, and an excellent opportunity be a part of some of the most exquisite local festivals!

Events and Festivals from May to October
  • In May, you can witness the local Royal Ploughing Ceremony which is celebrated with much enthusiasm among the natives which marks the commencement of the rice-growing season.
  • From 13th May to 15th May, the Cambodian people celebrate their King, Norodom Sihamoni’s, birthday with much opulence and grandeur.
  • The ‘Hungry Ghosts Festival’ or ‘The Festival of the Dead’ takes place at the end of September and it is another very popular festival being celebrated in Cambodia where the locals pay respect to their ancestors.

Siem Reap in Dry Season (November - April)

Weather in Siem Reap in Dry Season
The dry season in Siem Reap starts from November and stays till April. However, as stated above, the place is a bit on the cooler side, and the most comfortable temperatures can be enjoyed from December till February. At this time, the temperature revolves around 25 degrees Celsius. Also, during these months, the place witnesses the least amount of rainfall.

Events and Festivals from November - April
  • Starting from December, during Christmas and New Year, till March and April, Siem Reap is the most crowded as the visitors can enjoy long hours of sunshine.
  • November starts with a lot of zeal amongst the local crowd in Siem Reap. It’s the time for their annual Bon Om Tuk (Khmer Water Festival).
  • Then, there’s the Cambodian Independence Day on 9th November, which celebrates their independence from 90 long years of French rule. Apart from this, there’s Sea Festival which is celebrated in Sihanouk Province in December.
  • In February, if you plan a trip to Siem Reap, you can be a part of the local celebrations with dragon dance and fireworks for the Chinese New Year.
  • Also, in mid-February, you can witness the most important festivals in Cambodia, known as, Meak Bochea or the Magha Puja Day. It tops the list of all festivals that happen in Cambodia. On this day, monks from all over Cambodia, gather in a parade in Dhammakaya and mark the inauguration of all other religious festivals in the country.
  • In November, if you wish to see the culture and tradition of real Buddhism, you need to be a part of the Vesak Bochea. This festival celebrates the birth of Buddha, his enlightenment and his attainment of Nirvana.
  • The biggest festival in Siem Reap is, however, the Khmer New Year that falls in April. The Angkor Festival falls during November or December every year. It takes place amidst the ruins of the Angkor Temple, and it witnesses a lot of crowds every year for it showcases some of the best Asian talents all in one place.

Siem Reap in Off Season (May - October)

The low season starts from May and stays till October. Surprisingly, in Siem Reap, the low season is not at all that ‘low’! It’s not bad and is certainly not a period when you shouldn’t think about visiting the place. The weather is not at all unbearable, and even if it’s the rainy season and it rains every day, it doesn’t rain throughout the day! Also, the place is much less crowded, and the local shops are cheaper, making it the best time for you to indulge in some shopping spree!

Siem Reap in Shoulder Season (November - March)

November and March are the shoulder months for travelling to Siem Reap. It is the time between the dry season and the monsoon season, and hence, the place is neither too crowded, nor too unoccupied. The days are not that sunny, and therefore, you won’t feel irritated with a scorching sun up your head. Also, apart from the low season, you can get the best chance to click some outstanding photos during these shoulder months in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap in Peak Season (December - February)

The peak season starts from December and stays roughly till the end of February. The best time to visit Siem Reap is in December and January. During this time, the days are dry and sunny and great to roam around. Although the weather is at its best, the place gets a little crowded too. You can visit the Angkor Silk Farm to get an idea about sericulture or visit Srah Srang, one of the most visited places in Siem Reap. This time is the best for cycle rides around the town, temple visits and taking a tour of the place on your feet! Also, Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary is a must visit this time as you can find a host of different birds like Fish Eagle, Milky Storks, Black Headed Ibis, and so on.

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